2021 GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards

2021 GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards

 總獎金: 10000(USD)

最高獎金: 4000(USD)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-05-30

主辦單位: GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards

主辦單位電話: +66-656693945

About Us


The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand ( Public Organization ) has an objective to support, develop and provide guidance for personnel entering the gem and jewelry market, as well as preparing qualified design training courses.

2021 GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards

The competition aims to support jewelry design, create awareness amongst the public and provide a stage for new designers to showcase their products to business buyers. Professional designers, entrepreneurs and passionate public from around the world are invited to participate in the competition, where they can unleash their creativity through jewelry design and also encourage knowledge exchange between international designers.

The theme this year is “Intergeneration jewelry – jewelry for every generation” a jewelry collection that is wearable by every generation.


  1. To support new designers, students, professional designers, professional designers and passionate public by providing an opportunity to present their designs amongst local and international audience.
  2. To support designs that can be produce and trade in the gem and jewelry industry.
  3. To gain awareness for jewelry design amongst new Thai designers.
  4. To show Thai designer’s potential in jewelry design amongst an international stage.
  5. To build a positive image for the institute and to emphasize Thailand’s image to be the center of gem and jewelry industry.



How to submit your design

There are 2 ways to submit your design, details as follow:

1. Online Submission

  • Visit our website www.gitwjda.com/application , insert all mandatory information and upload your design image
  • All images submitted must be at least 300 DPI resolution *
  • Click “Send Submission” after all information and images is being inserted
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email from GITWJDA regarding their application
  • in the case that the applicant did not receive an confirmation email, the applicant must re-submit their application or contact our staff for help via our facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/gitwjda

2. Self-submission or by Postal Service

  • Download and print the submission form via www.gitwjda.com/application www.gitwjda.com/application ( red button on the left-hand side ) printable in black & white or color
  • Insert all information
  • Attached the submission form with your design images
  • Submit your design in person or send your design via postal service to the institute, details below:
    Mrs. Thitintharee Leelawatanasuk ( Training Center ) The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand ( Public Organization ) 140 ITF-Tower Building, 3rd Floor Silom Road, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand ( Please write “For Jewelry Design Contest” in front of the package )
    *Please ensure that your package is packed properly and must arrive at the institute within 31 May 2021

Submission Requirements

  • The submitted design must be related to the theme and must contain a minimum of 3 design pieces in one collection; there must be one necklace design and can be featured with any other types of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. *Please submit one collection per one submission, applicants can submit up to 3 collection
  • Applicants can submit their design as an individual or as a team
  • Applicants has the freedom to use any types of technique, materials or computer program to design their jewelry piece
  • There is no limitation to the technique or material used in designing the jewelry piece
  • Every design submitted must be an original piece, the design must not be commercially produced and have not been awarded in any competition. Plagiarism content and design will not be accepted nor reviewed by the judges.
  • In the case that the design has any images, symbols, LOGOs or any sort of labels, it must be a valid copyright ( with the reference to the Copyright Act of Thailand ). In the case that the institute receives complaints, sue and/or receive any damages from third parties due to a breach of copyright, the institute will not be responsible for any damage. The applicant will be the sole responsible person including but not limited to all monetary expenses to both the institute and the third party involved.
  • In the case that the applicant finds a design that is plagiarize, the applicant is able to send in arguments or appeals in written format ( e-mail applicable ) with evidence attached, to the institute within 7 days after the finalist design is published via the website or facebook fan page. If the institute do not receive any appeals within the period stated, all final decisions will be made by the judge, no arguments and appeals will be allowed.

Prize Details


  • The Winner receives 4,000 USD cash with honored trophy, a total of 1 prize
  • First Runner-up receives 3,000 USD cash with honored trophy, a total of 1 prize
  • Second Runner-up receives 1,500 USD cash with honored trophy, a total of 1 prize
  • Consolation prize receives 1,000 USD cash with honored trophy, a total of 1 prize
  • GIT Popular Design 2021 receives 500 USD cash with honored trophy, a total of 1 prize

*The 4 finalists must produce an actual jewelry piece based on their design together with their production sponsors and must present their finish jewelry piece in front of the judges at the institute.
*The 4 finalists must attend the Awarding Ceremony of GIT’s World Jewelry Design Awards 2021, the date and time will be announce later on. Participants who are unable to attend the ceremony will be withdrawn from the competition.


Whatsapp: ( 66 ) 656693945

Wechat ID: wxid_aukdqwytfup612



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