2022 International Architecture & Design Awards

2022 International Architecture & Design Awards

報名時間: 2022-01-10 ~ 2022-04-30

主辦單位: Architecture & Design Community


Architecture & Design Community encourages designers and architects, construction workers, and engineers to share their best projects with the rest of the world so as to inspire the next generation and gain global recognition.

Are you proud of your project? Then share it with us! Whether it’s the architectural design of a shopping mall or a luxury villa project, the design of a metro station or a bus stop, a private or public landscaping project, the interior of a modern apartment, or just a designer chair. What matters is the distinctiveness and uniqueness of your project.

This year we organized 82 nominations with 246 prizes! Therefore, we are absolutely sure that everyone can find the right category for their project.

Your benefits:

• Certificate of Achievement for all Winners & Awardees

• Personalized Award LOGO for all Winners

• IAD Award Trophy for the Top 10 projects

• Publication in the ADC Winners list

As well as:

• Your project will be featured on our homepage and get its own landing page

• Your project will be posted on ADC’s official Instagram and Facebook feeds

• The best projects will get on the covers of future ADC Awards

• A selection of projects will be included in ADC’s newsletters

Your project will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people!

International Architecture & Design Awards 2022 >> Participate Now

Architecture categories: Commercial | Corporate | Cultural | Educational | Healthcare | High Rise Architecture | Hospitality | House Design | Household | Housing | Industrial | Institutional | Mixed Use | Office building | Pop-ups and Temporary | Private Residence | Public Building | Residential | Sports & Recreation | Transportation and more…

Interior Design categories: Commercial Interior | Corporate Interior | Healthcare Interior | Hospitality Interior | Hotel Interior | Housing Interior | Interior Design Elements | Office Interior | Public Building Interior | Residential Interior | Retail Interior | Workplace Interior

Landscape categories: Private Landscape Design | Public Landscape Design

Jury Members:

• Alain Gilles – Founder, “Alain Gilles The Studio” (Brussels, Belgium)

• Jeremy Smith – Design Director, “Irving Smith Architects” (Nelson, New Zealand)

• Tiago do Vale – Senior Architect, “Tiago Do Vale Architects” (Braga, Portugal)

• Yussef Agbo-Ola – Architect, Founder, “Olaniyi.Studio” (London, United Kingdom)

• Alastair Cross – Architect, “REMI · C · T STUDIO” (London, United Kingdom)

• Nancy Clark – Director, UF Center For Hydro-Generated Urbanism (Florida, USA)

• Peter Kuczia – Architect, Founder, “Kuczia Architects” (Osnabrück, Germany)

• Karen Nelson – Dean And Faculty Of Architecture At The Boston Architectural College (Boston, USA)

• David Chasco – Professor, The Illinois School Of Architecture (Illinois, USA)

• Raulino Silva – Founder, “Raulino Silva Arquitecto” (Vila Do Conde, Portugal)

Award Schedule:

• February 14 – deadline for early registration (fee per project is $100 instead of $200).

• March 15 – standard registration deadline (fee per project is $150 instead of $200).

• April 30 – late registration deadline (fee per project is $200).

• May 16 – deadline for submitting projects.

• June 20 – announcement of the winners.

* The prices are inclusive of all taxes.

** There is 30% discount for students.

*** For companies, invoices are provided after payment.

2022 International Architecture & Design Awards EDM

2022 International Architecture & Design Awards EDM


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