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主辦單位:DFL Creative International Design Award




第三屆DFL創意國際設計獎 The third DFL Creative International Design Award


大賽簡介|Brief introduction to the contest

DFL創意國際設計獎( 縮寫:DFL )大賽。尋找一種更加符合時代內涵、契合當代生活的表達形式,始終是DFL探索的重要課題。為了深入挖掘、推廣優秀的設計文化,大賽將以“設計源於生活,設計改善生活”為主題,通過日常生活經歷,轉化為生活美學,助推設計文化創意與藝術設計的跨越式發展。大賽將面向全球華人設計機構、設計師,及美術院校設計專業學生徵集作品。通過與國際藝術設計的交流與合作,促進全球設計發展,探索設計新業態。

DFL Creative International Design Award ( abbreviated: DFL ) Competition ). It is always an important topic for DFL to find an expression which is more in line with the connotation of the times and in line with the contemporary life. In order to dig deeply and popularize excellent design culture, the competition will take “design comes from life, design improves life” as the theme, through daily life experience, it will be transformed into life aesthetics, which will promote the leap-forward development of design culture, creativity and art design. The competition will collect works from Chinese design institutions, designers, and design students from art colleges and universities all over the world. Through the exchange and cooperation with international art and design, promote the development of global design, explore design new business type.

大賽流程|Competition process

  • 2020年12月12日至2021年3月31日( 報名徵集 )
  • 2021年4月1日至2021年4月15日( 作品評審 )
  • 2021年4月16日至2021年4月20日( 公佈獲獎名單 )
  • 2021年4月中旬( 郵寄獲獎證書 )

December 12, 2020 to March 31, 2021 ( application )

April 1, 2021 to April 15, 2021 ( works review )

April 16, 2021 to April 20, 2021 ( announced winners list )

Mid April 2021 ( courier mail award certificate )

大賽主題|Competition Theme


Design comes from life, design improves life.

大賽分類|Competition classification

A、視覺傳達類( 插畫、動漫形象、海報、廣告、標誌、包裝等 )

B、產品造型類( 產品外觀、概念造型、結構設計等 )

C、環境空間類( 陳設、景觀、建築、室內等 )

D、服裝飾品類( 衣服、鞋、帽、首飾等 )

A. Visual communication ( illustration, animation image, poster, advertisement, LOGO, packaging, etc. )

B. Product modeling ( product appearance, conceptual modeling, structural design, etc. )

C. Environmental space ( furnishings, landscape, architecture, interior, etc. )

D. Clothing accessories ( clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. )

獎項設置|Award Setting



1 )ABCD類設立金獎、銀獎、銅獎、優秀獎、入圍獎;

名額( 根據本屆大賽參賽者的作品質量評選制定 )。

2 )獲獎者將獲得大賽組織機構聯合頒發的《獲獎證書》( 獎盃/獎牌/證書 )

3 )優秀指導教師獎:院校教師所指導的學生作品中,有5件以上作品獲獎( 含入圍獎 ),具備優秀指導教師獎的獲獎資格。

According to the evaluation criteria of DFL creative international design award organizing committee, the design works with accurate content, perfect artistic expression and unique originality will be selected from all the entries.

Award setting:

1 ) ABCD set up gold award, silver award, bronze award, excellent award, shortlisted award;

Quota ( determined according to the quality of the entries of the competition ).

2 ) The winners will receive the “award certificate” ( cup / medal / certificate ) jointly issued by the competition organization

3 ) Excellent instructor Award: among the student works directed by teachers in Colleges and universities, more than 5 works have won awards ( including shortlisted prizes ), and they are qualified for the award of excellent instructor award.

作品要求|Work requirement

1 )參賽作品的題材與形式不限,但需注重設計與科技、人文的結合,體現設計的時代性、原創性。

2 )每份作品中的圖片尺寸為A4幅面,圖片格式為jpg/jpeg,色彩模式為rgb,分辨率為300dpi。

3 )本次比賽參賽作品通過郵箱提交。

4 )提交郵件名稱格式:類別+參賽者姓名+作品名稱,打包壓縮文件並發送至指定郵箱:dfl-office@qq.com

5 )報名表可在本文尾頁,或官網大賽章程及新聞中心導航欄下載。

1 ) The theme and form of the entries are unlimited, but we should pay attention to the combination of design, science and technology, and humanities to reflect the times and originality of design.

2 ) The size of each picture is A4 format, the image format is JPG / jpeg, the color mode is RGB, and the resolution is 300 dpi.

3 ) The entries of this competition are submitted by email.

4 ) Submit email name format: category + contestant name + work name, package the compressed file and send it to the designated email address: dfl-office@qq.com

5 ) The application form can be downloaded from the last page of this article, or the competition rules of the official website and the navigation bar of the news center.

參賽資格|Entry Rules


學生組:參賽作品必須是在讀高校學生完成的作品,參賽者可組隊完成作品( 組隊人數不超過3人 )。


Professional group: The entries may be submitted by a company or designer who is involved in the work.

Student group: The entries must be the work completed by the college students, and the participants can complete the work ( the number of teams is not more than 3 ).

* Note: 1. Entries must be original design works; 2. The same participant can submit up to 5 entries.

參賽費用|Entry Fee


Professional group: 138 RMB / piece, student group: 68 RMB / piece

支付方式|Payment Method

國內支付寶賬號: loongisle@hotmail.com


Domestic Alipay account: loongisle@hotmail.com

International PayPal account: longisle@hotmail.com

注意事項|Matters needing attention

1 )匯款請務必將姓名和電話寫在附言( 備註、用途、留言 )一欄,並隨參賽作品一起發送至收稿郵箱,以便組委會確認。

2 )大賽組委會有權對所有參賽作品在各類媒體進行宣傳、展示、展覽等。

3 )參賽作品版權歸參賽者所有( 如有商業合作 )。

4 )大賽組委會保留對大賽的最終解釋權。

1 ) Please write your name and telephone number in the postscript ( remarks, purpose, message ) and send it to the receiving email box along with the entries for confirmation by the organizing committee.

2 ) The Organizing Committee of the competition has the right to publicize, display and exhibit all the entries in various media.

3 ) The copyright of the entries belongs to the participants ( if there is commercial cooperation ).

4 ) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret the competition.

舉辦單位|Host Units


委託運營:智趣廣告公司、創意時代設計機構、龍島( 廣州 )傳媒有限公司

官網: www.dflonline.com

Host: organizing Committee of DFL Creative International Design Award

Entrusted operation: Zhiqu advertising company., Ltd. and times creative design agency, Longdao ( Guangzhou ) Media Co

Official website: www.dflonline.com




相關諮詢|Related consultation

E-Mail: dfl-office@qq.com

QQ :836878917




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