8th Annual Waterscapes Art Competition 第八屆年度水景藝術大賽


8th Annual Waterscapes Art Competition 第八屆年度水景藝術大賽

For this competition, both 2D and 3D artists, worldwide, are invited to submit their best art depicting waterscapes. The theme includes any art which depicts any type of body of water including the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, coastal living, any ocean activities, seaside vistas, beaches, and any related seashore or lakeside subjects. It can also include rain, puddles and frozen waterscapes.
The artwork can range from realism to surrealism to abstraction and all artists, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best waterscapes art in any medium.
在本次比賽中,世界各地的 2D 和 3D 藝術家都被邀請提交他們最好的水景藝術作品。該主題包括描繪任何類型水體的任何藝術,包括海洋、湖泊、河流、池塘、溪流、沿海生活、任何海洋活動、海濱遠景、海灘以及任何相關的海濱或湖畔主題。它還可以包括雨水、水坑和冰凍的水景。


All Fusion Art competitions are open to artists worldwide over the age of 18.
所有 Fusion Art 比賽均向全球 18 歲以上的藝術家開放。

Call for Artists Announced: June 2, 2023
Deadline for Entries: August 1, 2023
Opening of Online Exhibition: August 5, 2023
Online Exhibition Closed & Archived: November 4, 2023 (remains on website under “Archived Exhibitions” for 3 years)
宣布招募藝術家:2023 年 6 月 2 日
報名截止日期:2023 年 8 月 1 日
在線展覽關閉並存檔:2023 年 11 月 4 日(在網站“存檔展覽”下保留 3 年)
Image should be in JPG format, 72 dpi, highest compression quality of 12.
Image should not exceed 5MB.
Image should not contain any frame, mat, or watermark.
IMAGE LABELING GUIDELINES: Image should be labeled as FirstName_Lastname_Title.jpeg (Example: John_Smith_Untitled.jpg). Do not include special characters such as #,!, * or stray spaces in the file name. Doing so may prevent the file from uploading.
Image should be clear and in focus. Please remember that this image represents your work.
Fusion Art may crop or color correct your images in order to enhance the overall presentation and/or for formatting purposes for use on the website, YouTube videos, Fusion Art presentations and marketing materials, and for other areas where your images may appear.
圖片應為 JPG 格式,72 dpi,最高壓縮質量為 12。

圖片不應超過 5MB。


圖像標籤指南:圖像應標記為 FirstName_Lastname_Title.jpeg(示例:John_Smith_Untitled.jpg)。文件名中請勿包含特殊字符,例如 #、!、* 或雜散空格。這樣做可能會阻止文件上傳。


Fusion Art 可能會對您的圖像進行裁剪或顏色校正,以增強整體演示效果和/或用於網站、YouTube 視頻、Fusion Art 演示文稿和營銷材料以及可能出現您的圖像的其他區域的格式化目的。

“Traditional” is open to the following 2D mediums: painting, drawing, pastels, inks, pencil, printmaking, encaustic, fabric, and mixed media.
“Photography & Digital” is open to the following mediums: analog photography, digital photography, digital photo artwork, digital painting, digital manipulations, digital collage, photopainting, vector drawing, digital mixed media (integrated art). Digital Art that is a derivative work, created from another original artwork, must be significantly different as to constitute a new original work. The gallery reserves the right to request a copy of the original artwork if copyright infringement is suspected.
“3-Dimensional” Art is open to the following media: relief, pottery, sculpture, installation, kinetic, and conceptual 3-D artworks created in metal, paper, wood, stone, fiber, plastics, glass, ceramics, or any other material which can be used to create 3-dimensional art. All 3D entries now require front, back and side views to be considered and properly juried. There is no additional fee for these additional images. Please see entry form for instructions.
There are no size limitations on the artwork.
Artwork does not have to be for sale to be entered into the competition.
“傳統”對以下 2D 媒介開放:繪畫、素描、蠟筆、墨水、鉛筆、版畫、蠟畫、織物和混合媒介。


“3D”藝術向以下媒體開放:浮雕、陶器、雕塑、裝置、動態和概念 3D 藝術作品,用金屬、紙張、木材、石頭、纖維、塑料、玻璃、陶瓷或任何其他材料創作可用於創作 3 維藝術的材料。現在,所有 3D 參賽作品都需要考慮正面、背面和側面視圖並進行適當評審。這些附加圖像不收取額外費用。請參閱報名表以獲取說明。



Best in Show will be awarded to one artist in each category – Traditional, Digital & Photography and 3-Dimensional (if the gallery receives 3D entries). 2nd through 5th Place awards in each category will also be given.
最佳展示獎將授予每個類別中的一位藝術家 – 傳統、數字與攝影和 3 維(如果畫廊收到 3D 參賽作品)。每個類別的二等獎至五等獎也將頒發。

Cash prizes will be given to the Best in Show winners in each category (Traditional, Digital & Photography and 3-Dimensional (if the gallery receives 3D entries).
The Best in Show winners will be the “Featured Artists” on the website for the duration of the exhibition. The Best in Show winners will also receive an invitation to participate in Fusion Art’s group show in Santa Fe, NM in 2024.
2nd through 5th Place awards in each category will also be given. Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, Artistic Excellence and/or Honorable Mention awards may also be given.
All award winning artists will receive a digital award certificate, event announcement and copy of the press release for their art portfolio.
Video slideshows of the top winning artists will be created and available on the website and Fusion Art’s YouTube channel.
Fusion Art’s objective is to promote the artists, worldwide, to art professionals, gallerists, collectors and buyers.
All inquiries from potential buyers who see the artwork on the Fusion Art website will be directed to the artist for negotiation.
現金獎勵將頒發給每個類別(傳統、數字和攝影以及 3 維(如果畫廊收到 3D 參賽作品))的最佳展覽獲獎者。

最佳展覽獲獎者將成為展覽期間網站上的“特色藝術家”。最佳展覽獲獎者還將收到參加 Fusion Art 2024 年在新墨西哥州聖達菲舉辦的群展的邀請。



頂級獲獎藝術家的視頻幻燈片將被創建並在網站和 Fusion Art 的 YouTube 頻道上提供。

Fusion Art 的目標是向世界各地的藝術專業人士、畫廊主、收藏家和買家推廣藝術家。

在 Fusion Art 網站上看到藝術品的潛在買家的所有詢問都將直接與藝術家進行協商。

主辦單位:Fusion Art
聯絡人:Fusion Art
比賽網站 : https://fusionart.submittable.com/submit