2020 UX Design Awards

2020 UX Design Awards

報名時間:2020-01-01 ~ 2020-04-15

主辦單位:International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)

主辦單位電話:+49 (0)30 61 62 321-17


About us

The UX Design Awards are a global competition for user experience – a core value that shapes all areas of life.

Design is about improving people’s lives. We believe that human-centric design can create positive change, as it helps us to understand the real aims, wishes and emotions of real people – and by doing so enables us to create meaningful solutions for actual needs.

The UX Design Awards reflect the huge impact of user experience design on shaping a positive living environment for all. Originating in 2008 as a show for good usability, we established the Awards in 2015. Ever since, the UX Design Awards have been honoring great user experiences in a class of their own.

The annual competition is open for products, services, environments, prototypes and concepts as well as for future-oriented visions. The awards present all nominated projects in an exhibition at the global tech show IFA in Berlin, Germany.


The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) is a leading independent German institution promoting design as a driver of innovation in business and society.

IDZ offers companies access to consulting and expertise in the field of design, promotes knowledge exchange, and realizes projects and events. The institution works in active dialogue with representatives from politics, culture and science at national and international levels.


  • Internationally recognized title, awarded by renowned design research and business experts
  • Strictly limited number of awards per year
  • Be part of the global community for UX leadership
  • Increased visibility and recognition within your own organization
  • High visibility for all nominated projects (including press, social media, website, newsletter); additional promotion opportunities for award winners
  • Presence at the UX Design Awards exhibition at the global tech show IFA in Berlin (250,000 visitors, 6,000 media representatives)
  • Award ceremony as a high-profile media event (including professional photos and videos)
  • Access to our network with knowledge exchange and insights into current trends and future developments

Participant Information

Competition Focus: User Experience

User Experience defines the overall experience of a person with a product or service – from their expectations to the physical, cognitive and emotional experience, to the lasting impression.

Positive user experiences increase people’s satisfaction, expand their possibilities and strengthen their trust in organizations, companies, systems, services and products.


The following applies to all submissions: The market launch or the start of the development process must not date back more than two calendar years at the time of submission. Solutions from all application areas and industries are eligible to participate, for example:

Physical products – such as industrial, business and consumer products, spatial and virtual installations;

Digital applications and services – such as software, apps, tools and interfaces, MR applications, IoT and industrial IoT solutions, ICT and business solutions;

Applied and experimental applications of sensorics, AI and robotics technology, research projects, prototypes, product studies and foresight concepts;

Other electronic, digital and high-tech solutions.

Submissions must be self-explanatory and reflect the overall user experience. The application scenario should be presented from the user perspective and the extended context of a solution should be outlined. The jury must be able to understand the user experience of a submission.

Competition Categories

The competition categories reflect the development stages of the entries:

UX Design Award | Product

Market-ready or new products, services and environments

UX Design Award | Concept

Product studies, service concepts, conceptual environments (development perspective: 2 – 5 years)

UX Design Award | Vision

Foresight concepts, advanced design studies, research projects (development perspective: more than 10 years)

UX Design Award | New Talent

Bachelor and master projects in the fields of experience design, interaction design,
industrial and product design as well as service design


Companies, start-ups, design agencies, development offices, students, graduates and industry-related consortia of companies, research institutions and universities worldwide are invited to participate in the competition.


Solutions that were awarded in previous editions of the competition are excluded from participation, unless they have undergone significant changes in their function or design.


Stage 1 – Competition Entry

  • Submission Fee: € 320 *
  • Submission Fee New Talent: € 50
  • Upon payment of the submission fee, the jury will examine the application and admit the candidate to the nomination procedure. The fee applies per submission.

Stage 2 – Nomination

  • UX Design Award | Nominated: € 1.950
  • UX Design Award | Nominated New Talent: free of charge
  • Among all valid entries, the jury will nominate a limited number of competition participants.
  • The Nomination package includes:
    Acquisition of the title “UX Design Award | Nominated” including the unrestricted right of use of the title including the corresponding logo; admission to the competition and the award judging; presentation in the award exhibition at IFA, in print and online catalogues; extensive communication services.

Stage 3 – Award Titles

  • UX Design Award Gold: € 1.250
  • The Gold Award package includes:
    Unlimited right to use the Gold Award title and the associated logo; prominent position in the online exhibition and public relations activities of the organizer.
  • UX Design Award | Product: € 850
  • UX Design Award | Concept: € 850
  • UX Design Award | Vision: € 850
  • UX Design Award | Public Choice: € 850
  • UX Design Award | New Talent: free of charge
  • The Award packages include:
    Unlimited right to use the respective award title including the corresponding logo; publication in the online exhibition and public relations activities of the organizer.

Additional Costs

In case of participation in the UX Design Awards exhibition at IFA, additional costs for optional services may apply. For an overview please see our price list in the download area.

All fees apply per submission and according to the stage of competition reached excluding VAT.

* Special conditions for corporate members of the International Design Center Berlin: Free submission for one project.


Participation in the UX Design Awards requires consent to the General Terms and Conditions.

Evaluation Criteria

The UX Design Awards focus on the positive impact of people-centric solutions, concepts and research.

The jury’s key evaluation criteria include:


  • Significant improvement of a situation
  • Creation of new added value for relevant user groups
  • Consideration of the overall context of a solution
  • Solution of a substantial challenge


  • Improvement of human abilities
  • Access to new fields of application and knowledge
  • Strengthening of inclusion and participation


  • Finding innovative solutions for a real challenge
  • Use of novel technologies for higher added value
  • Identification of emerging fields of action and development of new solution strategies

User-centric design

  • Convincing and consistent design, customizability
  • Intuitive operability and universal comprehensibility
  • Coherence of service offering, positive user experience across all touchpoints

Category “UX Design Award | Vision”

Specific evaluation criteria apply in the competition category for future concepts:

  • Perception of relevant future challenges
  • Derivation of convincing fields of action
  • Development of visionary solution concepts
  • Anticipation of future technologies, novel experiences and interaction concepts
  • Development of positive future scenarios in the overall context of people, society, environment and economy

Additional criterion: Responsibility

  • Strengthening of social values and social cohesion
  • Democratization of technologies, use of open systems
  • Consideration of sustainable principles and resource saving


Submission Period

January – 15 April 2020
Participation in the competition takes place through a password-protected online registration portal. In your participant profile you can enter and edit submissions without obligation. The submission fee only becomes due with the binding entry of a project to the competition.

1st Jury Session: Nomination for the Awards

April/May 2020
Among all valid submissions, the jury will nominate a limited number of outstanding projects to participate in the competition for the award titles.

2nd Jury Session: Award Decisions

May/June 2020
From all nominated projects, the jury will select the Award winners. The jury session is carried out in a closed session.

Production Phase

June – August 2020
Preparation of public relations, exhibition and award ceremony. Delivery of original projects for the award exhibition.

Winner Announcement: UX Design Awards 2020

August 2020
The public announcement of the award winners will take place after the end of the blocking period in August.

Exhibition: Award Winners and Nominees

4 – 9 September 2020
All nominated projects are showcased in an exhibition at the global techshow IFA in Berlin.

Award Ceremony: UX Design Awards 2020

Early September 2020
The winners of the UX Design Awards will be honored at a festive ceremony.

Voting for the Public Choice Award

September 2020
Public online poll for the “UX Design Award | Public Choice”.

Winner Announcement: UX Design Award | Public Choice 2020

October 2020
The winner of the “UX Design Award | Public Choice” will be announced at the beginning of October.



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