2021 London International Awards

2021 London International Awards

報名時間:即日起 ~ 2021-08-31

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New for 2021

Creative Use of Data Recognizes work that demonstrates the fundamental role of data in inspiring, powering and enhancing creative work.

2021 London International Awards

Transformative Business Impact This competition recognizes that creativity does not just live within campaigns, it now plays an influential role in the enduring transformation of businesses including their operations, services, products, internal experiences and customer experiences. This medium doesn’t just recognize work that promotes solutions to customers; it recognizes the solutions themselves.

New Category in Production & Post-Production – Remote Production This category recognizes the efforts made by Brands, Agencies, Production Companies, Consultancies, etc. to facilitate filming in a new way – remotely. Work will be evaluated for the production value and the overall execution taking into consideration the limits that social distancing, travel restrictions and other factors imposed to assure that safety precautions were met during the worldwide pandemic lock-downs. In addition to uploading the work as released, we will accept case studies for this category that tell how the challenges were overcome.

Key Dates


Entries finalized through August 2021 will be invoiced with a 25% discount on the standard Entry Fee.

No Late Fees. Ever.

Final Entry Deadline: 31st August 2021

Eligibility: Must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval from 1st September 2019 thru 8th August 2021.

Who Can Enter: As most work is a joint effort, LIA allows any company or individual to enter work they have collaborated on.

Virtual Judging: October 2021

Winners Announced: 15 November 2021

London International Awards

About LIA

London International Awards stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course fantastic creative work. Created for creatives, we stand for great creative ideas and executions, and are proud to assemble the best talent every year to do so.

Judges see every entry.
The LIA judging process requires that jurors are on-site for ALL judging from the first round through statue discussions. There is no pre-judging to narrow the entries. This practice ensures that all jurors see every piece of work.

Our jury rooms are open.
We welcome the press, Creative LIAisons Attendees, and LIA guests at any time.

No quotas for jury decisions.
Our juries are in full control of all winners for Grand LIA, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finalists. Every juror is aware of all winners when judging has completed because each respective Jury President must sign off on the Winners and Finalists.

100% owned and operated by women.
LIA continues to hold the unique distinction of being the only international award owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.

Listed as one of only five global shows in the WARC Creative 100 Ranking, LIA is rapidly rising to become one of the industry’s most important shows. In large part this is due to Creative LIAisons, our week-long event held each year in Las Vegas concurrently with judging.

Contact Us

2 Bay Club Drive
Suite 3J
Bayside, NY 11360
United States

+1 516 931 1050

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