2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest

2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest



報名時間:2021-07-27 ~ 2021-11-15



To welcome World Tea Expo 2022, we will be holding a drone video contest

2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest

on the theme of beautiful tea culture and facilities in Korea and abroad.
Interest and participation from your end˙will be appreciated.

□ Outline of Video Contest

○ Name of the event: 2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest

○ Host of the event: Hadong county
○ Supervisor of the event: J contentree
○ Supporting Agencies: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
* This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
○ Application Period: 27th July (Tue) ~ 15th November (Mon) Must submit before 6pm (KST)
○ Target of application: Fits the topic listed below under contest themes
(One minute video, more than 30% should be filmed by drone) MAXIMUM ONE MINUTE

Contest Theme:

Various Tea-related facilities and cultures overseas

ex 1) Traditional Tea culture

(British 17, 18c royal family afternoon tea party, Wearing Chinese traditional Clothes in bamboo woods, drinking tea the traditional way)
ex 2) During quarantine how do you enjoy your tea or coffee while hanging out with friends and family?

Quarantine- Tea delivery by drone

ex 3) Your special Tea&Coffee recipe

ex 4) Show&Tell me your story related to tea

□ How to apply

○ People Applicable: Everyone in the world
○ Number of entries: No limit

How to apply:

– online application: (short cut)
– Submit original high resolution video after selected in the finals.

Application Specification

– 1 minute edited video, with more than 30% drone footage.
– Post-processing (subtitle, BGM, etc.) is possible, but a clean copy must be submitted
if you get the prize.
– You can freely direct specific scenes, subtitles, and nominations.
– Entries must submit YouTube link(s).
– Please insert˙hashtag #worldteaexpo2022hadong_Korea,
#Drone_falling_in_Tea&Coffee when you upload the video on YouTube (Mandatory).
– Original file and clean copy (without any subtitle, etc.) must be submitted
if you win. (You will be informed)


  • Videos used in commercial ways or in application for other competitions.
  • Videos taken in violation of drone safety regulations (limited altitude, night photography, prohibited facility photography, etc.)
  • BGM should comply with copyright regulations, portrait rights of characters, subtitles, typeface copyright, etc. must be taken.
  • If there is any dispute over copyright, portrait rights, trademark rights, or plagiarism of a third party, the applicant shall bear the responsibility all by himself/herself/themselves.
  • In case of violation of the above restrictions, the prize may be cancelled even after winning, and the prize money must be returned.

Copyright Ownership

– The copyright of the winning work is jointly owned by Hadong county, J contentree, and Expo Organizing Committee and Winners. Hadong county, J contentree, and Expo Organizing Committee does not ask your permission to use them in exhibitions, commercials, etc. but only when required. It will be discussed separately with the winner only if the video is used for generating profits.

Screening and announcement of winners

○Examination Standard: Examiners evaluations( 80%), Popularity (20%)
*Popularity : Views (10%), Likes (10%) on YouTube
(The results is calculated based on the average from the date you post it
to the final screening date.)
○Initial Screening: Screening of video associations and experts,(triple selection)
○ Secondary Screening: Screening of drone associations and experts, (suitability judgement)
○ Final Screening: Screening of the expo’s organizers and adding up popularity score (final selection)
○ Announcement of winners : 29th November (Mon), Will upload on the website
and winners will be notified individually.

□ Awards: 12,000 USD (13.5 millions KRW) in total

SortNumber of workscash prize
(USD, Approx.)
cash prize
Grand prize12,600 USD3 millions
Top excellence prize21,295 USD1.5 millions
Excellence prize5860 USD1 million
Participation Prize5425 USD0.5 million

※ If the winners are from overseas (non-korean), payment will be made in USD
※ Hadong county will jointly own the rights to make changes the video (for winning videos only)
※ Payment will be made after tax deduction.

Apply the video contest : (short cut)
※ If you’re unable to attach the video, file, etc., kindly send˙an email on the id given below.

Inquiry management: J Contentree
※ J contentree is the consigned business operator of this contest.
○ Number: 82-2-2031-1919
○ E-mail: kim.namyoung2@joins.com(Jennifer Namyoung Kim)


2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest EDM

2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest EDM

2021 World Tea Culture Drone Video Contest EDM


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