2021 Frame Awards

2021 Frame Awards

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-02-01

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荷蘭雜誌《Frame》成立於1997年,是世界領先的室內設計專業媒體品牌。憑藉20多年的行業經驗,現已成為一個多渠道平台,激勵著室內設計師和建築師創造出卓越的空間。FRAME Awards大獎的前身為The Great Indoors Awards大獎,是首個且唯一一個全球性綜合室內設計獎項。該獎項旨在表彰和致敬世界上最好的室內和空間設計項目,以及項目背後的人。

2021 Frame Awards

As of September 2020, the Frame Awards will become a more democratic, integral part of the global interior-design community. A jury panel of industry stakeholders will vote for Interiors of the Month as well as highly commended projects, regardless of category. To ensure maximum jury inclusivity, all professional members of the global interior-design industry – regardless of nationality, race, gender, age or job role – are invited to apply for a chair. Each month the jury will consist of 15 people. It will be renewed monthly, to include as many as possible stakeholders. The evaluation process will take place online, showing the jury’s scores for each submitted project to offer full transparency. The best projects of each category will automatically be shortlisted for the Interior of the Year awards, to be judged by a grand jury of industry leaders in June 2021. The Frame Awards 2021 ceremony will take place on 17 June 2021.

Greater inclusivity

Changes to the Frame Awards are the result of a desire to become a more democratic and inclusive platform. In the first three years of its existence, the Frame Awards jury consisted of 40 industry leaders selected by the Frame team. By admitting a greater number of stakeholders to the jury and opening it up to the wider interior-design community, we want our jury to better represent the industry.

Submission fees will be limited to €250 per project – a price decrease to former years’ regular fees – to enable as many as possible studios and their clients to submit interior projects. As before, there will be no additional mark-ups for shortlisted, highly commended or winning projects. Frame founder and director Robert Thiemann says: ‘We acknowledge that the world is demanding societies as well as industries to become more democratic and inclusive.’

More engagement and visibility

The submission period for the Frame Awards 2021 – in the past from June until October – will be stretched from September 2020 until April 2021. To give submitters more visibility and therefore more value for their money, each submitted project will appear on the homepage of Frame’s website Frameweb.com and consequently get its own landing page. Jury members will vote for each and every entry. Votes will be visible to the public. This, and making award-winning a monthly occurrence, will create more engagement with the submitted projects, to the benefit of their submitters.

More transparency

Until now projects submitted to the Frame Awards had been longlisted by Frame’s editorial staff. As of September, the jury will score each individual submission. For maximum transparency, scores will be immediately visible. What’s more, the jury will discuss the monthly winner and highly commended projects during a live session on Zoom, open for all to watch.


Judging criteria will be sharpened, adding sustainability to the already existing measurements addressing innovation, creativity and functionality:

Innovation: does the space offer a new concept within its sector? Scale from 1 ( no ) – 10 ( very much )

Creativity: is the space’s design original? Scale from 1 ( no ) – 10 ( very much )

Functionality: is the space designed in a human-centric way? Scale from 1 ( no ) – 10 ( very much )

Sustainability: does the design support social, economic and environmental wellbeing? Scale from 1 ( no ) – 10 ( very much )

All criteria weigh equally heavy: a project’s final score is made up by the average score across each measurement.


Since the topic of sustainability has been integrated as a fundamental element to our judging criteria, we have decided to remove the Societal Categories from the Frame Awards. Each project entered into the Frame Awards will be judged based on its sustainability and innovative qualities ( plus functionality and creativity ), therefore they will no longer be categories in and of themselves. In addition, we have added two new subcategories to the Residential Category; Kitchen of the Year and Bathroom of the Year. You can find a list of all 36 of our categories here.

Jury selection

From now on, the jury of the Frame Awards is open to all interior-design professionals. The goal is to be as democratic and inclusive as possible. Frame welcomes industry stakeholders with all sorts of backgrounds: designers, architects and planners, but also contractors, manufacturers, retailers, hospitality entrepreneurs, creative directors, design managers and developers. The global interior-design community is invited to register their interest in becoming a jury member and submit their résumé. Chairs in the 15-people strong jury of the month will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis, and will be renewed on a monthly basis.

Interior of the Month Award

After submitted projects have been approved by the Frame team, they will be published on the homepage of Frameweb.com and sent to the jury panel. The jury will get the opportunity to vote during the span of five days, after which the two jury scores furthest from the average will be automatically eliminated. At the end of each month the highest scoring project, regardless of category, will receive the Interior of the Month award and its accessory winner certificate. Four runners-up will receive a certificate mentioning the projects are highly commended. On the first Tuesday of the next month a selection of five jury members will discuss the merits of the winning and highly commended projects on a Zoom webinar moderated by Frame.

Interior of the Year Award

At the end of the submission period, 1 May 2021, the five highest-scoring projects in each sub-category will be automatically shortlisted for the Frame Awards 2021. Shortlisted designers and their entourage will be invited to present their project to the jury on 16 and 17 June 2021. The grand jury will consist of category specialists selected by the Frame team. The jury will deliberate and choose the winning projects on 16 and 17 June. The awards ceremony will take place on 17 June 2021.

New website launching soon

On top of these new added elements to the Frame Awards, we are working on a relaunch of Frame’s website which will be an integrated platform hosting both Frame content and the Frame Awards projects. On this new site you will be able to create an account, login, submit projects to the Frame Awards, watch livestreamed jury discussions and more. Stay tuned for the first iteration due to be launched in August, with additional features being added throughout the year.

Key dates

  • Early bird submissions open 15.08.2020
  • Regular submissions open 01.09.2020
  • Submissions close 01.04.2021
  • Nominees announced 01.05.2021
  • Live judging 16 – 17.06.2021
  • Frame Awards ceremony 17.06.2021


  • Early bird 15 Aug – 1 Sep 2020 | €150
  • Regular 1 Sep – 1 Feb 2021 | €250

Want to be part of one of the official Frame Awards 2021 juries? Email us at awards@frameweb.com with your motivation and professional bio. To keep up-to-date with the latest Frame Awards news and offers, subscribe to the newsletter here.

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