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Pre-announcement | International Competition for Urban Design and Architectural Concept Design of Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums

International Competition for Urban Design and Architectural Concept Design of Shenzhen Antuo Hill Museums is about to launch. The project is now open for pre-registration. Design teams from all over the world are welcome to pre-register.



The project of Antuo Hill Museums is positioned as a non-profit public cultural facility and a world-class museum ecological community and aims to promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry. The project shall be planned with the goal of building “new park, new exhibition and new landmark” for Shenzhen and with a forward-looking and international perspective. It is to become the spiritual palace of future city.

Taking the opportunity of the ecological restoration of Antuo Hill and construction of the park, Antuo Nature Art Hill ( ANAH ) and the Antuo Hill Museums shall be planned as a whole, jointly building a cultural cluster of museums and parks that integrate people, art and nature, improving the quality of urban environment and vitality of urban life, thus become a unique cultural place.

The design focus of this project is how to transform the geographical advantages of Antuo Hill into its cultural attraction and revitalize this area through positioning, functional programming and operational strategies.


深圳安托山博物館群項目選址於深圳福田區和南山區交界處的安托山地區內,緊鄰安托山自然藝術公園。地區位於深圳雙中心( 福田-羅湖中心和前海中心 )之間的核心位置,北靠塘朗山郊野公園,南望深圳灣,是“山海連廊”的中轉站,也是城市軸線的“交叉口”,是自然格局與城市空間的連接點。
Antuo Hill Museums is located in the Antuo Hill Area, at the junction of Futian District and Nanshan District in Shenzhen, next to the ANAH. The Antuo Hill Area is situated between the double city centers of Shenzhen ( Futian-Luohu Center and Qianhai Center ), on the south of Tanglangshan Country Park and looking out to Shenzhen Bay to the south. The Area is the transition of the “Mountain-Sea Axis”, the “intersection” of urban axis and the connection point between natural and urban spaces.

項目區位示意圖 Project Location

“Mountain-Sea Axis” and East-West Urban Development Axis

“山海連廊” “Mountain-Sea Corridor”


本次國際競賽範圍包括安托山自然藝術公園部分用地( 用地A )與安托山地區07-04地塊( 用地B ),分別位於僑城東路北延( 規劃 )兩側,總用地面積暫定約10公頃。
The design scope of this international competition includes the site inside ANAH ( Site A ) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area ( Site B ), located on two sides of North Extension of Qiaocheng East Road ( planned ). The total site area is tentatively about 10 hectares.

The design team shall provide an overall design proposal of Site A and Site B. The project is planned to be constructed in phases. Site A shall be constructed first and Site B is the long-term phase plan. The feasibility of functional planning, operational planning, design strategy and development sequence for the different phases shall be considered.

場地範圍示意圖 Site Area

1. Urban Design

設計範圍:安托山自然藝術公園部分用地( 用地A )、安托山地區07-04地塊( 用地B );同時,統籌考慮兩地塊與安托山自然藝術公園、安托山周邊片區、華僑城創意文化園、塘朗山郊野公園以及周邊更大的城市片區的關係。
Design Scope includes the site inside ANAH ( Site A ) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area ( Site B ). At the same time, the relationship between the 2 sites and the ANAH, the surrounding areas, OCT-LOFT, Tanglangshan Country Park and the larger urban context shall be considered.

The design content at the urban design stage includes overall operational planning of the Antuo Hill Museums, interpretation of the master plan, design of the connection between the sites and surrounding areas, overall structural and functional layout planning, transportation system design, spatial form design, ecological landscape design, public space planning and underground space design.

2. Conceptual Architectural Design

設計範圍:安托山自然藝術公園部分用地( 用地A )、安托山地區07-04地塊( 用地B )的城市設計方案深化及建築概念設計,規劃總建築面積暫定約17萬平方米。
Design Scope includes detailed urban design and architectural concept design of both the site inside ANAH ( Site A ) and Plot 07-04 in Antuo Hill Area ( Site B ). The total gross floor area is tentatively set as about 170,000 square meters.

場地範圍示意圖 Site Area

場地範圍示意圖 Site Area

基地航拍圖 Site Aerial Photo

基地航拍圖 Site Aerial Photo

場地全景圖 Panorama

點擊查看全景圖 Click to view Panorama


The project adopts “open registration”, which includes 3 phases: Pre-qualification Phase, Urban Design Phase and Architectural Concept Design Phase.

Pre-qualification Phase: the organizer will establish an expert committee to comprehensively evaluate the qualification, performance and composition of design team as well as conceptual proposal and determine 5 qualified candidates ( without ranking ) to enter Urban Design Phase, and 2 alternatives ( with ranking ).

Urban Design Phase: the 5 qualified candidates shall submit urban design schemes. The organizer will establish a scheme review committee to evaluate the design schemes and recommend 3 shortlisted candidates ( without ranking ) to enter Architectural Concept Design Phase.

Conceptual Architectural Design Phase: the 3 shortlisted candidates shall submit architectural concept design schemes. The organizer will establish a final evaluation committee in accordance with law and determine 1 winner.


1. 申請人須是國內外註冊的獨立法人企業或機構。
Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.

2. 不設資質要求。
There are no qualification requirements.

3. 接受聯合體參賽,聯合體成員數量不限。聯合體成員不得再單獨或以其他名義與其他設計單位組成其他聯合體參與報名,聯合體合作方需簽署具有法律效力的《聯合體協議》,並明確牽頭單位、各方工作分工等。
Consortium is accepted and there is no limit on number of consortium members. Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member and work distribution.

4. 不接受個人或個人組合的報名。
Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.

5. 鼓勵設計團隊由城市規劃與設計、交通諮詢、建築及景觀設計等多專業人員組成,團隊中需有運營策劃相關專業人員。
Design team composed with professionals in urban planning and design, transportation consulting, architectural and landscape design are encouraged. The design team must have professionals in operational planning.


The total bonus for the international competition is set at RMB 14.5 million. The specific setting will be released in the official announcement.


The official announcement of this competition will be issued soon. We welcome all design teams to pre-register for participating intention. If interested, please click the button to fill out pre-registration information:

點擊預報名 Click to Pre-registration

Once the official announcement is released, we will also send e-mails to inform all pre-registered teams.


Pre-registration is NOT official competition application. All information shall be subject to the official announcement released later.

正式公告發佈平台為深圳市城市設計促進中心: www.szdesigncenter.org
The official announcement will be published on Shenzhen Center for Design: www.szdesigncenter.org.


委託方 Client

Bureau of Public Works of Futian District, Shenzhen

承辦方 Organizer

華潤( 深圳 )有限公司
China Resources ( Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd.

組織策劃 Co-organizer

Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.

諮詢郵箱 Enquiry Email





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