2021 UX Design Awards

2021 UX Design Awards

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-05-31

主辦單位: International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)

主辦單位電話: +49-0-30-61-62-321-17、+49-0-30-61-62-321-18、+49-0-30-61-62-321-16


Why Enter? See Your Benefits.

Gain international recognition. Strengthen your visibility. Earn credit and reputation. Join the global experience leadership community.

2021 UX Design Awards

Benefits for Winners and Nominees

  • Gain international recognition for your experience excellence.
  • Strengthen the visibility of your organization in business and in the UX field.
  • Earn credit and accolades for your R&D units, experience design teams and people.
  • Enter a global UX leadership community, access knowledge on current trends and future developments.
  • Connect with businesses, the design industry, research and upcoming UX talents.
  • Create impactful PR moments and a global audience with virtual events and award ceremonies.
  • The limited number of distinctions and awards emphasizes each winner’s uniqueness.

Promotion Services

  • High visibility for all nominated projects: social media, website, newsletter, press
  • Mixed-media social media campaigns
  • International voting campaign for Public Choice Award
  • Extensive presentation in the virtual UX Design Awards exhibition
  • Exclusive digital asset packages promoting all successful projects
  • LOGO packages, certificates and trophies for all competition levels
  • Additional PR services for Award winners

Register in three steps in our participant portal.

How To Enter

1. Create your personal user profile online.
2. Set up, manage and submit your competition entries.
3. Conveniently pay competition fees online ( Visa, PayPal ) or by banking transfer.

Participants & Entries

Professional Field

Eligible are corporations and startups, R&D and design departments, digital and design consultancies, UX Labs and research institutions worldwide. Entries are welcome from all industry sectors and application fields. Entries must include digital or electronic interfaces, functions or components.

The number of submissions in each category is unlimited. The market launch or the start of the development process must not date back more than two years at the time of submission.

  • Competition Category Product: Eligible are market-ready or new products, services or experiential environments ( including solutions planned for market launch in the competition year ).


  • Competition Category Concept: Product studies, prototypes, test projects ( proofs of concept ), service concepts and conceptual environments ( deployment time frame: two to five years ).



  • Competition Category Vision: Foresight concepts, advanced design studies or research projects that explore future experiences and solutions for a positive living environment ( development time frame: five to ten years, or more ).


Young Guns

Eligible are students, graduates and universities worldwide. Only bachelor’s or master’s projects are accepted.

The number of individual submissions is limited to one project. Universities may submit an unlimited number of their students’ bachelor or master projects. The start of the development process must not date back more than two years at the time of submission.

  • Competition Category New Talent: Bachelor/master projects from the fields of experiential design, interaction design, industrial and product design as well as service design, without restriction to industry sectors or application fields that include digital or electronic interfaces, functions or components.

Submission Documents

Please provide the following information for each competition entry:

1. PR data:
Project name, company, designers
Project description
Product film and images, company LOGO, URLs

2. Internal data for the jury:

Explanatory film showing the usage / workflow and key features of your entry ( recommended: low-tech smart phone film, 60–90 sec. )

Access data for apps and software products ( optional )

Brief descriptions on:
Context and objective
Problem and solution approach
Relevance of experience
Design process
Sustainability and inclusion ( optional )

English language entries are requested, German translations are optional. Download the detailed participation terms here.

Terms and Conditions

For detailed participation terms and GTC’s please visit our download page.

Four Categories For Your Best.

Three categories for professionals.


Market-ready or new products, services and experiential environments.


Short term foresight studies, prototypes, test projects, service concepts and conceptual environments.


Long term foresight concepts, advanced design studies and research projects exporing future experiences and solutions.

One category for young guns.

New Talent

Excellent bachelor’s and master’s projects from all over the world.

Dates and Deadlines

Spring Submission

Deadline: May 31, 2021
Extended submission deadline until: June 6, 2021 ( midnight CEST )

Registration and project submission in the participant portal

First Award Level: Nomination

June 8-18

Review of all submissions by the jury, admission of a limited number to compete for the awards

Preparation PR campaign: Nominated projects

June 18 – July 2

Update of PR data for all nominated projects, opportunity to submit additional PR collateral: see guideline “PR Deliverables” on our download page.

Second Award Level: Jury Sessions

June – July

Jury sessions to determine the award winners in the categories Product, Concept, Vision and New Talent, bestowal of the Gold Awards

Voting campaign: Public Choice Award

July – August

Public online voting among all nominated projects in the virtual award exhibition

PR campaign: Nominated projects

July – September

Launch virtual exhibition, start mixed-media campaign on social media, press work

Announcement of UX Design Awards Winners

Early September

Announcement of the winners in all award categories, highlighted presentation in the virtual award exhibition

PR campaign: Award Winners

September – December

Mixed media campaign in social media and virtual events, press work

Preview: planned competition dates 2021-2022.

Autumn Submission
September – November 2021

Registration and submission of projects for the UX Design Awards

First Award Level: Nomination
December 2021

Second Award Level: Jury Sessions
January 2022

Announcement of UX Design Awards Winners
February 2022

Spring Submission
March – May 2022

Registration and submission of projects for the UX Design Awards

First Award Level: Nomination
June 2022

Second Award Level: Jury Sessions
July 2022

Announcement of UX Design Awards Winners
September 2022


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