2021 BraunPrize

2021 BraunPrize


報名時間:2021-07-01 ~ 2021-09-30



Submission deadline extended to September 30th, 2021.

Promoting Good Design since 1968.

Braun celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021 and we are pleased to announce the 21st Braun Prize International Design Competition, with a virtual awards ceremony due to take place in November 2021. Established in 1968, the Braun Prize was Germany’s first international competition with the aim to promote the work of young designers. Braun’s continuous commitment to this cause has been highly regarded by the design world and the design-aware public ever since. This year, young, up-and-coming designers and inventors will be tasked with exploring good design to address and solve the challenges of today and tomorrow; and Braun’s commitment to nurturing young talent will see this year’s total prize value increase to $100,000 USD.

July 1st – September 30th 2021

Online submission will be available on this website during July 1st – September 30th 2021.

Globally and Free to enter

Submissions from all countries will be considered. Participation is free of charge.

2 Categories

Students & Young Creatives with less than 5 years work experience.

100.000 USD

This years total prize value will be increased to 100.000 USD.

Design Concepts Only

Products that are on the market or in production will not be considered.

International Jury Panel

To be announcent in August. Stay tuned.

Shape tomorrow

This years BraunPrize is honoring Great Designs, Visionary Ideas and Clever Solutions that will help promote behavioral change and make an impact on today’s society and the future of our planet.

2021 BraunPrize EDM

2021 BraunPrize EDM





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