總獎金: 300000(CNY)

最高獎金: 100000(CNY)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-03-19

主辦單位: 融創中國華南區域集團有限公司

主辦單位電話: +86-13417339517、+86-18876147033


Conceptual & Schematic Interior Design Competition for Sunac China Greater Bay Area Headquarters & Snow Tourism Complex Exhibition Hall

01 競賽背景 Background


Sunac China Greater Bay Area Headquarters & Snow Tourism Complex ( Hereinafter referred to as the project ) is located in the west area of Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen. It’s to be built into a mixed-use complex that integrates Sunac China Greater Bay Area Headquarters, Snow Tourism Complex, Snow Hotel, Snow Outdoor Commercial Street, Snow office Cluster, etc., and is expected to create a new “urban living room” in the Greater Bay Area and a new landmark in Shenzhen with the theme of “Greater Bay Area Polar Region, World Ice City”.

融創中國大灣區總部和冰雪文旅綜合體示範區城市客廳( 下文稱城市客廳 ),作為融創中國大灣區總部及冰雪文旅綜合體首期展示示範區,總室內面積約3000 ㎡。城市展廳將成為項目前期最為重要的展示窗口。

Sunac China is calling for excellent interior design schemes for the exhibition hall ( an urban living room ) of the phase I construction of the project. With a gross floor area of 3,000 m², the exhibition hall will become an important window to display the achievements accomplished in early-stage construction of the headquarters & tourism complex.



The competition is open to design teams worldwide, looking for creative design schemes that create an instagrammable image for the exhibition hall to attract a large number of visitors as well as display technological innovation, based on a comprehensive understanding of the project’s overall positioning and features and a focus on the theme of Snow Tourism.

02 賽事組織機構 Organization


Organizer: Sunac China ( South China Regional Group )

03 項目概況 Project Overview

3.1 )項目區位 Project Location

項目位於深圳市寶安區福永西片區。國際會展城二期北側,海上田園以南,沿江高速以東,匯海路以西。用地範圍內規劃有地鐵 12 號線和地鐵20 號線站點,地鐵 18 號線和國鐵深茂鐵路和深肇客專為遠期規劃。

The project is located in the west area of Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen. It’s adjacent to International Convention and Exhibition City Phase II and Waterlands Resort on north, south sides, with the Coastal Expressway and Huihai Road on the east and west sides respectively. Metro Line 12 and Metro Line 20 are planned to pass the land area. In addition, Metro Line 18, Shenmao Railway, and Shenzhen-Zhaoqing Railway are planned to pass nearby in the long-term future.

3.2 )周邊關係 Surroundings


Based on the “Grand Exhibition and Mass Cultural Tourism” positioning of Shenzhen Aviation City, the project is aimed at establishing industrial chains of the cultural tourism in the area and promoting joint development with its surroundings, so as to enhance the integration of industry and city.

1 )為會展中心提供會展配套上下游服務

2 )助力沙井的製造業升級

3 )與海上田園共建,強化大文旅內涵

4 )協同海洋新城城市發展

1 ) Provide exhibition-related supporting services for the Convention & Exhibition Center;

2 ) Advance the upgrading of the manufacturing industry in Shajing Subdistrict;

3 ) Work with Waterlands Resort to enrich tourism activities;

4 ) Coordinate with the development of Shenzhen New Marine City.

3.3 )整體規劃佈局 Master Planning

本項目以冰川主題景觀中軸為核心,兩側佈局四大核心產品——雪世界、冰雪及影視主題酒店、冰雪總部辦公集群、FUNMIX( 雪道下方冰雪產品衍生區和城市活力區 )。打造雪花中庭、飛雪峽谷、冰川舞台、冰晶廣場、海上藍湖五大冰雪特色場景,形成獨特沉浸體驗,強化整體冰雪印象。

The project takes the central axis of snow landscapes as the core, with four key spaces including Snow World, Snow & Cinema Hotel, Snow HQ Office Cluster, FUNMIX ( snow-related derivative area and urban entertainment area beneath the snow trail ) arranged on the two sides. Five distinctive snow scenes including Snowflake Atrium, Snowfall Valley, Glacier Stage, Crystal Plaza and Marine Blue Lagoon are created for offering unique immersive experiences and stunning snow impressions.

04 項目整體定位 Overall Positioning

項目整體目標打造以“灣區極地、世界冰城”為主題的灣區新客廳、深圳新名片。項目總計容面積約 130 萬平方米,將建成集融創中國大灣區總部、冰雪文旅綜合體、冰雪主題酒店、冰雪主題室外商街、冰雪主題辦公集群等多功能業態綜合體。

The overall goal of Sunac China Greater Bay Area Headquarters & Snow Tourism Complex is to create a new “urban living room” in the Greater Bay Area and a new landmark for Shenzhen, with the theme of “Bay Area Polar Region, World Ice City”. With a gross floor area of around 1,300, 000 m², it is to be built into a mixed-use complex that integrates Sunac China Greater Bay Area Headquarters, Snow Tourism Complex, Snow Hotel, Snow Outdoor Commercial Street, Snow office Cluster, etc.


It is positioned as a new urban complex in Greater Bay Area that attracts more than tens of thousands of visitors. With the mission of creating a new engine for the regional economic development and a new iconic landmark for urban consumption, it’s aimed to provide diversified world-class entertainment experiences for people in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area, enhance the image and quality of Shenzhen and upgrade Shenzhen’s consumptive power.

05 設計任務與要求 Design Tasks & Requirements

1、總室內面積控制 3000 ㎡左右( 面積指標可微調 ),示範區城市展廳基地位於市政綠地景觀中軸線之上,項目主體建築不可阻擋景觀中軸線,亦不可呈現較大凸出的體塊。

The gross floor area of the Exhibition Hall is about 3000 m² ( which can be slightly adjusted ). The site of the Exhibition Hall is located on the central axis of the civic green belt, but the building shall not block the central landscape axis, nor expose relatively large, protruding blocks.

2、展廳總室內面積控制 3000 ㎡左右( 面積指標可微調 ),設計需考慮與場地周邊業態的聯通,以及項目後期轉換為商舖使用的功能需求。

The total interior area of the Exhibition Hall shall be around 3000 m² ( which can be slightly adjusted ). The design scheme shall take account of its connection with the surrounding commercial activities, and the requirements of converting the Exhibition Hall into stores in the future.


The space shall integrate with outdoor public landscape, to create an open and inclusive image.

設計關注點 Key Design Points


The design shall focus on the theme of snow cultural tourism and the creation of innovative spatial forms, to create an instagrammable image for the exhibition hall to attract a huge number of visitors and showcase technological innovation.

06 參賽要求 Eligibility



1. The applicant shall be a registered enterprise or organization around the world;

2. Individuals or teams of individuals are not accepted.

07 競賽規則 Rules



1、參賽意向書( 相關表格由競賽組織方提供 )。



Stage 1: Application & Preliminary Election

Applicants shall submit the following documents.

1. Application Form ( provided by the organizer );

2. Company profile and previous projects;

3. Conceptual design proposal ( No limitation to the number of schemes and deepening level )




3、競賽組織方對參賽方案進行評審。評委會採用記名投票法( 逐輪淘汰 ),評選不排序的前三名進入最終評選並提出優化意見,同時確定第四、五名的排名順序,第四、五名將獲得入圍獎金5萬元。


5、若本輪出現高票第一名,則不再進行下一輪評比,競賽冠軍將獲得本項目設計合同( 無落選補償費 ), 其他四家入圍團隊將分別獲得入圍獎金5萬元。


Stage 2: Schematic Design

1. 5 shortlisted applicants will to enter this stage after the preliminary election;

2. The 5 shortlisted applicants shall submit deliverables as required in the Design Brief. Each applicant can submit only one proposal;

3. The organizer shall review the submitted proposals. The jury adopts open vote process ( elimination round by round ) to select three applicants without a ranking as the finalists and offer optimization advices. Meanwhile, the jury shall determine applicants that rank the 4th and the 5th, each of which will be awarded 50,000 yuan;

4. If necessary, the organizer will request the 3 finalists to optimize design proposals and will offer optimization advices where appropriate. The period for scheme optimization shall be no more than 7 days. The organizer will then conduct final evaluation on the optimized design proposals;

5. If one of the 5 shortlisted gets the majority vote in this stage, it shall be the winner of the design contract and the next evaluation stage will be canceled. The other 4 shortlisted teams each will be awarded 50,000 yuan;

6. Applicants that rank top 10 during preliminary election will be included in Sunac China ( South China Regional Group )’s Design Firm Database ( Companies listed in the Database will have a high chance to cooperate with Sunac China on future projects. )

第三階段:決賽階段 ( 若第二階段直接選出最佳方案則此輪不進行 )


Stage 3: Final Selection

( If the best proposal is selected at Stage 2, this round shall be cancelled. )

The jury shall adopt direct voting process to select the winner, the runner-up and the second runner-up among the 3 finalists based on jurors’ opinions. The winner will be awarded the design contract. The runner-up and the second runner-up each will be awarded 100,000 yuan.

08 競賽日程安排 Schedule

8.1 )報名及海選 Application & Preliminary Election

2月26日 發佈正式賽事公告並開始接受參賽申請

3月19日 設計單位遞交參賽資料及答疑截止

February 26 Open Call

March 19 Deadline for Submission and Query

8.2 )方案設計 Schematic Design

3月20日 評審確認入圍5家設計單位並公佈

3月28日( 待定 )入圍設計團隊深化方案截至

March 20 5 Finalists Confirmed and Announced

March 28( tentative ) Design Deepening and Optimization

8.3 )結果公佈 Result Announcement

3月29日( 待定 )公佈最終冠亞季軍

March 29( tentative ) Winner, Runner-up, Second Runner-up Announced

09 相關資料獲取 Related Documents


鏈接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1m-ocsB_f1gWYjg8wWvB7Ng (提取碼: o01e )


Competition documents including Application Form, Design Brief and other related materials can be downloaded on Baidu NetDisk:

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1m-ocsB_f1gWYjg8wWvB7Ng (Password: o01e)

10 參賽作品投遞 Submissions

提交郵箱: awards@framemag.com.cn




郵箱: liuyx5@sunac.com.cn



郵箱: wangmeng10@sunac.com.cn



Please send submissions to awards@framemag.com.cn, and the subject of the email shall be “Submission for Exhibition Hall Competition + applicant name”.


LIU:  liuyx5@sunac.com.cn

WANG:  wangmeng10@sunac.com.cn

Contact Time: 9:30—17:30, Monday – Friday



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