2022 Posterheroes

2022 Posterheroes

 總獎金: 2500(EUR)

最高獎金: 2500(EUR)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2022-09-30

主辦單位: Posterheroes


When you stop learning, you start dying.

Albert Einstein

2022 Posterheroes

The new edition

We live in an era of information overload where people must continually reskill, upskill and get new skills. Learning follows the accelerated pace of technological progress, leaving behind those who cannot keep up. It is time to change the paradigm in favour of slow and sustainable learningthat aims to train conscious individuals in the name of cooperation, respect, and solidarity.

Posterheroes propose to reflect on the limits of current learning models and imagine future ones:MINDFUL OR MIND FULL?

Look up the brief and the regulation.

Deadline extended to: 30.09.2022
H11:59 p.m. CEST


You have the chance to win a 2.500 € prize
or to take part in many exhibitions and events and be featured in Posterheroes publications and editorial projects!

→ Submit your poster!


Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication that calls for posters (70×100 cm) about social and environmental issues. Every year, Posterheroes invites students, professional designers, and everyone who is into graphic design to create a poster about topics of social interest. All the works are judged by a selection panel composed of some of the most relevant graphic design and visual communication experts.

A project by:
PLUG Association/ Favini/ ITC-ILO



Mirko Ilić is a Bosnian graphic designer and illustrator. Moving to New York he had been the art director of Time Magazine International Editionand the Op-Edpages of the New York Times. In 1995 he established his firm Mirko Ilic Corp. His company designs for a wide range of clients, from pro bono organizations to the high luxury hospitality clients. His work is in collections of institutions such as Smithsonian Museum, MoMA San Francisco and MoMA New York.
Co-author of the book The Design of Dissent with Milton Glaser, and co-author of 10 books with Steven Heller.
He also organizes and curates shows and lectures around the world. The most known of them is the Tolerance Poster Show.

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Elisa Talentino is a Turin-based artist who works with illustration, art graphics, painting and animation. She has created illustrations forThe New York Times,The Washington Post,Yale Universitypress, Bloomsbury Publishing,Goethe Institut,Corriere della Sera, and many more.
His work has been selected by the New YorkersSociety of Illustrators(2019-2020), and American Illustration(2021); from Bologna Children Book Fair(2015), Ilustrarte– International Biennial of Illustration of Lisbon (2014) and won twice the Gold Medal in the 3 x 3 International Illustration Awardsin New York.
She is specialized in art printing: through serigraphy, she personally creates prints with experimental painting and engraving techniques

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Truly Design is a project born in 2003 in Turin, founded by three artists active in the Graffiti and Street Art scene since 1996. The search for new forms of visual language allowed the collective to experiment constantly to land at optical illusion techniques such as anamorphism.
Their works have inhabited city walls, museums, private homes, and corporate offices in Italy and Europe, in New York, Hong Kong, Macau, and Miami.
In 2018 we received the Cannes Golden Lion Award for the work “David Bowie is here”, set up for Spotify in the New York subway.

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Sebastian is an illustrator and graphic designer mainly working in the fields of editorial and commercial illustration. He has a background in typography and graphic design with a simplistic design approach and shifted to illustration to extend his visual vocabulary. His artworks are defined by a rough papercut-like vector style, grainy textures and well picked color compositions. Besides working for international clients he is working on prints, drawings and is publishing zines and books. Working on personal projects is an important part of Sebastians work to develop and explore new ways of articulations and skills. Sebastian lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

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Seyyedmehdi Mousavi is an award-winning Iranian Senior Graphic designer and Design lecturer (M.A of ART). Since 2007, he has been working professionally in the field of graphic design, especially poster design. His artworks and poster designs have been displayed in various poster design exhibitions in more than 30 parts of the world as an invited and awarded artist.
Mousavi has been a Jury member in several international competitions in Russia, Ecuador, Ukraine, France, Kyrgyzstan, USA, Jamaica, and Iran.

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Designer and graphic activist, graduated in 2001 from Buenos Aires University, where he also started teaching since 2007. He teaches workshops in prisons and in the private sphere. Specialised in Visual Identity and social design. His posters on Human Rights have been exhibited in 40 countries and included in the book “The Design of Dissent” by Milton Glaser and Mirko Illic. Speaker at TEDx, Forum Art & Branding Russia, Ibero-American Design Biennial Madrid 2016, and several design events.

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Adapt is a creative studio using design, humour and contemporary culture to test and develop creative solutions to climate adaptation with people at the centre. It runs its own campaigns and events whilst working with clients such as: Paul Smith, British Council, Kings Cross, Anyways, Merrel, Ecover, The Tate and more to deliver a range of climate focused projects.

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Erretres is a branding and digital consultancy based in Madrid and Brussels, which works with an international ambition and a vocation to build brands, products and services which become leaders within their respective sectors. With clients and projects in four continents, the value it contributes is supported by three fundamental tools: strategy, innovation and digital transformation.
Erretres has been recognized with 50+ international awards and has an important role within the Design community.

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Lucio Schiavon is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Venice. He has collaborated with Fabrica, La Biennale di Venezia, Armando Testa Agency. He illustrates books for the publisher Nuages in Milan and exhibited at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice. He won International Motion Art Award in New York andBerlin Interfilm Festival Short Movie 2015 with two different short films in animation.

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Illustrator and designer, Marco Goran Romano worked on the Italian editorial staff of WIRED magazine until 2015, then co-founded the Sunday Büro studio together with Valentina Casali.
His work has been awarded by the Society of Publication Designer and the Society of Illustrators of New York, Communication Arts, Applied Arts, and Creative Quarterly. Alongside the design and artistic activity, he also combines teaching at the ABA in Macerata, the ISIA in Florence, and the NID in Perugia.

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2022 Posterheroes

2022 Posterheroes

About Posterheroes

Posterheroesis an international contest about social design and social communication asking the international creative community to express powerful messages through a poster 70×100 cm about social and environmental issues. The contest, created in 2010 by PLUG association, , is open to everyone and aims to involve young people and International artists in a particular way.

+ 14101 POSTERS + 101 JURORS

The winning posters are selected by a selection panel comprising international experts in the field of illustration, animation, arts, visual communication.

PLUGcommunicates the results through different initiatives. Two catalogues, made with the support of Favini, three calendars and several public exhibitions have been realized to promote the value of the winning posters and to disseminate their messages. Open spaces, art galleries, public areas: the opinion of the young creatives is shared and discussed widely.


For any inquiries, information and collaboration proposal, send an email to: staff@posterheroes.org





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