2021 Nami Concours

2021 Nami Concours

 總獎金: 17000(USD)

最高獎金: 10000(USD)

報名時間: 2020-12-01 ~ 2020-12-31

主辦單位: NAMBOOK International Committee

主辦單位電話: +82-2-753-1246


韓國南怡島“娜美杯”國際繪本插畫作品徵集賽( Nami Concours )由IBBY漢斯·克里斯蒂安·安徒生獎的官方贊助商娜米島每兩年組織一次,給全世界的插畫作者提供了一個可以走向國際的機會,同時也促進了圖書插畫業發展。該比賽創辦於2013年,每兩年舉辦一次。創作主題無限制,免費參賽。

2021 Nami Concours

南怡島娜美杯國際繪本插畫作品徵集賽正受到全世界插畫家的關注,其影響力也在逐年擴大。南怡島娜美杯插畫獎與博洛尼亞國際兒童書展最佳童書獎、布拉迪斯拉發國際插畫雙年展( BIB )並稱國際插畫界三大獎項。

截止日期:2020年12月31日( 韓國時間 )

NAMI CONCOURS 2021 Information

⦁Nami Concours aims to encourage artists’ creativity and contribute to the advancement of the quality of picture book illustrations. It is organized every 2 years by Nami Island, the official sponsor of IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Awards.

⦁Nami Concours 2021 accepts only digital prints of original illustrations as entries

⦁Nami Concours 2021 holds the online award ceremony and special exhibition during the 2021 Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival.

⦁Nami Concours 2021 publishes a catalogue featuring the shortlisted candidates for international promotional purposes.

1. Eligibility

Open to all picture book illustrators in the world

2. Theme

No restriction

3. Application Period

1 December 2020 ~ 31 December 2020 ( Korean Standard Time )

4. Conditions

a. Illustrations for picture book

b. A set of illustrations should comprise one story

c. 5 illustrations per entry

d. Data size: No bigger than 20MB in total ( RGB format, jpg/ jpeg file )

e. Entry fee: Free of charge

5. Entry Method

a. Upload digital images to Nami Concours official website after the completion of online application form

b. Official website: www.namiconcours.com

6. Judging

International jury composed of renowned professionals will gather to decide final winners

7. Awards

Grand Prix 1 ( Plaque and USD 10,000 )

Golden Island 2 ( Plaque and USD 5,000 )

Green Island 5 ( Plaque and USD 2,000 )

Purple Island 10 ( Certificate and plaque )

※Illustrations of the shortlisted candidates will be exhibited during the 2021 Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival and included in the catalogue.

8. Results

The winners will be announced on the Nami Concours official website in February 2021.

9. Notes

a. Shortlisted illustrations may be featured at exhibitions, catalogues, prints, electronic media etc. for promotional purposes.

b. All shortlisted candidates will be provided with one catalogue after the event

※More details can be found on the Nami Concours official website

10. Contact

Nami Concours International Secretariat

Website: www.namiconcours.com

Address: 2F 9-4 Insadong-gil Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 03164

Email: info@namiconcours.com

Phone: +82 2 753 1245~6

Hosted by : NAMBOOK International Committee / Sponsored by : Nami Island



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