總獎金: 91000000(KRW)

最高獎金: 50000000(KRW)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-01-31

主辦單位: Korea Ceramic Foundation

主辦單位電話: +82-031-645-0632



2021年9月10日( 五 )至11月28日( 日 )( 共80天 )


京畿當代陶藝美術館( Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art )第二及第三展覽廳,即前利川世界陶藝中心( Icheon World Ceramic Center )



7件主要獎項得獎作品及70件榮譽獎作品( 即通過第一階段審查的作品 )


總獎金高達9100萬韓元( 約79000美元 )及駐村邀請。



可以以個人或團體身分報名( 一個團體視為一個個人 )。


曾經在海內外競賽獲獎之作品,不得參與本競賽。參賽作品須為近三年內所創作,每位參賽者皆須提交與其作品相關之圖像與說明。※( 強制要求 )每件參賽作品--展出時--的尺寸限制必須在:250 cm( 寬 );250 cm( 深 );250 cm( 高 )。※參賽作品必須可於國內外運送。








– 報名期間:2021年1月1日( 五 )至31日( 日 )( 31天 )

– 報名連結: https://www.kicb.co.kr

– 報名文件列表:

1 )一張報名表;

2 )作品照片( 每人最多可提交三件作品/每件作品五張照片/正面、側面及細部照 )及作品說明;

※照片提交格式:JPG/PNG檔,最大尺寸1200 × 1200相素,最小相素300 dpi,2.0MB。

※影像提交格式:影片內容約5分鐘,以及影片內的靜像數張,請提供連結( Vimeo或Youtube )。

3 )個人資料收集與使用之同意書。

KICB International Competition Exhibition

Exhibition Period

September 10 ( Fri. ) – November 28 ( Sun. ), 2021 ( 80 days )


Exhibition Venue


Exhibition Hall 2 and 3, Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art ( former Icheon World Ceramic Center )


Number of Exhibited Artworks


7 main prizes and about 70 honorable mentions ( artworks that passed the Preliminary online screening )




Total prize amount will be KRW 91 million ( approx. USD 79,000 ) and Residency Invitation.

PrizeNo. ofPrize MoneyAdditional BenefitsRemarks
Grand Prize1KRW 50 million
( ≒USD 44,000 )
Invitations to KICB Residency Program and KICB 2021 Opening Ceremony; a trophy and certificate; and an exhibition catalogThe prize money serves as the purchase payment for the artwork, and tax will be deducted from the prize money.
Gold Prize1KRW 20 million
( ≒USD 18,000 )
Invitation to KICB 2021 Opening Ceremony; a trophy and certificate; and an exhibition catalog
Silver Prize1KRW 13 million
( ≒USD 11,000 )
Bronze Prize1KRW 7 million
( ≒USD 6,000 )
Viewers’ choice Prize*1KRW 1 million
( ≒USD 880 )
A trophy and certificate; and an exhibition catalogTax will be deducted from the prize money.
KICB Emerging Artist Prize**1Invitation to KICB Residency Program; a trophy and certificate; and an exhibition catalog
KICB Residency Prize1
Honorable MentionAround 70A prize certificate and an exhibition catalog

* The Viewers’ Choice winner will be selected by the public vote during the exhibition.
** KICB Emerging Artist Prize is for those under the age of 39 ( born after Jan. 1, 1981 or later ).


7 main prizes and about 70 honorable mentions
Exhibition of artworks during KICB 2021
Support for return shipping costs
Invitations for 8 artists: Provide flights and accommodation to Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Prize works as well as 4 selected works with Honorable Mentions
Opportunities to participate in biennale programs within Korea
Invitation to KICB Residency Program
Individual Artist Showroom webpage on online platform

<Benefit Details>

The prize money will be paid in foreign currency based on the exchange rate on the payment day. For artists from Korea and from countries without a mutual tax treaty with Korea, tax will be deducted prior to the payment of the prize money.

The prize money also serves as the payment for the purchase of the prize-winning artwork by the Korea Ceramic Foundation ( KOCEF ). As such, the ownership of all prize-winning artworks ( except for the Viewers’ Choice winner ) belongs to KOCEF.

KOCEF owns the intellectual property rights for the exhibition design, photography, video recording & screening, and catalog production associated with the exhibition of the prize-winning artworks.

All the aforementioned conditions are subject to change on discretion of the KOCEF and KICB International Committee.

Guideline for Participation


Contemporary artworks created using clay ( ceramics ) in genres such as sculpture, crafts, painting, photography, and video art, as well as ceramics for use

Condition for Application

There are no age or nationality requirements.

Entries can be made individually or as a team ( One team is regarded as one individual. )

A maximum of 3 artworks can be submitted.

The submitted entry must not have received an award at a domestic or international competition. The entry must have been created within the past three years. Each artist should submit images and descriptions associated with their artwork( s ).※Artworks must be available for exhibition.※( Mandatory requirement ) A single entry should be –when displayed- within these specified dimensions: 250cm( W );250cm( D );250cm( H ).※At the time of entry, the artist must have ownership of the submitted artwork.

  • Entrants with no reasons for domestic and foreign travel disqualification.
  • Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in disqualification in the screening process. In the event that an award-winning entry is subsequently revealed to have failed to meet the above requirements, prizes may be retroactively reclaimed.

Official Languages

All documents and the proceeding shall be in Korean and English.

Entry Procedure

1.Submission of images for preliminary screening

Submission Period

January 1 ( Fri. ) – 31 ( Sun. ), 2021 ( 31 days )

Submission URL


List of Submission materials

① An application form② Artwork images ( A maximum of 3 artworks can be submitted / 5 images per works / front, side, and detail shots ) and a description of the artwork※ Image submission format: JPG/PNG format, maximum size 1,200 x1,200 px, minimum pixel 300 dpi, weight 2.0 MB※ Video submission format: An URL link to about 5 minutes of video content ( on Vimeo or YouTube ) and still images from the video③ Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

2.Submission of actual artworks for Final Selection

Submission Period

( domestic ) June 7 ( Mon. ) – 18 ( Fri. ), 2021 ( planned )( overseas ) June 7 ( Mon. ) – 25 ( Fri. ), 2021 ( planned )

Submission address

Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art ( former Icheon World Ceramic Center ) 263, Gyeongchung-daero 2697beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do *Submission hours: 10:00~17:00

List of Submission aterials

① Actual artworks that have passed the preliminary Online submission② A customs declaration form and an invoice ※ Applies only to overseas shipments ( including artworks submitted by the artists themselves through in-person visits )③ A condition report④ Additional requested materials ( e.g. an installation manual, exhibition participation agreement, and artist’s statement )

<Submission Guidelines>

  • Artworks must be available for exhibition.
  • As for video works and media art pieces, the original files must be uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube, and their URL and their representative still images from the video must be also submitted.
  • Entry involving any sound media must be marked in the online application and submitted with Vimeo or Youtube link.

Screening & Awards


Screening and Announcements of Winners


Preliminary Screening ( online ) Announcement of Results: March 2 ( Tues. ), 2021Final Selection Announcement of Results: August 20 ( Fri. ), 2021
* The results of screening will be announced on the KICB website and notified to the entrants individually.


Awards Ceremony & Exhibition


Awards Ceremony: September 10 ( Fri. ), 2021Exhibition Period : September 10 ( Fri. ) – November 28 ( Sun. ), 2021Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall 2 and 3, Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art ( former Icheon World Ceramic Center )

<Transportation & Packing>

  • Artworks that have passed the preliminary online screening must be shipped under the artist’s own care, and the expenses incurred by packaging and shipping must be managed by the artist.
  • The KOCEF will be responsible for all the transportation needs( i.e. exhibition display, repacking, and return of the artwork ) and manage the shipping expenses from the time the artwork was received.
  • The artist should pack the artwork safely to prevent any damage that may occur while shipping, and prepare a status report to verify and prove the condition of the work before the transportation. The KOCEF is not responsible for any damage of the artwork that occurred while shipping.
  •  For the overseas transportation, the artwork must be shipped under a “Nail to Nail” coverage from the place of shipment to the Gyeonggi Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art. Submission of customs declaration form and an invoice is mandatory. If it is not transported through a professional art shipping company, additional expenses such as customs fees and transportation fees ( from customs to the artwork reception place ) may occur, which are not covered by the KOCEF.
  •  Returning of all the artworks will proceed after the exhibition is closed ( from December 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022 ). KOCEF will not be responsible for the transfer of the work if it is not possible to receive the work due to the absence of the artist.


  • The KOCEF is responsible for the safe handling of the artwork from the time of its receipt to the time the artwork is returned to the artist. In order to enable the KOCEF to procure insurance for the artwork for the duration of this period, the artist must specify the artwork’s selling value and the ‘insurance value’ in the artwork description form.
  • If any damage occurs to an artwork after it has passed the preliminary screening and been received by the KOCEF, the loss shall be handled in accordance with the decisions of the KOCEF and the insurance company.


  • Works that arrive after the notified reception period will be excluded from the screening.
  • All the prize-winning artworks ( works for the onsite exhibition ) will be selected through the final screening, and if the actual work selected through the preliminary screening ( online ) differs from the work image that was submitted by the online application, the artwork may be excluded according to the decision of the KICB International Committee members. In this case, disqualified artworks will be returned to the artists by the KOCEF.
  • If a plagiarism dispute occurs after screening, the award can be cancelled according to the reconsideration.
  • Matters related to the display of works will be handled by KOCEF and works displayed may not be removed from the exhibition hall during the exhibition period.
  • The above is subject to change and if there is any change, it will be posted on the KICB website, www.kicb.co.kr.

Korea Ceramic Foundation | Exhibition Team

263, Gyeongchungdae-ro 2697 beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do Province

T. 031-645-0632 Fax. 031-631-1650

Email. kicb@kicb.co.kr




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