2021 Adobe CoCreate : Small Business

2021 Adobe CoCreate : Small Business

報名時間: 2021-04-20 ~ 2021-04-20

主辦單位: Adobe

What is CoCreate: Small Business?

CoCreate: Small Business is a collaboration between small business owners and our creative community. Funded by Adobe, it’s an initiative that helps provide creative services to select small businesses while also generating paid opportunities for creatives around the world.

We’re hiring carefully vetted creatives with skills that will help small businesses make a big impact — from branding and product photography, to social media templates, and more.

Who can get involved?

If your business employs 50 or fewer people, is U.S.–based, independently owned, or a non-profit, we encourage you to apply. Submit an application outlining your business needs and if you’re selected, we’ll find the right creative partner for you.

If you’re a creator, and in need of a creative opportunity, we have paid positions! Submit your portfolio and if you’re selected, we’ll pair you with a small business who’s eager to work with you.

Key dates

I want to apply

What creative
services are available?

We’re recruiting a vetted team of creators from around the world to link up with small businesses and provide support for branding, marketing collateral, photography, LOGO design, web services, and more!

What is CoCreate?

CoCreate is Adobe’s action plan to give back to the creative community. CoCreate programs support creators from all walks of life by providing paid work opportunities and social amplification through Adobe.



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