国际竞赛公告 | 深圳市物美科技南方总部项目建筑方案设计


国际竞赛公告 | 深圳市物美科技南方总部项目建筑方案设计

International Architectural Design Competition for the Head Office Project of Wumart South Technology 物美科技南方总部项目位于深圳市福田中心区,福中路与金田路交汇处东北角。目前周边已建成集文化、商务、居住为一体的综合中心区。 The project is located in the central area of Futian at the northeast corner of the Fuzhong Road and Jintian Road intersection. The surrounding area has developed into an integrated cultural, business and residential center. 1 设计内容 Design Content 本次设计竞赛内容为物美科技南方总部建筑设计工作,优胜设计机构将负责红线范围内:建筑专业方案设计及协助主办单位完成方案报建工作直至通过审批、景观方案设计、公共区域的室内方案设计、泛光照明方案设计、建筑立面方案及扩初设计、对其他各专业顾问团队工作中涉及方案效果的内容进行审核、对施工现场涉及方案效果的内容进行把控等。 The content of this design competition refers to the architectural design work for the Head Office of Wumart South Technology. The winning design team shall be responsible for the following work contents within the site property lines: architectural SD and assistance to the host in completing construction application until approval, landscape schematic design, interior schematic design of the public areas, floodlighting schematic design, building facade SD and DD, review of project effect-related elements of by other specialty consultants, quality control of the project-effect-related work at construction site. 2 竞赛方式 Rules of Competition 本次项目采取全球范围内公开竞赛方式,参赛机构根据竞赛规则及任务书要求,提交相应的报名材料,由主办单位组建资格预审委员会,通过票决遴选6家优秀设计机构以及2家备选设计机构。 The project is open to global competitors. Participating organizations will submit corresponding registration materials according to the competition rules and the Design Brief, and a Prequalification Committee will be formed by the Host to shortlist six finalists and two substitutes through voting . 3 报名要求 Registration Requirements 设计机构根据报名要求提交营业执照或有效机构注册文件、机构简介、主创设计师、设计团队构成、类型项目经验等相关报名材料。 Design teams should submit business license or valid business registration documents, company profile, information of chief designer, team composition, genre project experience and other relevant registration materials according to the application requirements. 内容 Contents 报名条件 Registration Conditions 资格要求 Qualifications and Requirements 公开征集不设资质要求,国内外具有相关设计经验的设计团队均可报名参加。不接受联合体,不接受个人及个人组合的报名。 如不具备国内相关设计资质,可在竞赛优胜后推荐一家具有建筑行业( 建筑工程 )甲级及以上资质的设计机构,经主办单位同意后负责本项目施工图设计工作,且配合报批报建等相关工作。 There are no qualification requirements for the open call, and all Chinese and foreign design teams with relevant design experience are eligible to apply. Consortium is NOT accepted. Registration by individuals or teams of individuals are NOT be accepted. If the first prize winner does not obtain relevant qualifications, it can recommend a design company with Class A or above qualification in construction industry ( building engineering ) to be responsible for the construction drawing design of the project after approval by the Host. The company should also assist the host in filing the construction application and other works. 公司声誉 Company Reputation 曾获得国内外设计奖项; Winner of domestic and international design awards; 公司业绩 Company Achievements 在有国内外影响力的城市具有项目实践经验和成功案例; Practical experience and successful cases of similar projects in cities with influence at home and abroad; 主创设计师业绩和经验 Achievements and Experience of Chief Designer 须为知名设计师或公司合伙人,主创设计师必须直接参与竞赛活动全过程,且亲自汇报方案; 荣获过国内外设计奖项; The chief designer must be a renowned designer at home and abroad or a partner of the company, and the chief designer must be directly involved in the whole process of the competition and report on the proposal personally; Winner of design awards at home and abroad; 项目团队要求 Requirements for Project Team 团队成员具有丰富设计经验且团队稳定; 为了保证项目团队人员对中国地区背景和相关要求的准确理解,项目团队人员中应至少有 1 名通晓汉语的人士。 The team is stable and team members have extensive design experience; The project design team should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese language to ensure the accurate understanding of the project background in China and relevant requirements of the Competition. 4 日程安排 Schedule 本次国际竞赛分为二个阶段,详见下表。 The international competition includes two stages as detailed in the table below. 时间 Time 工作内容 Work Contents 公开竞赛及预审 Open call and prequalification 4月7日 April 7th 发布正式公告 Release of official announcement 4月28日17:00之前 Before April 28th, 17:00 设计机构点击链接 https://jinshuju.net/f/PZtnOo填写报名信息,报名截止 Registration on https://szdesigncenter.jinshuju.com/f/DKxz8J. Deadline for registration 5月7日17:00之前 Before May 7th, 17:00 设计机构提交报名文件和概念提案的纸质文件及U盘 Design teams submit registration documents and concept proposals in hardcopy and USB flash drive 5月11日( 暂定 ) May 11th ( tbc ) 召开资格预审会并发布资格预审结果 Prequalification meeting and release of prequalification result 方案设计及评审会 Proposal design and evaluation meeting 6月21日17:00之前 Before June 15th, 17:00 提交方案设计成果 Submission of proposal design 6月25日( 暂定 ) June 25th ( tbc ) 召开方案评审会,并发布方案评审结果 Proposal evaluation meeting and release of evaluation result *以正式发布的公告为准,根据疫情的发展情况适时调整。 *Due to the epidemic situation, the above timeline may be subject to change. Please refer to the official announcement. 5 竞赛奖励 Honoraria 设计机构在规定时间内提交有效设计文件,且满足本竞赛文件要求,由评审委员会按程序对6家机构提交的方案设计成果进行评审,并确定排名,设计机构将获得如下竞赛奖金( 含税 ): 第一名( 1 名 ):获得设计合同; 第二名( 1 名 ):人民币捌拾万元整( 小写¥800,000.00元 ); 第三至六名( 4名 ):人民币伍拾万元整( 小写¥500,000.00元 ); 经主办单位确定为优胜方案的设计机构获得建筑方案及立面扩初设计合同,如第一名不具备国内相关设计资质,可推荐一家具有建筑行业( 建筑工程 )甲级及以上资质的设计机构,并经主办单位同意后负责本项目施工图设计工作,且注册地在深圳或者在深圳有分支机构,负责设计师需全程参与项目的实施落地,保证设计质量。 Design teams will provide valid submissions within given time frame in accordance with the requirements specified in the design submissions. The Evaluation Committee will review and rank the design proposals submitted by the six selected design teams which will be awarded the following honoraria ( tax-included ): The first prize ( 1 winner ): Design Contract; The second prize( 1 winner ): Eight Hundred Thousand Yuan ( ¥800,000.00 ); The third to six prizes ( 4 winners ): Five Hundred Thousand Yuan ( ¥500,000.00 ); The winning proposal approved by the host will obtain the design contract of architectural SD and building facade DD. If the first-prize winner does not obtain relevant qualifications, it can recommend a design company with Class A or above qualification in construction industry ( building engineering ) to be responsible for the construction drawing design of the project after approval by the host. The design company must also be registered in Shenzhen or has branches in Shenzhen, and the chief designer should participate in the implementation of the project to ensure the design quality. 6 设计费 Design Fee 优胜设计机构依据建筑方案及立面扩初设计合同内容进行报价,设计费上限为含税人民币1600万元,主办单位将根据国家有关收费标准与优胜设计机构进行商务谈判,最终以实际谈判价格签订合同。 The winning design team will make a fee proposal based on the contents of the architectural SD and the building facade DD design contract within the given ceiling of RMB 16 million yuan. The host will negotiate with the winner as per the relevant fee charging standards of China and enter into a contract with the latter based on the actual price mutually agreed then. 7 组织机构 Organizers 主办单位:物美南方科技有限责任公司 监督单位:深圳市规划和自然资源局福田管理局 策划单位:深圳市城市设计促进中心( 深圳市公共艺术中心 ) 联系人:李工 联系电话:0755-83995241 联系邮箱:scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org Host: Wumart South Technology Co., Ltd Supervisor: Futian Administrationof Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality Organizer: Shenzhen Center for Design ( Shenzhen Center for Public Art ) Contact: Ms Li Mobile: 0755-83995241 Email:scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org 请设计机构于2021年4月28日17:00之前登录网址: https://jinshuju.net/f/PZtnOo填写报名信息,或扫描以下二维码进行登记。 Please log in and fill out the registration information at https://jinshuju.net/f/PZtnOo, or scan the QR code below for registration 媒体伙伴:archrace,城市中国杂志,青年建筑,深圳讲座展览活动,住区杂志,Apark建筑公园,鬼鬼匠,设计竞赛,ZaomeDesign https://www.szdesigncenter.org/design_competitions/5711?tab=official_announcement