2021 Passepartout Photo Prize in Rome

2021 Passepartout Photo Prize in Rome


報名時間:2020-09-15 ~ 2021-01-10

主辦單位:Il Varco Srls



Il Varco invites you to join the second edition of the Passepartout Photography Prize, a photography contest born to promote and widen the exposure of emerging photographers.

2021 Passepartout Photo Prize in Rome

Our mission is to be your “Passe-partout” – which means a master key and also a framing method to enhance the power of the artwork within.

Passepartout Photography Prize aims to support the development of talented photographers from all over the world by providing 1,000 euros in monetary award every year and exhibition opportunities in a prestigious venue in the heart of Rome, Italy. This is a perfect platform to start your career in contemporary art and photography industries on an international scale.

Every year we will announce multiple calls for entries and select a winner of each edition who will be awarded 500 euros. Plus, all the finalists will have another chance to be selected for the Passepartout annual collective exhibition.

Photographic works of any kind of artistic style, size and technique ( digital, film and experimental processes, digital collages and other mixed media ) are accepted.

The application is open to both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world without any age limit.

Passepartout embraces innovative and original creativity in contemporary photography.

We welcome various artistic languages applied to the photographic image, including, but not limited to, experimentation and fusion of different genres.

The first annual exhibition will take place in Rome ( Italy ) in 2021 for two weeks to be seen. The exhibition will be hosted by 28 Piazza di Pietra Gallery, an international fine art gallery specialized in contemporary art of both emerging and established international artists. The gallery is located in the historic center of Rome where local and international visitors and art collectors gather. This modern gallery beautifully integrated and built on the ancient ruin of the Hadrian Temple structure is an impeccable site to display artworks of many genres.


Entry fee: 18 euros ( for 3 photographs ) – you can submit up to 4 additional photos at a price of 3 euros per piece.

Passepartout Photo Prize: 500 euros

Exhibition Prize: Participation in our collective exhibition in 2021

Sponsored Prizes:

Large-format print of your work – sponsored by Fuori Gamut
Portfolio review and workshop – sponsored by CSF Adams


September 15th, 2020 SUBMISSION OPENING
Primary Review – submitted works will be reviewed and those that passed the primary review will be immediately featured on the Passepartout online galleries.

January 10th, 2021 SUBMISSION DEADLINE
Final Review – the jury selects the prize recipients

Prize winners will be published on our website and social networks


Organized by:

Il Varco Srls

Partner gallery:

28 Piazza di Pietra – Fine Art Gallery ( Rome, Italy )


Rosini Cornici
Centro Sperimentale CSF Adams
Fuori Gamut – officina di stampa fine art
Greyout Studio



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