The Passive House Network Design Awards 2023 被動房網絡設計獎


The Passive House Network Design Awards 2023 被動房網絡設計獎

From its inception in the 1980’s the Passive House standard has been influenced by building sciences and climate vernaculars developed throughout the centuries and from around the globe. Drawing from the many lessons of regional building design the Passive House Institute has provided a robust climate adaptive and versatile building process. Based on the meticulous calculations of the site and local climate, the standard promises a universal level of low environmental impact, occupant well being, and resiliency. These responsive buildings are uniquely prepared for a rapidly changing world, anywhere in the world.
從 1980 年代開始,被動式房屋標準就受到了幾個世紀以來在全球範圍內發展起來的建築科學和氣候方言的影響。被動房研究所吸取了區域建築設計的許多經驗教訓,提供了強大的氣候適應性和多功能建築工藝。基於對場地和當地氣候的細緻計算,該標準承諾普遍水平的低環境影響、居住者福祉和彈性。這些反應靈敏的建築為世界各地瞬息萬變的世界做好了獨特的準備。

Entries shall be clustered and compared using the 7 PHI climate zones identified here. This means that size and building type does not matter, but location and climate region does. Projects will be assessed based on how they respond to local climate conditions or have used the flexibility of the Passive House standard to creatively deliver a climate-specific response. Entries shall be additionally judged using these sub-categories:
Completed New Passive House Buildings
Completed EnerPHit retrofits.
Unbuilt or incomplete new build or EnerPHit
Passive House Assembly or Installation Detail (must be part of a submitted project.)
應使用此處確定的 7 個 PHI 氣候區對條目進行聚類和比較。這意味著大小和建築類型並不重要,但位置和氣候區域很重要。將根據項目對當地氣候條件的反應或利用被動房標準的靈活性創造性地提供針對特定氣候的反應來評估項目。應使用這些子類別對參賽作品進行額外評判:

完成 EnerPHit 改造。

未建或不完整的新建築或 EnerPHit
PHN employees and Awards Judges are not eligible to submit a project.
PHN Board members are eligible to submit as part of a project team
PHN 員工和評委沒有資格提交項目。

PHN 董事會成員有資格作為項目團隊的一部分提交。

Entries are due on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, Midnight Pacific Time.
Winners shall be announced at the annual PHN Conference in Denver Colorado, on Wednesday, October 4th, 6PM Mountain Time.
報名截止日期為太平洋時間 9 月 4 日星期一午夜。

獲獎者將於 10 月 4 日星期三山區時間下午 6 點在科羅拉多州丹佛市舉行的年度PHN 會議上宣布。

POSTER (24×36 pdf) with QR code for entry contactplaced discreetly in top or bottom right corner.
Project name, location and PHI climate zone
Site & Floor plans
Elevations and renderings
Full section detail, illustrating all materials and assemblies. This should highlight features such as fire-resilience, embodied carbon consideration, cost-savings and/or thermal bridge analysis, if applicable.
Min. 500 word narrative describing the design intent and detailing for how the project addressed and adapted the Passive House design to meet local climate needs
A completed PHPP or DesignPH file
Contact information of the submitter, proof of PHN membership, plus details of the full project team to be provided on a separate document.
海報 (24×36 pdf) 帶有進入聯繫人的 QR 代碼,謹慎地放置在右上角或右下角。

項目名稱、位置和 PHI 氣候帶
完整的截面細節,說明所有材料和組件。 這應該突出諸如耐火性、隱含碳考慮、成本節約和/或熱橋分析(如果適用)等特徵。

分鐘 500 字的敘述,描述設計意圖並詳細說明項目如何解決和調整被動房設計以滿足當地氣候需求
完整的 PHPP 或 DesignPH 文件
提交者的聯繫信息、PHN 成員資格證明以及整個項目團隊的詳細信息將在單獨的文件中提供。

Projects should meet, have completed or be seeking PHI certification
All projects must be accompanied by a valid PHPP or DesignPH file
Submittal teams/individuals must be current PHN members.
項目應該滿足、已經完成或正在尋求 PHI 認證
所有項目必須附有有效的 PHPP 或 DesignPH 文件
提交團隊/個人必須是當前的 PHN 成員。

Two nights stay in MARTaK Passive House, Colorado’s first Certified Passive House. A mountain getaway.
Two nights stay in Hotel Marcel, CT. Passive House retrofit conversion of a classic Marcel Breuer building.
Featured on PHN website.
Limited Edition Passive House Buildings Book Collection.
Publication in Passive House Accelerator Magazine.
在科羅拉多州首個獲得認證的被動房 MARTaK 被動房住宿兩晚。山間度假勝地。

在康涅狄格州馬塞爾酒店住宿兩晚。經典 Marcel Breuer 建築的被動式房屋改造。

在 PHN 網站上精選。


在 Passive House Accelerator 雜誌上發表。

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