總獎金: 5600000(CNY)

最高獎金: 4000000(CNY)

報名時間: 2020-12-30 ~ 2021-01-18

主辦單位: 重慶市南岸區文化與旅遊發展委員會

主辦單位電話: +86-023-62796328、+86-023-67706443

PublicSolicitation for International Consultancy on Overall Planning and ProgramingScheme for the Amusement Park Project in Chongqing

I. Backgroundinformation

為全力打造重慶旅遊業發展升級版,建設世界知名旅遊目的地,全面提升重慶城市建設品質和內涵,建設世界旅遊名城,開發世界級旅遊精品,以重慶市遊樂園207畝( 約13.8公頃 )項目為載體,按照“可體驗、地標性、景區化”和“世界眼光、高點定位、融合發展、商業邏輯、美學表達”的理念,對地塊的整體功能策劃和概念性規劃設計進行國際方案徵集。

Inorder to build an upgraded version of Chongqing’s tourism industry, turnChongqing into a world-famous tourist destination, enhance the quality andcontent of Chongqing’s urban construction, build a world-famous tourist city,and develop world-class tourism products, the overall functional and conceptualplanning and design for the proposed 207-mu( about 13.8 hectares )Chongqing amusement park are hereby solicited throughinternational consultancy, which are expressive of the idea of experiencing,land-marking and landscaping as well as incorporating the world vision,high-end orientation, integrated development, commercial logic and aestheticexpression.

II. Solicitationrequirements


Thissolicitation serves the purpose of comprehensively upgrading and renovatingChongqing amusement park by following the new development concept, respectingthe law of urban development, optimizing the spatial programing, improving itssupporting functions, highlighting the unique charm of the city of mountainsand rivers and beautiful land, organically integrating the “two rivers,four banks” style, forming a high-quality experience business gatheringarea serving the residents and tourists, constructing a recreational andsightseeing area that covers both entertainment and sightseeing, constructingthe multi-functional urban business system of leisure, commerce, art, etc.,creating a city-level landmark, and helping upgrade Chongqing’s cultural andtourism industry in a leap-forward manner.

III. Scope ofsolicitation

本次應徵包含重慶市遊樂園項目紅線範圍內207畝( 約13.8公頃 )項目總體策劃規劃諮詢,滿足相關法律法規要求的207畝( 約13.8公頃 )範圍內項目策劃、概念性規劃。並對重慶市遊樂園項目中策劃和規劃的文化旅遊、藝術商業等產業進行全維度定位和落地性導入,鼓勵應徵申請人帶業態資源加入徵集方案。

Thecurrent solicitation includes the consultancy on the overall planning andprograming of the 207-mu ( about 13.8 hectares )project within the red line ofthe project of Chongqing amusement park, and the project and conceptualplanning within the 207-mu ( about 13.8 hectares )area that meet the requirements of relevant laws andregulations. It shall incorporate full-dimension cultural tourism, arts,commerce and other industries planned for the project the applicants areencouraged to include business resources in their proposed schemes.

IV. Solicitationapproach



V. Organizationalstructure


Sponsoredby: Chongqing Nan’an District Culture and Tourism Development Committee

承辦單位( 項目業主 ):重慶巴山渝水文化旅遊發展有限公司

Organizedby ( project owner ): Chongqing Bashan Yushui Cultural Tourism Development Co.,Ltd.

組織單位:重慶招標採購( 集團 )有限責任公司

Implementedby: Chongqing Tendering and Procurement ( Group ) Co., Ltd.

VI. Qualificationsof applicants


1.Applicants must meet the following requirements for qualification set forth inSections 1.1 or 1.2 below:


1.1Applicants inside the people’s Republic of China shall have the Level Aqualifications for urban and rural planning certified by the constructionadministrating agency.

1.2中華人民共和國境外( 含港澳台 )的應徵申請人須具有所在國( 或所在地區 )政府主管部門核發的企業註冊登記證明,具有所在國( 或所在地區 )政府主管部門或者有關行業組織核發的設計許可證明,境外( 含港澳台 )的應徵申請人須在中國境內具有常駐機構。

1.2Applicants outside the people’s Republic of China ( including Hong Kong, Macaoand Taiwan ) shall have the enterprise registration certificate issued by thecompetent government department of the host country ( or region ), the designlicense certificate issued by the competent government agency of the hostcountry ( or region ) or the relevant industrial organization, and overseasapplicants ( including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan ) shall have a permanentoffice in China.


2、Applicants shouldhave the ability to undertake the project in terms of performance, personnel,etc. Refer to the full version of the public solicitation and solicitationdocument for details.

註:1 )本項目接受聯合體應徵,聯合體成員不得超過三家。2 )本項目不接受以個人名義應徵。

Note: 1 ) Applicationfor the project by a consortium is acceptable. The number of members of theconsortium shall not exceed three. 2 ) Application by individuals is notaccepted for this project.

VII. Solicitation procedure

本次徵集工作分為兩個階段進行:第一階段報名、資格及商務評審階段( 2020.12.30-2021.1.18 );第二階段方案評審及評獎階段( 2021.1.23-2021.3.31 )。

Thework on solicitation is divided into two phases: the first phase of workincludes registration, qualification and business evaluation( December 30, 2020 to January 18, 2021 ); the second phase of work includes scheme evaluation and awardevaluation( January 23,2021 to March 31, 2021 ).


Refer to thesolicitation document for the solicitation procedure in detail.

VIII. Solicitation prizes


Thefirst-prize winner will receive RMB 4,000,000 as the design fee; thesecond-prize winner RMB 1,000,000 as design compensation, and the third-prizewinner RMB 600,000 as design compensation. See the solicitation document forthe composition of the design compensation.

IX. Language


The solicitation shall be made bilingually in Chinese andEnglish. The English version is for reference only. Applicants participating inthe project are obliged to translate the obtained solicitation document andrelated information into English. The project owner will not bear thesubsequent risks caused by the deviation in meaning of the translation from theoriginal text. The final interpretation language for this project is Chinese.

X. Media of announcement

本次公告同時在中國招標投標公共服務平台、《重慶市公共資源交易網( 南岸區 )》和重慶國際投資諮詢集團有限公司官網( http://www.cqiic.com/ )上發佈。註:由於《重慶市公共資源交易網( 南岸區 )》和重慶國際投資諮詢集團有限公司官網( http://www.cqiic.com/ )網頁頁面篇幅的限制,無法顯示完整版的公開徵集公告信息,完整版的公告信息見重慶市公共資源交易網( 南岸區 )》和重慶國際投資諮詢集團有限公司官網( http://www.cqiic.com/ )網頁附件。

The announcement shall be made on the official website of ChinaBidding Service Platform , on the website of Chongqing Public Resources TradingCenter ( Nan an district ) and official website Chongqing InternationalInvestment Consulting Groupwebsite( http://www.cqiic.com ).Dueto the limitation of page length, the information of the solicitationannouncement may not be displayed completely. Refer to the web page attachmentof website of Chongqing Public Resources Trading Center ( Nan an district ) andofficial website Chongqing International Investment Consulting Groupwebsite( http://www.cqiic.com ) in details( the full version of the publicsolicitation ).

XI. Contactinformation


Implementer:Chongqing Bashan Yushui Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.


Address: 22/F,Building 6, Jiuxi International, No. 9, Asia-Pacific Road, Nan’an District,Chongqing


Contact person: Mr.Zhou and Mr. Li


Tel: 023-62796328,67062117

組織單位:重慶招標採購( 集團 )有限責任公司

Organizer: ChongqingTendering and Procurement ( Group ) Co., Ltd.


Address: Room 1804,Block A, Chongqing Consulting Building, No. 2 Wujian Road, Jiangbei District,Chongqing, China


Contact person: YangXue


Tel: 023-67706443

傳真:023-67706443郵箱:[email protected]

Fax: 023-67706443,email: [email protected]



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