2020 12th International Symposium of Monumental Stone Sculpture

2020 12th International Symposium of Monumental Stone Sculpture

報名時間:即日起 ~ 2021-03-15

主辦單位:Julienne Arts & Crafts and Tourism Association



The “Julienne, Métiers d’Art & Tourisme” ( Julienne, Arts & Crafts and Tourism ) Association is organizing the 12 th International Symposium of Monumental Stone Sculpture, its 2021 Biennial event, in Julienne.

The aims of this event are to make the art of sculpture known to a wide public, to promote the participating artists and to produce original contemporary monumental sculptures. The theme for this edition is “Metamorphosis”. Each artist should propose an original and unique creation, contemporary and nonfigurative work in line with this theme.

The theme of Metamorphosis can be summed up as follows:

“Within a continuity of shapes, body and mind, questions and stories, metamorphoses also work our future.
Who do we want to be? and how? The metamorphoses of the ancient civilisations contain examples that allow us to imagine the most ordinary or extraordinary changes, temporary or irreversible, but always with the eternal question: how do they affect us? Should we adapt to the world or adapt the world to our desires? Remain static or move? Faced with the breaking up of the modern world, the disasters of the planet, it is crucial that some of us continue, despite everything, using this gift of metamorphosis and its life transformative radicality. The challenge for 2021’s symposium: how the artist’s imagination can reflect the power of metamorphosis!”


• The symposium will take place from 9:00 a.m. Monday Sept. 6 to 2:00 p.m. Sunday 19 2021, Place de la Mairie in Julienne ( F-16200 ) Charente, France.

Article 3 : MATERIALS

• The sculptures will be carved directly from Tervoux soft limestone.
• Block size: 180/90/90 cm, rough-cut to 6 sides.
• The organizers will set up the stone blocks, the sculptors will have to specify the desired position of their block before it is set up.
• No handling will be possible during the symposium.


• The artists will work in the presence of the public, in covered, protected, well lit outdoor workshops set up by the organizing association on the “Place Michel Feuillâtre” facing Julienne town hall from 9 am to 8 pm.
• The organizers will provide the sculptors with a quick-release compressed air extension lead, an electricity supply ( with an extension cable ) and scaffolding, to the exclusion of any other equipment.
• The sculptors must have their own personal sculpting and finishing tools, all safety items necessary to their activity ( safety shoes, goggles, mask,… ) and ensure maintenance of their equipment in a locked space provided for this purpose.
• The symposium will take place irrespective of weather conditions.
• The sculptures must be finished by Sunday September 19 at 12 noon and consistent with the selected project.
Otherwise, the organizing association reserves the right not to pay any allowance.

Article 5 : CALENDAR

• Sunday September 5, from 2 pm: reception and installation of the artists
• Thursday, September 9 from 6 pm: inauguration and opening ceremony of the exhibition
• Tuesday, September 14, will be a day off with a discovery tour of Cognac region
• Sunday, September 19 at 4 pm: closing ceremony in the presence of all the sculptors
• Monday, September 20 morning: departure of the artists


• Each artist will work on an allocated workstation under his/her own responsibility and must ensure his/her own safety and the safety of those in the vicinity.
• The selected sculptors must present proof of Professional Civil Liability insurance as well as current Social Security cover.


• Accommodation in private rooms and meals will be provided and paid for by “Julienne, Métiers d’Art & Tourisme” Association, from Sunday September 5 evening till the morning of Monday September 20, 2021.
When selected, the artists must specify if they have a particular diet.
• All personal expenses ( phone calls, refreshments ,… ) will be borne by the sculptors.
• For his/her performance and as compensation of perfect execution of his/her sculpture, each artist will receive at the end of the Symposium an individual allowance of €1,800 only by cheque or bank transfer ( IBAN – bank account details required ), corresponding to a compliant invoice.
•Travelling expenses, from legal residence, will be refunded on submission of original transport vouchers ( fuel invoices, motorway, air, train tickets etc. ), within a limit of €400.
• No other compensation may be claimed.
•The sculptures created during the symposium will become the property of the organizing association “Julienne, Métiers d’Art & Tourisme”, which may use them as it so wishes.

Article 8 : EXHIBITION

• Each sculptor will have the opportunity to promote his/her skill by exhibiting some sculptures of quality in Julienne “Le Chai” showroom. Presentation stands ( cognac barrels ) will be provided by the organizing association within the limit of available stock.
• The exhibition will be open to public during the symposium from 9 am to 8 pm.
• Installation of the sculptures will be organized under the sculptors’ responsibility with the help of association volunteers.
• The organizing association declines all responsibility for any damage or theft of works. It is requested that artists insure their creations both for the exhibition and for transport.


• Communication around the symposium will be ensured by the mailing of press kits to general and specialized media, press and TV networks. These will also be sent out to partner companies, regional and local authorities and art and culture related circles. Posters, flyers and invitations will be distributed to publicise the event among the general public. The entire event will be publicised on websites and social networks.
• The sculptor authorizes the organizing association to use photos of his/her sculpture, project models and photos taken during the symposium to promote the artist, the symposium and “Julienne Métiers d’Art & Tourisme” Association.
• Private companies and/or public institutions who are partners and sponsors of this event may use and exploit the images of Julienne 2021 biennial for their own communication.


• An interval of two symposia is required for any new application for an artist who has already participated …
• The Jury will shortlist 6 participants + 2 in reserve upon examination of their project, theme compliance, explanations, sketches and experience with stone monumental sculpture. Particular attention will be given to the ORIGINAL and UNIQUE aspect of proposed artwork ( no copy of any previously produced sculpture ).
• Deadline for sending the application files: March 15, 2021.
• The selected candidates will be informed by email around March 30.
• Their selection will be confirmed only after receipt of their 1/10 scale model before April 15 at the latest.
• The Jury’s selection will be irrevocable.

Following documents and elements required for registration are to be sent exclusively by email no later than March 15 to:

Marina GAJAC, Selection Jury President – c.comca@wanadoo.fr
and Maryse OBOM, Association President – symposium.julienne@gmail.com
• Curriculum vitae
• The Symposium Rules and Conditions ( present document ) fully completed, dated and signed.
• 3 photos of recent monumental artwork, mentioning sizes and where they were produced, including at least one large-scale stone sculpture.
• Scale drawings and/or pictures of the 1/10th model of the intended project ( front, side, back and 3/4 views ),with dimensions of the finished sculpture.
• A sentence summarizing the artist’s emotions and motivations, including the title of the work.
• A recent photo of the artist.
The jury will reject any incomplete applications and decide on the final selection of candidates upon receipt of all requested documents and scale models.
The list featuring the selected artists should be published at the latest by April 15, 2021.


Depending on the health context, hygiene and physical distancing measures must be in place following government recommendations of the moment. We rely on artists to comply with the health conditions stipulated.


Due to the current health risks, sculptors are requested to make sure when booking their flights or train travel that their tickets can be reimbursed or exchanged. Should the Symposium have to be cancelled for health reasons, the organising association will in no circumstances be in a position to reimburse any travel expenses.




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