2020 International Visual Identity Awards

2020 International Visual Identity Awards

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-10-31

主辦單位: International Visual Identity Awards

Submissions are now open for the seventh annual International Visual Identity Awards.

2020 International Visual Identity Awards

There are 21 categories in the design competition. One winner and a second and third place runner-up will be announced in each category. One overall winner will receive the title of ‘Visual Identity of the Year.’

The final deadline for submissions is October 31, 2020.

2020 International Visual Identity Awards

International Visual Identity Awards



Why should you enter?

There are numerous benefits to entering, aside from that warm glow of satisfaction when you find out you’ve won!

Winning an award can:

  • Provide excellent PR and marketing opportunities
  • Help you break in to new markets and countries
  • Enhance the credibility of your services
  • Attract talent to your team and motivate your employees

But what makes these awards different?

We founded the awards with a clear vision to provide an equal opportunity for all types of entry, from the freelance designer, through to small design studios and large branding agencies. All entries are judged equally.

Each entry is assessed against submissions in its own category, so healthcare entries will be up against other healthcare entries for example. It’s an obvious idea but one that does not tend to happen for this kind of design competition. This also means that your work has a higher chance of winning, since it’s not competing with all the other IVIA entries.

We’re independent. We’re not affiliated to a publication. We’ve not been created by designers. We are simply a group of people who are passionate about good design.

We are truly international in that we are committed to drawing our pool of judges from all four corners of the globe.

Who is the team?

We are a small and nimble team with experience across advertising, events, visual identity and awards competitions ( having been involved with the International Photography Awards, Lucie Awards and Pilsner Urquell International Master Bartender competition ).

Why are we doing this?

We’ve set ourselves a lofty goal. We’re out to change perceptions of visual identity around the world. We don’t just see ourselves as a platform for the celebration and rewarding of great design work but a forum to engender debate on a global scale around the importance of visual identity and its place in our lives.

It’s an important debate and one we felt could be encouraged within the context of an independent international design competition that recognises the best visual identity work globally and the positive impact of a discipline that is so often misunderstood.


There are 21 categories in the International Visual Identity Awards design competition. When entering, please choose the most appropriate category for your design work. We reserve the right to re-categorize your work should we feel it to be necessary. You will be judged against design work submitted into the same category.

One winner and a second and third place runner-up will be announced in each category. One overall winner receives the title of ‘Visual Identity of the Year’.

Winners are announced on the IVIA website and by e-mail and receive a badge to display on their website and marketing collateral. Printed certificates are available upon request.

  • Manufacturing
  • Destination
  • Sport
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Consumer products
  • Public sector
  • Student
  • Media and publishing
  • Transport and automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Food and drink
  • Restaurants, hospitality, travel and leisure
  • Retail
  • Charity and non-profit
  • Professional services
  • Fashion
  • Real Estate

Our judges

United Kingdom: Ian Paget  Designer and successful blogger at Logogeek  READ MORE  Australia: Jacob Cass  Founder of design studio and blog Just Creative  READ MORE Homepagenew2.png Germany: Emily Smith  Professor of Communication Design at BTK University of Art and Design  READ MORE Winners collage.png Mexico: Marco Vinicio Garrido-Felix  Professor of Graphic Design at Universidad de Monterrey  READ MORE  Hong Kong: Samantha Chow  Teaching Fellow at THEi Hong Kong, China  READ MORE  Canada: Marco Chan  Founder and Creative Director of his eponymous agency   READ MORE  Czech Republic: David Hanousek  Founder and Creative Director at Frank Prague  READ MORE Categories.png Australia: John Cinquina  Founder of branding agency Red Meets Blue  READ MORE  United States: Sean Fermoyle  Creative Director and Founder of Simpletype Studio  READ MORE


Entries must include not just a logo but also examples of its application across different items as part of a brand’s visual identity system.

Eligible entries must have been launched between 1st January 2019 and the closing date of 31st October 2020. If your project is complete but its launch has been delayed due to COVID-19, you may submit nevertheless. Entries are permitted from all countries worldwide.

All entries must be submitted online only through the IVIA website. Entries are only accepted with a completed online form and processed payment. Entry fees are payable in UK Sterling and are not refundable in any circumstances. One form per entry.

Concept or speculative work is not accepted, with the exception of the student category. Student entries are only valid if the entrant is registered as a full-time student in a recognised educational institution at the time of entry, or has graduated in the same year as that in which the competition takes place.

The organisers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to remove any entry from the competition that they deem to be plagiaristic, ethically suspect or offensive and no correspondence will be entered into. The organisers reserve the right to ask for evidence of the publications of the items submitted into the competition. The organisers also reserve the right to re-categorize any entry should they feel it to be necessary.

‘Likes’, ‘follows’ or ‘retweets’ from the Visual Identity Awards social media accounts do not in any way constitute endorsement or favouritism towards any works and will have no bearing on the judges’ decision, which is undertaken independently.

The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by the International Visual Identity Awards and their organisers, Dinsdale and Partners Limited, for marketing and promotional purposes including in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media and therefore assign publication rights to Dinsdale and Partners Limited.

Entrants affirm that the materials and their publications will not infringe upon any personal, property or intellectual rights ( i.e., copyright, trademark, and patent ) of others and that all information is accurate and hold Dinsdale and Partners Limited harmless from any action resulting from this entry material and information.

By submitting their entry, entrants agree for their e-mail address to be added to the IVIA mailing list. Dinsdale and Partners Limited will never share entrants’ details with third parties.


Who can enter the International Visual Identity Awards?

Entries are eligible from any country worldwide from both client and agency teams and we accept design work from agencies both big and small, as well as freelance designers. Students in full-time education may submit their work into the student category

What are the deadlines?

For 2020, we have introduced rolling deadlines, with entry fee prices rising every two months until our final deadline of 31st October. The earlier you enter, the less you pay.

Do I just enter a logo as my entry?

No, we will not accept logos alone. Each entry must be accompanied by examples of how that logo is applied as part of a visual identity system.

May I enter more than one project?

Yes, absolutely. But each project must have its own entry and be paid for separately.

What are the fees?

Standard: £75 per entry + UK VAT

Student: £55 per entry + UK VAT

How do I pay?

We accept payment through PayPal only, where you have a number of different payment options including all major credit cards. Payment is processed by the competition’s organisers Dinsdale and Partners Limited.

Why is there an entry fee?

We are an independent competition, not tied to a large corporation or media company. As such, we need to charge an entry fee to cover the administration costs of the awards.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced by the end of 2020.

How will winners be promoted?

A press release will be circulated to all the major marketing and design media worldwide and winners will appear on the IVIA website



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