2021 Poster Quadrennial Bardejov

2021 Poster Quadrennial Bardejov

報名時間:即日起 ~ 2021-05-31

主辦單位:Poster Quadrennial Bardejov


斯洛伐克巴爾代約夫國際海報四年展( PQB )是一項國際海報競賽,每四年舉辦一次,在巴爾代約夫鎮定期舉行。它在斯洛伐克東部建立了一個獨特的展示平台,使來自世界各地的圖形設計師可以展示他們的海報設計作品。




自由主題( 2017年6月至2021年5月之間的最佳作品 )


尺寸B2( 50x70cm )-B0( 100x140cm )之間的海報均可




Pod Kalváriou 9

085 01




( 2021年5月31日前寄到 )


JPG-21×30 cm-300 dpi-RGB。



  • Grand Prix
  • First place
  • Second place
  • Third place
  • 15 × Honourable mention

Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2021


Poster Quadrennial Bardejov ( PQB ) is an international poster competition held regularly with a four-year frequency in the town of Bardejov. It builds a unique presentation platform in eastern Slovakia, enabling graphic designers from all over the world to present their Poster Artworks.

The aim of the PQB is to raise public awareness of “poster culture” and visual communication in general. The event is also accompanied by other supporting activities in the field of graphic design. Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2021 ( PQB21 ) is exceptional in its focus on the physically printed Artwork Poster, in contrast to the current trends of just digital creation process.

In order to foster the awareness of the physical aspect of Artwork creation, new rules has been introduced: The artists are asked to send, along with the Artwork, a copy of one publication of their choice dealing with Poster design trends in their native country. The materials delivered will form the basis for the intended unique Library specialized in Poster design in Central Europe.

November 10, 2020 — Call notice for posters submission
May 31, 2021 — Poster submission deadline
September — December 2021 — Exhibition of selected posters

The place Bardejov, Slovakia


A local non-profit organization, consisting of people aspiring to improve the cultural and social life in the town of Bardejov. Activities:
— organizing events on monthly basis including panelled discussions, exhibitions and very popular annual multi-genre festival
— creating podcasts and other digital content promoting the local communities and region
— stimulating the personal development of local population

Exhibition Curator

Peter Javorík

Project manager

Lenka Sisák


Miroslava Javoríková

Technical support

Dominik Fotta, Milan Škorupa, Jakub Lenart, Tomáš Dzuruš, Peter Sivanič

PQB21 will be held in cooperation with OZ – Different in the Hrubá bašta.


The competition is open to professional Graphic designers, Art students and Visual artists in general from all over the world above the age of 18.

Each participant is allowed to send a maximum of one poster, which he / she considers to be his best Artwork created between June 2017 — May 2021.

To be accepted, you must send

1. One copy of the poster print-out in any given format ranging from B2 ( 500×700 mm ) to B0 ( 1000×1400 mm ) with a registration label

2. Completed registration form

3. A digital copy of the Artwork on USB flash drive memory stick

4. One publication about Poster Design from artist’s native country

There is no admittance fee for PBQ.

The deadline for the Artwork submission is May 31, 2021. The last accepted deliveries must have a delivery stamp with the above date.

Sending posters by mail
The poster must be marked on its back in the lower right corner with registration label, filled out in block letters in either English or Slovak.

Posters must be sent labelled, unfolded and insured against transport damaged. Please send Poster along with the publication to:

Pod Kalváriou 9
085 01

The organizer does not reimburse expenses in connection
with the clearance of consignments, and does not take responsibility for delayed delivery and damage during transport. Shipments must be marked as “Printed matter of a non-com- mercial value”.

Sending digital files
JPG — 21×30 cm — 300 dpi — RGB.
The required information can be filled in in English or Slovak. Part of the registration form is a consent to the processing of personal data. Digital files need to be sent together with the poster tube and publication.

Publication specification
In order to create an extensive library about poster design, any printed materials about poster creation from the Author’s country will be accepted: author’s monographs, books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, etc.

Selection process of the contest
All posters received go through an evaluation and selection process by all ten jury members. The jury’s decision is final. All awarded authors will be informed by letter.

Grand Prix — diploma
First place — diploma
Second place — diploma
Third place — diploma
15 × Honourable mention — diploma

The organizer exercises the right to refuse to exhibit a poster that the jury identifies as offensive, or against good manners, or offensive to any race, culture or nation, or those that do not meet the requirements of this statement.

The organizer has the right to exhibit and publish selected Artworks for non-commercial purposes.

By signing the registration form, the author agrees with the regulations of the competition.

All selected and awarded posters will be published in a competition catalogue.

The accepted Artworks will not be returned to competitors, they remain in the Archive Quadrennial in Bardejov archive.

These competition rules apply to the year 2021.


Poster PQB21
Guideline and Entry Form PQB21


The PQB21 jury is unique in very unconventional process of the jury creation. It consists of ten female members, all of them living in the town of Bardejov.

Although none of the jury member is a Professional in poster design, all of them are involved in Art in some way and are actively participating in local cultural events.


Viera Štalmachová, Art lover
Kornélia Bocáková, Stylist
Vladimíra Švecová, Visual artist
Gita Dubovecká, Yoga instructor
Milena Hrušovská, Professional musician
Lenka Gregorová, Student of Graphic design
Maja Komanická, Art dealer
Jana Ličková, Historian
Patrícia Patkaňová, Manager
Zuzana Lenartová, Psychologist


Pod Kalváriou 9
085 01






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