2021 Transform Awards North : America

2021 Transform Awards North : America

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-06-11

主辦單位: Transform Magazine

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The seventh annual Transform Awards North America 2021 program is now open for entries. These awards recognize best practice in corporate, product and global brand development work, with categories in focusing on strategy, execution, content and evaluation. Enter early to save.

2021 Transform Awards North : America

Key dates:

Special offer early entry deadline*:February 19 2021
Early entry deadline**:April 30 2021
Last chance to save***:May 28 2021
Entry deadline:June 11 2021
Late entry deadline****:June 25 2021
Shortlist announced:September 2021
Awards ceremony:Late October 2021

Cravenhill Publishing believes excellence in creativity and communications should be celebrated regardless of the challenges of the day. To support the creative industries, Cravenhill Publishing is letting any company have one free entry into any awards programme through 2021. You may well be planning on entering many categories and, if so that’s great. But if your agency or department has undertaken great work you won’t want budget considerations to get in the way of it being recognised. Your work makes a difference and it will continue to do so despite the challenges we are all facing. For any questions or support, contact cprice@transformmagazine.net.

*Enter 3 entries by February 19 2021 and receive a thought leadership piece to run online on Transform magazine.

**Enter by April 30 2021 to receive $100 off your total entry cost starting from the first entry paid for.

***Enter by May 28 2021 to receive the fifth entry free.

****A late entry surcharge of $125 will be applied to every entry submitted after June 11 2021.

For more information on entry fees, visit the Fees and Payment section.

Terms and Conditions:

When an organization submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.

The early bird discount does not apply to charity, NGO, pressure group or other NFP organisation entries.

Fees and Payments

2021 entry fees

  • $395 for the first paid for entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • $195 for each subsequent entry subsequent paid for entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • $195 for any entry from or on behalf of a charity, NGO, pressure group or otherwise NFP organisation. Please call if you think you may be eligible.

Fees quoted are in US Dollars.

Enter 3 entries by February 19 and receive a thought leadership piece to run online on Transform magazine.

Enter by 23:59 on April 30 2021 to save $100 on your total entry cost starting from the first entry paid for ( See below for offer terms and conditions ).

Your fifth entry is free until 23:59 on May 28 2021.

A late entry surcharge of $125 will be applied to each entry submitted after June 11 2021. View our key dates page here for more information.


  • One payment may be used to cover multiple entries.
  • You can pay via PayPal online, or by phone via credit card on +44 ( 0 )20 3950 5356 ( we are unable to take American Express over the phone ).
  • All entries must be paid for within 14 days or before the judging takes place in order for them to be reviewed by the judging panel.

Terms and Conditions:

If you submit your entries by 30 April 2021, you receive $100 off your total entry costs. Please note the following terms and conditions for this offer:

  • When an organisation submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.
  • The early bird discount does not apply to charities, NGOs, pressure groups or other NFP organisations.



Best use of visual property
This award is for the best use of imagery: graphic, still, video or digital, during a rebrand or brand development project.

Best brand architecture solution
This category rewards the most efficient corporate organizational strategies developed for a brand.

Best use of copy style/tone of voice
This award is for the brand that best uses a verbal style to reflect its overall identity and to differentiate the brand from its competitors.

Best brand experience
This award recognizes excellence in the experiential aspects of a brand or rebrand. Developments to a physical space, online portal or other location that enhance the user’s experience of a brand will be accepted.

Best use of packaging
This award recognizes the company that most effectively communicates a brand’s positioning, values and visual identity via product packaging.

Best wayfinding or signage
This award honors branded signage and wayfinding systems that have been strategically developed to be effective and reflective of the brand’s values and overall visual identity.

Best use of audio branding
This award recognizes companies that have employed an innovative use of sound in the development of their brand.

Best use of typography
This award reflects the role that typography has played in a brand’s journey. This could be where the typography is an actual component of a wordmark or where typography is used within the visual identity. Alternatively, this award could be given when visual identity and typography have been strategically aligned through an organization’s brand guidelines.

Best place or nation brand
This award recognizes the brand journey made by a nation or a place. Entries could be from national, regional, city or district level.


Best external stakeholder relations during a brand development project
This award is for the best communication with external stakeholders throughout the process of a rebrand or during a brand development project. Companies should recognize that progress requires measured communication with all external stakeholders.

Best internal communications during a brand development project
This award recognizes the importance of effective communication with the internal audience during a brand transformation. Employees should be engaged and informed about change in a company’s positioning or brand strategy, ensuring the changes takes place evenly throughout the organization.

Best implementation of a brand development project
This award is for the best execution of developments to or rebrand of an organization. The coordinated rollout of a change helps to ensure a new identity has maximum impact on audiences.

Best localization of an international brand
This award benchmarks the effort of an organization at bringing a global brand to the North America region, making it relevant to the local markets.


Best creative strategy
This award is for the best creative, thought-out, aligned strategy behind the repositioning of a brand.

Best brand evolution
This award is for the brand that best moves its identity into the future while maintaining links with the past and evolving in a clear and creative way.

Best strategic or creative development of a new brand
This award is for the company that has adopted a strategic or creative approach when developing its new brand in order to differentiate the company, reposition the business or otherwise change perception of the brand.

Best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio
This category rewards companies that develop a new brand within their portfolio of brands. As well as acknowledging the strategy and development of the new brand the judges will also look to see what the development adds to the existing corporate or master brand.

Best naming strategy
This award honors innovation in naming. It is for the most appropriate new name for a new brand, rebrand or brand extension or where an organization can demonstrate a clear and well thought through naming strategy.


Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition
This award is for the best rebrand of an organization following a merger with another company or the incorporation of another company into the original brand.

Best brand development project to reflect changed mission, values or positioning
This award is for the best repositioning of an organization to reflect a new approach to its business.

Best brand consolidation
This award is for the most effective alignment of individually branded elements and sub-brands of an organization.

Best rebrand of a digital property
This award is for the best rebrand across the digital and online assets of an organization, including its websites and apps.


Best visual identity by sector

This award is for the best identity developed and used by a brand, including all visual aspects of a rebrand from LOGO to typeface in the brand’s sector.

• a charity/NGO/not-for-profit
• education
• energy and utilities
• engineering and manufacturing
• farming and agriculture
• financial services
• FMCG ( fast moving consumer goods )
• food and beverage
• healthcare and pharmaceuticals
• industrial and basic materials
• lifestyle and wellness
• mining and extractives
• professional services
• property, construction and facilities management
• public sector
• retail
• sports, travel, leisure and tourism
• technology, media and telecommunications
• transport and logistics

Best overall visual identity
This award is for the best overall identity developed and used by a brand, including all visual aspects of a rebrand from LOGO to typeface. You cannot enter this directly, all visual identity entries across different sectors will be automatically put forward for this award.

Grand Prix
This award is for overall excellence in rebranding. You cannot enter this directly, all entries will be automatically put forward for this award.

Eligibility & Rules

Any organisation can enter the Transform Awards, providing the strategy or execution was developed, launched or carried out between January 2020 and July 2021 by any countries listed below will be accepted. Projects undertaken outside of North America will be accepted if the target audience is within North America.

Entries into the Transform Awards North America can be made here.

A single organisation can enter multiple projects and in multiple categories.

All entries must be paid for prior to the judging day; any entries we have not received payment for will not be reviewed by the judging panel.

Each entry must be submitted as a PDF file. Files cannot be larger than 10MB.

Supporting links, videos etc must be included within the entry itself. This can be included as an appendix, with links or hyperlinked within the document itself.

Where a juror’s organisation enters the Transform Awards, that juror will not review the submission. Where possible, jurors are not made aware of the identity of any third-party organisation that carried out the work until after decisions have been made, to eliminate bias.

All entry materials will be retained by Transform magazine, the organisers of the Transform Awards. Please do not send us materials for which you do not have a duplicate, as we will not return entered materials.

Ensure you have secured the appropriate rights and clearances for all materials and images submitted. The Transform Awards will not be liable for any copyright, trademark, patent infringement or for non-payment grievances held against entrants.

The information provided will be disclosed only to the judges, staff of Transform magazine and key partners on a strictly confidential basis.

Details provided within your entry will potentially be used for press releases, web content, and the winners’ book should your submission be shortlisted and/or win. Therefore, we ask that you ensure all the details are factually correct – we will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on the entry content and changes may not be possible after publication

By submitting your entry, you agree that the materials may be published for the promotion of the awards and media efforts related to digital communication, as well as for the marketing and promotion of rebranding case studies and teaching tools.

By entering into the Awards programme, your details will be added to our database to ensure you are kept up to date with the awards and it’s associated conference. To opt-out, please email mkibble@transformmagazine.net

Please translate all non-English text into English to facilitate the judging process.

Decisions by the jury are final.

Entries are accepted from the following North American countries:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti
  • Nicaragua
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • The Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Saint Lucia
  • Barbados
  • Cuba
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Belize
  • Dominica
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • United States of America


What is the time frame for eligible work? Can I enter work from last year?
The time frame for eligible work is ordinarily 18 months previous to the final deadline. Please refer to the eligibility and rules section on the Transform magazine website for more details and specific dates.

The project I am entering was completed in-house. Can I still enter?

My client is based outside of the awards region. Am I still eligible to participate?
Yes – providing you have an office or are based in the region in which the awards are being held, the location of the project’s focus can be anywhere in the world.

Can I enter more than one category? If so, do I need to submit more than one PDF?
There is no limit to the number of categories that can be entered. If multiple categories are being entered, multiple PDFs must be submitted. As our entry form only allows one PDF to be entered at a time, you will need to go back and resubmit the form, making sure to change the category field. Although not compulsory, we strongly recommend tailoring each submission according to the category being entered.

I’m not sure which category to enter. How shall I decide?
If you struggling to categorise your project, please contact the events team on +44 ( 0 )20 3950 5356, or
email Catherine on cpersson@transformmagazine.net

How can I ensure that budgets disclosed on the entry will remain confidential?
Don’t worry – as long as you clearly mark the entry where relevant letting us know that you do not wish information on certain budgets ( or any other information ) to be shared, we will ensure that all such information is kept strictly confidential.

Is it ok if the word count is exceeded?
The word count is set as a guide – exceeding it slightly will not be penalised. However, considering the volume of material read by the judges, a more concise and collected approach to ensure your entry stands out is advised.

How should I include my supporting materials?
All supporting materials should be included within the document. If you wish to include videos, please add a hyperlink to it in your PDF entry, rather than embedding the video itself. Embedded videos can often increase the size of your entry so that it is over the 10mb limit.
Besides the supporting materials included within your PDF entry, no other separate materials are required.

Can I only include images in the supporting materials section?
Your submission can be designed and branded as you wish. Previous submissions have included imagery alongside the entry summary and statement to add to the entry narrative. At the end of the entry, further imagery can be included in the supporting materials section to showcase the project. We ask that you limit the pages of images, as our judges have a large number of submissions to go through, so be concise, clear and make sure what you are sharing is relevant.

On the ‘Enter Now’ section of the website, what is the difference between the fields ‘company’ and ‘entering company?’
Often, agencies enter their clients into our awards ( i.e. company = agency, entering company = client ). If this does not apply to you and you are entering independently, simply fill in both fields with your company name.

Can previous entries be sent to potential entrants?
As per our rules section on the Transform magazine website, we cannot send out previous entries as they may contain sensitive and/or confidential material and figures that cannot be disclosed.

Is there a cost to enter?
Yes. Rates are available on the ‘Fees & payments’ page on the Transform magazine website. There are also discount rates available for charities/not-for-profits and an early entry discount offer for those who enter before a certain date.

Why won’t my entry send?
If you are receiving an error message telling you that supporting materials are required, you have exceeded the 10mb size limit or perhaps your file is not a pdf. If your entry is within the size limit but you are still receiving that error message, contact our office on +44 ( 0 )20 3950 5356.

How do I pay for my entries?
After you submit your entry, you will be prompted to pay via PayPal ( owning an account is not necessary to complete payment ). If an alternative payment method is preferred, please contact our office on +44 ( 0 )20 3950 5356, where one of our team can explain other payment options.

I want to enter more entries at a later date, how do I get the reduced entry cost?
Entries submitted at a later date are charged at the additional entry cost, however, please note that our payment gateway will not bring up this rate. Please call the team on +44 ( 0 )20 3950 5356 to pay by card over the phone ( we do not accept AMEX over the phone ) or let us know if you would like to be invoiced.

Transform Magazine

Transform magazine is published by Cravenhill Publishing, a publishing and events business focused on corporate and brand communications. Transform magazine is a quarterly print title that celebrates the transformative power of brand strategy and design. In addition to the magazine and website it also organises conferences and awards programmes around the world.




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