2021 She Loves Tech Competition

2021 She Loves Tech Competition


報名時間:即日起 ~ 2021-08-15

主辦單位:She Loves Tech Competition


全球最大型的女性創業比賽SHE LOVES TECH 最後召集, 投身創科的女性創業家要把握機會爭取國際投資者如Sequoia Capital和Amazon提供的創業資金以推動你的企業成長,8月15日前提交申請書。

2021 She Loves Tech Competition EDM

She Loves Tech Competition

An international platform for accelerating startups

We champion diverse founders and startups with transformative impact for women.

To respond to the world’s urgent needs, we are especially looking for startups in the following verticals

  • Fintech
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Education
  • CleanTech & Sustainability
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Food & AgriTech
  • Women’s Issues
  • Smart Cities


Eligibility & Registration


Seeking seed, angel or A round funding (under US$5M) with at least a minimum viable product that is past conceptual stage.


Technology startup fulfilling ONE of the following gender lens:

  • Female founder
  • Majority female users
  • Majority female consumers
  • Technology impacting women positively

Registration for She Loves Tech 2021 Global Startup Competition will close on 15 August 2021.

Screening & Preparation

Applications will be evaluated by the global screening team with the final shortlisted startups receiving access to exclusive pitch preparation curriculum and mentorship sessions.

Local Rounds

Local pitch rounds will be hosted in different countries and regions with the winner of each round moving into the next phase of the Competition.

Boot Camp

A week-long boot camp especially curated for the winners of each local round will take place at the end of October. The boot camp is based on experiential learning, mentorship and peer coaching. It covers market, innovation and fundraising topics.

Global Finals

The culminating final round of the competition will be held during the She Loves Tech Global Conference, and will also serve as an investor demo day, allowing startups to pitch to investors directly for funding. Startups have the opportunity to win up to US$50,000 investment and cash prizes.

The She Loves Tech Competition is in over 40 countries this year.

Australia – Bangladesh – Cambodia – Chile – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greater China – Iceland – India – Indonesia – Israel – Italy – Japan – Kenya – Latvia – Lithuania – Malaysia – Mongolia – Nepal – Nigeria – Norway – Pakistan – Poland – Portugal – Philippines – Russia – Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – Spain – Sri Lanka – Sweden – Thailand – USA – UAE – UK – Vietnam – Zimbabwe and more

What founders are saying

“The trip itself was the prize: a shared experience among female founders from 15 countries. In a way, sisterhood was formed.”

— Maureen Nova Ledesma, CEO/CMO, Vesl Philippines

“This She Loves Tech journey was an amazing human experience, thanks to the meeting of 15 great female entrepreneurs from all over the world. Tech has definitely no gender or border!”

— Catherine de Vulpillieres, GM, Evidence B Kidscode

“This was one of those experiences you remember for a lifetime. By the end of it, it felt more like a sorority than a competition. I learned so much from all the brilliant women around me.”

— Yishel Khan, CEO, DOT Mind

“It’s a privilege to experience the power of women. When women create, they create for the community. Let’s all work together to create change!”

— Liu Yan, Founder, ZiCheng Health China

Where can I contact you for any other questions?

You can email us at info@shelovestech.org if you have any questions or would like to partner with us in some way!



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