STEAM Photo Contest 2023 STEAM 攝影大賽


STEAM Photo Contest 2023 STEAM 攝影大賽

Taking a camera, and shooting a picture is an easy deal. What about going further? What about using photos to discover science?
From a water drop to a rainbow, from a bubble to a geyser, from smoke to light, from microscopy to astronomy, everywhere, we are facing scientific phenomena. MILSET aims to give you an opportunity to freeze them for eternity!

從水滴到彩虹,從氣泡到間歇泉,從煙霧到光,從顯微鏡到天文學,無處不在,我們都在面對科學現象。MILSET 旨在為您提供一個將它們永久凍結的機會!

This year 2023, MILSET is focusing its activities on SPACE matters, so the MILSET STEAM Photo Contest opens the call to all participants to show their passion for SPACE capturing and explaining the science behind those pictures.
SPACE includes stars, sky, moons, planets, eclipses
But in case your passion is in other matters, the MILSET STEAM Photo contest is ready to receive your photos too and to learn together about science and technology around us.
今年 2023 年,MILSET 將其活動重點放在 SPACE 問題上,因此 MILSET STEAM 攝影大賽向所有參與者發出呼籲,展示他們對 SPACE 捕捉和解釋這些圖片背後的科學的熱情。

但如果您對其他事情充滿熱情,MILSET STEAM 攝影大賽也準備好接收您的照片,並一起學習我們周圍的科學和技術。

Youth between the ages of 13 and 25 as of [ July 31, 2023] are eligible.
MILSET global and regional offices’ staff, contest judges and their immediate family members cannot submit photos.
截至 [ 2023 年 7 月 31 日]年齡在 13 至 25 歲之間的青少年符合資格。

MILSET 全球和地區辦事處的工作人員、大賽評委及其直系親屬不能提交照片。

All photos and the Online Registration Form must be submitted for the 2023 edition by no later than July 31, 2023.
2023 年版的所有照片和在線註冊表必須在 2023 年 7 月 31 日之前提交。

Colour or grayscale
Minimum resolution: 2000 pixels wide
Maximum file size: 10MB
jpeg, png, psd, or tiff format
最小分辨率:2000 像素寬
jpeg、png、psd 或 tiff 格式
The submitted photos will be evaluated anonymously by a jury comprised of at least ten (10) persons recognised for their competence in the fields of photography, STEAM education, or scientific communication to obtain the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
If the number of entries is significant, MILSET may conduct a pre-judging screening.
Entries will be judged on:
Originality: creativity of the photo and/or photographic technique
Informational content: effectiveness at communicating the phenomenon or concept
Technical proficiency: focus, composition, depth of field, Photo processing
Artistic and Visual Impact: aesthetic quality, visual and emotional appeal
Also, a People Choice Award will be selected through the best 15 photos in a voting process on MILSET social media platforms, selected the 3 most voted to receive a certificate and to be part of the MILSET SPC Gallery during the MILSET Expo-Sciences International, ESI 2023
提交的照片將由至少十 (10) 名在攝影、STEAM 教育或科學傳播領域的能力得到認可的人組成的評審團進行匿名評估,以獲得第一、第二和第三名。



此外,還將通過 MILSET 社交媒體平台投票過程中的 15 張最佳照片選出人物選擇獎,選出得票最多的 3 張照片將獲得證書,並在 MILSET Expo-Sciences International 期間成為 MILSET SPC 畫廊的一部分, ESI 2023
First place: A gift certificate of 250 € and a digital achievement certificate
Second & Third place: An annual subscription to National Geographic magazine with an estimated cost of 50 USD and a digital achievement certificate
The best 10 photos (including the winners) will be displayed in:
A Printed exhibition in the OMP – Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées- Touluse, France
The Museum of the Astronomical Observatory of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre, France (at 2. 876 meters of altitude, with 150,000 international tourists every year)
In the MILSET SPC Virtual gallery on the MILSET website.
Best photos will be part of the MILSET Journal of Science Engagement (JOSE).
第一名: 250歐元的禮券和數字成就證書
第二名和第三名:國家地理雜誌年度訂閱,估計費用為 50 美元和數字成就證書
最佳 10 張照片(包括獲獎者)將顯示在:

OMP 中的印刷展覽 – Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées- 法國圖盧茲
法國Pic du Midi de Bigorre天文台博物館(海拔2. 876米,每年接待國際遊客15萬人次)
在 MILSET 網站上的 MILSET SPC 虛擬畫廊中。

最佳照片將成為 MILSET 科學參與雜誌 (JOSE) 的一部分。

比賽網站 : https://milset.org/milset/web/programmes-events/steam-photo-contest