2023 TITAN Brand Awards

2023 TITAN Brand Awards

報名時間: 2023-03-01 ~ 2023-06-23

主辦單位: International Awards Associate

主辦單位電話: +60-11-1668-8097



2023 TITAN Brand Awards

2023 TITAN Brand Awards


The TITAN Brand Awards recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements of brands from around the globe. The award honors exceptional brands, leaders and companies who create ground-breaking concepts, ranging from designs to ideas, across strategies and irresistible brand experiences that have won the devotion of consumers or long-term clients around the globe. Reflecting on its direct vision, the award strives to pursue icons that represent the future of overall branding.

The TITAN Awards welcomes all brand owners, designers, executives and teams behind respective brand successes across all industries, as well as agencies, SMEs, companies and organizations to present the mastery of branding beyond Global, Regional or National Stages.

The TITAN Brand Awards is one of the newfound segments of TITAN, recognizing the best brands that stretch across products and services, SMEs, companies and organizations, as well as brand positioning. The award aims to appreciate and respect strategies that ultimately leads to greater brand positioning, value, and identity.

Become the Brand of the Year


Bear the distinctive crests that endorse only the world’s elite brands

The TITAN Brand Awards assumes an ascendant title that pledges its undivided acclamations in commending brands across every continent, while recognizing branding achievements or superior brand-prints. Specifically designed to encompass only the most remarkable brands, TITAN is your terminus of unrivalled excellence when it comes to branding.

With us, there are no differentiations on the dimensions of your brand. All who partake in this medium of branding prominence are deemed equals, and are worthy contenders which demonstrate exceptional branding that favors even the haut monde of the world.



The TITAN Brand Awards conveys a rare experience to brands worldwide, unleashing brand potential to audiences, all while maintaining affordable entry fees that affirms brand identities.

  • Lower Entry Fees
  • Simple and Straightforward Submission Process
  • No Limitations on Entry Submissions
  • Potential Multiple Winnings
  • Credible Blind Judging Without Comparison Between Entries
  • Maximize Budgeting Effectiveness via Virtual Participation
  • Authoritative Winners’ Interview
  • Winners’ Brand or Corporate Profile Display
  • Majestic Statuette Tailored to Commemorate Victors
  • Honorary Certificate Differentiating Brand Status
  • Digital Marketing Tools


TITAN Brand Awards Certifies Branding Success

The TITAN Brand Awards emphasizes on celebrating the best brand positioning and value, while publicizing milestones in the forms of Products & Services, Company & Organizations, SMEs, as well as Brand Identity.

Brand of the Year Awards - Recognizing outstanding achievements of global product and services while placing your brand at the direct front. BRANDS OF THE YEAR Products & Services


Brand of the Year Awards - Honoring the strong organizations, executives, employees, and teams behind the success of your brands.


BRANDS OF THE YEAR Company & Organization
Brand of the Year Awards - Honoring future brand leaders and gems of tomorrow. BRANDS OF THE YEAR SME
Brand of the Year Awards - Recognizing the best concepts and designs of brands worldwide. RANDS OF THE YEAR Brand Identity

Brand Your Way to Success Here


Early Bird

DEADLINE Mar 1 – Mar 31


DEADLINE Apr 1 – Apr 28


DEADLINE Apr 29 – May 26

Final Extension

DEADLINE May 27 – Jun 23

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Worldwide Experts From Diverse Professional Industries

TITAN Awards is judged by members of the IAA Judging Council, a group of leading industry professionals.

TITAN Busines Jury - Xavier Moreano Calero Ecuador

Xavier Moreano Calero

CMO, Netlife

Xavier helps companies grow exponentially by applying innovation and growth marketing, with technology and agile methodologies. He has more than 18 years of experience in leading strategies and managing successful products and services in the technology industry. Furthermore, Xavier is also passionate about marketing technology & innovation, and is convinced that technology will improve our lives and the future will be in the digital world. His vocation is to teach and he is a university professor, being result-oriented and always seeking to generate high impact and establishing innovative value offers.

TITAN Busines Jury - Fizza Shah Pakistan

Fizza Shah

Creative Director, IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

Passionate about her work, Fizza is a hard-working individual who has been part of the Creative team at IAL Saatchi & Saatchi since 2014 and is now working as a Creative Director on multiple brands. She is known to bring out-of-the-box ideas to the table and has developed creative concepts for many of Pakistan’s leading brands like Tapal, National Foods, Continental Biscuits, and Dalda Foods to name a few. Her campaign to reposition the classified section of Jang newspaper won a PAS Award in the year 2017 and the overall image of the newspaper got a facelift in today’s digital-savvy world. She is fascinated by hot air balloons and has a large collection of unused notebooks.

View TITAN Brand Awards Jury Panel

If you’d like to be a part of our distinguished jury members, or be considered for future inclusions in the TITAN Awards program, do consider nominating yourself, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Symbol of Phenomenal Branding

The TITAN Statuette, from its appearance, draws inspiration from the famous Mo’ai statues, the megaliths of Easter Island. Drawing inspiration from how they serve as the faces of magnificence, the statuette is an authentication for world-leading brands with successful accomplishments, establishing themselves as the best there is.

The 13” statuette positioned on top of a solid zinc-alloy base signifies the insightful vision of a brands’ potential. Be it a matte black, full gold or chromatic silver finish, this monumental statuette is the testament of brands that deliver strong conscience, positioning all award-winning brands at the receiving end of prestige and credibility.

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TITAN Brand Awards

TITAN Brand Awards


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International Awards Associate Inc.
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