The 11th edition of the Wiki Loves Earth photo contest 第 11 屆 Wiki Loves Earth 攝影大賽


The 11th edition of the Wiki Loves Earth photo contest 第 11 屆 Wiki Loves Earth 攝影大賽

Wiki Loves Earth is a photo contest devoted to local nature protected areas in participating countries. Under Wiki Loves Earth, participants upload photos during the contest to Wikimedia Commons. The international photo contest takes place around the world. It is a federative contest that consists of numerous local contests held in different countries.
A local photo contest takes place throughout May and July or dates close to this timeline; it typically lasts for one month but can last for longer. Local contests are organized by volunteers from Wikipedia and/or the local Wikimedia associations with the support of the international team.
After the contest period, a local jury judges the participating photos and chooses up to 15 best photos of that country/area. At least the number-one winner, and in most cases several winners, receive prizes, which are often distributed during an award ceremony. In some local contests, there is an additional special prize category for photos on a certain subject, areas not pictured before, etc. Up to 15 winning photos of a country/area participate in the international round of the photo contest.
Wiki Loves Earth 是一項攝影比賽,致力於參與國家的當地自然保護區。在 Wiki Loves Earth 下,參賽者在比賽期間將照片上傳到維基共享資源。國際攝影大賽在世界各地舉行。這是一項聯合競賽,由在不同國家舉行的眾多地方競賽組成。

當地的攝影比賽在整個 5 月和 7 月或接近此時間線的日期舉行;它通常持續一個月,但可以持續更長時間。本地比賽由來自維基百科和/或本地維基媒體協會的志願者在國際團隊的支持下組織。

比賽結束後,當地評審團將對參賽照片進行評判,並選出最多 15 張該國家/地區的最佳照片。至少第一名獲勝者,在大多數情況下是幾名獲勝者,會獲得獎品,這些獎品通常在頒獎典禮上分發。在一些當地的比賽中,對於特定主題的照片、以前沒有拍攝過的區域等,還有一個額外的特別獎類別。一個國家/地區最多有 15 張獲獎照片參加國際攝影比賽。

Participants take pictures of local natural heritage in their countries and upload them to Wikimedia Commons
For all participating countries there are separate competitions organized by local teams
This year WLE will take place between 1st May and 31st July. We have a flexible approach regarding local dates, and local organizers decide when exactly to hold their contest within the international timeframe.
今年的 WLE 將於5 月 1 日至7 月 31 日舉行。我們對當地日期採取靈活的方法,當地組織者決定在國際時間框架內舉行比賽的確切時間。

There are a few rules for photos to participate in both the local and the international contests. Every submission should be:
Self-taken and self-uploaded;
Uploaded in May-July 2023 or close to this timeline within dates agreed between local and international teams (dependent on the dates of your local contest) and available on Wikimedia Commons;
Freely licensed;
Contain an identified nature monument;
Participating in a national Wiki Loves Earth contest.
If your country/area has nature-protected areas with unique identifiers (IDs), this identifier must be provided on every participating photo.
Participants can participate in the contest with multiple photos.

在 2023 年 5 月至 7 月或在本地和國際團隊商定的日期(取決於您當地比賽的日期)內接近此時間線上傳,並在維基共享資源上可用;
參加全國 Wiki Loves Earth 競賽。

如果您所在的國家/地區有帶唯一標識符 (ID) 的自然保護區,則必須在每張參賽照片上提供此標識符。

When the contest period ends, your local jury should start judging the photos that have been uploaded (if your contest ends earlier, you can start judging photos earlier as well).
The jury should determine the winners of the contest taking into consideration the criteria (in no particular order): technical quality (sharpness, use of light, perspective, etc.), originality, and usefulness of the image for Wikipedia.
The local jury has time until late August for judging the photos (it's better that you set a deadline for the jury at least a few days before September 1st so you have time to check winners and submit them). On 1 September, the international team needs to know which 15 photos are the winners in your country; you can find detailed instructions on how to submit local winners in the section "How to submit local winners" below.


當地評審團有時間在 8 月下旬之前對照片進行評審(您最好至少在 9 月 1 日之前幾天為評審團設定截止日期,以便您有時間檢查獲獎者並提交)。9 月 1 日,國際團隊需要知道哪 15 張照片是您所在國家/地區的獲獎者;您可以在下面的“如何提交本地獲獎者”部分找到有關如何提交本地獲獎者的詳細說明。

CentralNotice banner is one of the most powerful promotion tools. See the relevant section above for more information.
Mass inviting participants of previous years' contest editions in your country (and / or participants of similar photo contests like Wiki Loves Monuments or Wiki Loves Africa). This can be done quickly and efficiently with the use of MassMessage tools; you can contact the international organizing team to get technical assistance with this, or read this guide if you'd like to try yourself).
Social media posts, including social media ads if you have the budget for them. The international team created visuals for local organizers to use in their social media posting. Please, open this Google Drive folder to download the templates. You can see png files as examples, and use corresponding psd files for editing in the Adobe Photoshop. Also you can find template in Canva. Please, make a copy of it or download a file and feel free to use.
Building partnerships and leveraging your partners' audiences. One of the options for a successful partnership is organizing joint special nominations with partners devoted to their thematic expertise. (For example, Ukrainian local team in 2021 had “Nature monuments protection” and “Best photo of wetlands” special nominations, each in partnership with a leading Ukrainian nature protection NGO).
Contacting relevant government institutions and NGOs and asking them to help promote your contest. For example, gather email addresses of major national parks in your country and send a press release about the start of your contest to them. They might have their own social media channels, newsletters or other means of distrubution where they can promote your contest.
CentralNotice 橫幅是最強大的推廣工具之一。 有關詳細信息,請參閱上面的相關部分。

大量邀請您所在國家/地區前幾年的比賽版本的參與者(和/或類似的攝影比賽的參與者,例如 Wiki Loves Monuments 或 Wiki Loves Africa)。 這可以通過使用 MassMessage 工具快速有效地完成; 您可以聯繫國際組織團隊以獲得這方面的技術幫助,或者如果您想自己嘗試,請閱讀本指南)。

社交媒體帖子,包括社交媒體廣告(如果您有預算的話)。 國際團隊為當地組織者製作了視覺效果,供他們在社交媒體上發布。 請打開此 Google 雲端硬盤文件夾以下載模板。 您可以以 png 文件為例,並使用相應的 psd 文件在 Adobe Photoshop 中進行編輯。 您也可以在 Canva 中找到模板。 請複制它或下載文件並隨意使用。

建立合作夥伴關係並利用合作夥伴的受眾。 成功的合作夥伴關係的選擇之一是與致力於其主題專業知識的合作夥伴一起組織聯合特別提名。 (例如,烏克蘭當地團隊在 2021 年獲得了“自然古蹟保護”和“最佳濕地照片”特別提名,每一項都與烏克蘭領先的自然保護非政府組織合作)。

聯繫相關政府機構和非政府組織,請他們幫助宣傳您的比賽。 例如,收集您所在國家/地區主要國家公園的電子郵件地址,並向他們發送有關比賽開始的新聞稿。 他們可能有自己的社交媒體渠道、時事通訊或其他分發方式,可以用來宣傳您的比賽。

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