2020 Global Future Design Awards

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2020 Global Future Design Awards

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-05-31






一. 建築:商業、文化、運動與休閒、住宅、辦公大樓、機構大樓、交通、招待/餐飲、混合使用、公共建築、教育、臨時建築、景觀設計、城市設計、城市規劃等

二. 室內設計(建築\概念):住宅室內、公共建築室內、商業室內、企業內部


三. 產品設計:家居、生活方式與配飾、室內設計元素;

四. 藝術家|設計師:手工藝品、平面設計、3D設計、動畫

APR presents Global Future Design Awards 2020. The awards are organized by APR- a leading body of architecture press in Global.

We are also in partnership with The ARCHITIME RU, Zingy Homes, Archidust, HAW Magazine, ME Megazine, Arredativo Design Magazine, Building Indonesia Magazine, Interior World, Architecture Design Forum, Design Box, Intech and more – a Global media brand that covers all aspects of the modern creative industries.

After huge success Global Future Design Awards 2019, World Architecture & Design Awards 2019, Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019, Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018, International Award for Sustainable Architecture Awards 2018.

Winners of Global Future Design Awards 2019. Click Here.

APR Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in 2020. Global Future Design Awards 2020. Established in 2016, the GFDA 2020 Award is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine Architecture design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. It is a forum that examines the relationship between the Architecture and the natural world, the Architecture and the community, and the Architects and the city.  APR is an online platform.

The GFDA 2020 deliver unprecedented exposure for our finalists and winners. Our reputable judges nominate three finalists within each award category. The winners of the GFDA 2020 selected by our honorable jury members.

Previous Winners:- AECOM & Cordogan Clark & Associates, Arep International, 5468796 Architecture, II BY IV DESIGN, OOAK Architects, CLB Architects, Minarc, S&AA Schweitzer et Associes Architectes, SOMA ARCHITECTS, Studio Joseph, KI Studio, Ueberholz GmbH, M. Designs Architects,  RAD LAB, SODA (Thailand) Ltd., Gould Evans Architects, Synecdoche Design, Susan Strauss Design, EL EQUIPO CREATIVO, AP Szczepaniak,  Valdemar Coutinho Arquitectos, Griffin Enright Architects, GRUPO ARKHOS, HADVD ARQUITECTOS, markharris ARCHITECTS. PC,  Fahed + Architects, AMA Andreas Mede Architect, Kamermans Architects Ltd, Raulino Silva Architect, Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects, Maryann Thompson Architects, Crahay & Jamaigne, Fletcher Studio, The Interiors NRD and many more.  

Entry Fee:

Early Bird Fees – 6th November 2019 to 31st January 2020

Fee: $75 USD

Regular Fees – 1st February to 31st March 2020

Fee: $100 USD

Late Fees – 1st April to 31st May 2020

Fee: $200 USD

Global Future Design Awards having these following categories: 

Architecture (Built & Concept)
Architecture | Commercial | Cultural | Educational | Hospitality | Housing | Home Design | Institutional Building | Landscape Design | Mixed-Use  | Office Building | Public Building | Pop-Ups & temporary | Residential | Sports & Recreation | Transportation | Urban Design | Urban Planning and more…

Interior Design (Built & Concept)
Residential Interior | Public Building Interior | Commercial Interior | Corporate Interior  | Interior Design | Retail Interior | Hospitality Interior and more…

Product Design
Households | Lifestyle & Accessories| Interior Design Elements | Product Design

Artist | Designers
Art & Craft | Graphic Design | 3D Design | Animation

Global Future Design Awards 2020 Schedule:

Registration Open. 6th November 2019
Registration Ends. Extended to 31st May 2020
Submission Deadline Extented to 31st May 2020
Jury Voting- 1st June to 15th June 2020
Result Announcement- 30th June 2020

To Register Click Here – GFD Awards 2020

Why Enter… Gain positive PR, Stand out from competitors, Make your brand | agency | practice famous, Personal and staff development, Be known as award-winningShowcase your talents and skills to existing and potential clients, Reassure clients that they are associated with the best, Accentuate the importance of design and architecture in globally.

How will my entry be judged.. The Global Future Design Awards 2020 will be judged by two stellar panels: one for design, the other for architecture. Each of the panels will be compiled of industry experts who will use their insight and experience to deliberate the results.

The Design panel will be looking for: fresh thinking and originality, beautiful execution, great storytelling, work that pushes and progresses the client brief beyond expectations, work which emotionally connects with its people.

The Architecture panel will be hoping to see: work that is programmatically, formally and spatially rich, the design that pushes boundaries, projects that address issues of sustainability a people-focused, client-driven approach.

Global Future Design Awards 2020 Jury: 





Danielle Willkens


Roberto Bucheli


Global Future Design Awards相關競賽


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