報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-05-30

主辦單位: 深圳市建築工務署工程設計管理中心



The Shenzhen Conservatory of Music Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents is under preparation and will be launched soon. The project is now open for Pre-registration.

項目概況 Project Overview


This project is one of “Ten Cultural Facilities in New Era” invested by Shenzhen Municipal Government. With the need of talents for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and CUHK-Shenzhen’s successful experience, the project will integrate philosophies of other world-leading international schools. It aims at establishing an international, innovative, world-leading higher education institution for music and art, which will fill the blank of music and art education in Shenzhen.


The site of The Shenzhen Conservatory of Music is in International University Campus, Longgang District, Shenzhen, next to CUHK-Shenzhen. Currently, most of the structures at the site are gymnasiums, which will be demolished before the project construction.

主要設計內容 Core Design Content


The core design contents for The Shenzhen Conservatory of Music include: classrooms, practice studios, library, auditoriums, student dormitories, staff dormitories, dining hall, performance auditoriums (including a 700-seat A-Level competition theater, a 500-seat music hall and a 200-seat rehearsal hall), and science research space (including music technology center, music management center, music therapy center, sociomusicology center).

圖表 1 設計內容 Figure 1 Design Content

圖表 1 設計內容 Figure 1 Design Content


圖表 2 項目選址示意圖 Figure 2 Site Surrounding

圖表 2 項目選址示意圖 Figure 2 Site Surrounding


圖表 3 項目現狀 Figure 3 Current Condition

圖表 3 項目現狀 Figure 3 Current Condition


招標內容 Work Scope


The bidding content of this project is the whole process design, all the project construction content in the plot, including scheme design and optimization (including investment estimates and instructions), design development (including cost estimates and instructions), construction documents (including construction and technical documents, construction drawings and instructions), review and stamping of record drawings, on-site construction cooperation, coordination and cooperation with other consultants hired by Tenderee, and other related services; special design, preparation of relevant special reports, etc.


The key majors involved include, but are not limited to, master planning, architecture, structure engineering, electrical, curtain wall, landscape design, sponge city design, interior design, architectural acoustics, floodlighting, green building, theater / concert hall design, stage craft, river improvement, etc. The final work content shall be subjected to the tender documents and design contract.

招標方式 Bidding Type


Procedure of open call (Pre-Qualification) is adopted for this project tender. The tender includes pre-qualification phase, Design Competition Phase, and Final Evaluation Phase. Honorarium is set up for outstanding schemes that are shortlisted.

報名條件 Application Requirements

1. 申請人須是中華人民共和國境內、外註冊的企業或機構。

2. 申請人(至少一名聯合體成員)需具備國內設計建築行業(建築工程)甲級資質,確保全過程設計成果滿足國內、深圳市有關規範、規定和行政審批部門的要求。

3. 項目負責人或主創設計師至少一位具備國內一級註冊建築師資格。

4. 接受聯合體報名,其中聯合體成員(含牽頭單位)共計不得超過兩家,聯合體成員不得再單獨或以其他名義與其他設計單位組成聯合體參與報名。

5. 聯合體合作方需簽署合法有效的《聯合體協議》,並明確牽頭單位,各個設計階段中各方的分工劃分方式和設計費用的分攤比例、分配方式等。

6. 不接受個人或個人組合的報名。

1. Applicants must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration.

2. Applicant (at least one member from consortium) is required for class-A qualification/certificate in Chinese architecture design and construction industry (Construction Engineering) to ensure that the design meet requirements of relevant domestic building codes, regulations and fulfill administrative approvals.

3. Project leader, or at least one chief designer, is required to be Grade One registered architect in China.

4. Consortium is permitted. One consortium shall include no more than 2 members (including the leading member). Each member of the consortium shall not further apply alone or participate by joining another consortium.

5. The consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member, as well as work distribution in each design stage and their share of rights and interests.

6. Individual or teams of individuals will not be accepted.

預報名登記 Pre-registration



The official announcement of this tender will be issued soon. We welcome all design teams to pre-register for bidding intention. If interested, please scan the QR code or visit the link to fill out pre-registration information. Once the formal announcement is released, we will also send e-mails to all pre-registered teams.

All Pre-registration information shall be subject to the Tender Announcement Section of Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Website.

特別提示 Special Prompts

預報名表不作為投標正式報名提交資料。正式招標公告發佈平台為深圳建設工程交易服務網: http://zjj.sz.gov.cn/jsjy/jyxx/zbgg/。根據深圳建設工程交易服務系統後續程序的管理要求,建議意向投標人先行瞭解投標相關流程及提前辦理網上企業信息登記。

Pre-Registration is NOT official bidding application. The formal announcement will be published on Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service Network: http://zjj.sz.gov.cn/jsjy/jyxx/zbgg/. According to the management requirements of the follow-up procedures of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Transaction Service System, it is recommended that the bidders firstly learn the relevant bidding processes and register online enterprise information in advance.

組織機構 Tenderee and Co-Organizer

招標方 Tenderee:


Engineering Design Management Center of Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality

招標協助方Co-organizer :


Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.

諮詢郵箱 Enquiry Email:




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