2021 Polestar Design Contest

2021 Polestar Design Contest

報名時間: 2021-06-07 ~ 2021-06-30

主辦單位: Polestar

Change needs to happen. Polestar wants to facilitate that change, offering inspiration and support to help create a more sustainable electric future.

2021 Polestar Design Contest

Submissions are open

Submit before 30.06.2021 16.00 CET

Design brief

Pure, progressive performance.

This is the ethos of Polestar. These three words capture the essence of the electric performance brand, their design-led approach, and their ambition to bring electric mobility into a more progressive, sustainable future.

This year, the theme is “Progress”.

In a landscape of developing technologies, evolving lifestyles, and fast-growing concern for the climate emergency, design needs to be the driving force for positive change.

The brief is to design a Polestar that would advance societal progression. Designs should display new ways of thinking that would encourage positive change in society, including responses to the ongoing climate crisis.

2020 saw the first annual Polestar Design Contest, with a variety of vehicles as submissions. This year’s approach will be no different. It doesn’t have to be a car.

But it does have to be a Polestar.

Open for submissions on 07.06.2021

First prize

Winners of the 2021 Polestar Design Contest will be flown to either Polestar Chengdu or Polestar Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden ( whichever is closer to the winner’s country of residence ) to attend the Polestar Design Exhibition, as well as to experience both the brand and the cars up close.

To aid in their continued development as designers, they’ll also receive a computer and tablet, along with a trophy. Accommodations and travel expenses will be arranged and covered by Polestar.

Jury panel

Head of Design
Maximilian Missoni

Senior Design Manager
Juan Pablo Bernal

Car Design Research Director
Sam Livingstone


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