Audi Innovation Award 2020

活動時間: 2020-04-17 ~ 2020-05-31

主辦單位: Audi

Are you the next game-changer for mobility experiences?

Mobility is changing. Startups from around the world have been pushing the envelope with cutting-edge technologies, and the way transportation works has radically transformed over the past decades.

With the goal of empowering more startups with innovative solutions that can shape the future of smart mobility, Audi Innovation Award has returned! Audi is looking for startups in APAC who have solutions that can be readily integrated into their Taiwan market, based on the three categories below:

1. Digitization

Help Audi improve its customer experience by enhancing their sales process and insurance services.

2. Sustainability

Make charging more convenient for e-vehicle owners by deploying emerging technologies.

3. Urbanization

Design a more guest-centric purchase journey for Audi customers in an omnichannel environment.

Join us today and compete for the opportunity to:

– Pitch to C-level decision makers at Audi Taiwan
– Tap into the smart mobility network in the Taiwan market
– Win a cash prize of TWD$150,000 from Here Technologies
– Attain a Proof of Concept (PoC) for your technology or product

Simply submit a 10-page deck on our platform, including your problem statement, market potential of the idea, team presentation, impact on smart mobility and its potential to integrate with Audi Taiwan.

Shortlisted teams will be offered pre-pitch training and online feedback sessions, among which the last 12 teams will proceed to the Grand Finale conducted virtually and open to a global audience. Check out past winners here:

Deadline for application is 6th June 2020. Join us now by clicking here:

The future begins today!

Audi Taiwan Innovation Award

Do you have a brilliant idea to re-shape the future of smart mobility? Then participate in the Audi Innovation Award for the chance to work with Audi Taiwan and make your business solution a reality!

With the ambition to develop a global startup ecosystem in AI, software, and hardware, Taiwan is keen to implement smart city strategies to layout a favorable environment for this transformation. Taipei is ranked as no. 30 smart cities in the world, among the 174 cities accessed by ESE Cities in Motion Index 2019. The 2020 edition of the Audi Innovation Award brings about many changes! This year, you will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry with support from our mentors. The winners will also work together with Audi Taiwan and partners to actually implement your business solution and make sure it becomes a reality!

If you are a startup in Taiwan or in the APAC region, Audi would like to join forces and cooperate to re-shape the future of smart mobility with ground-breaking ideas!




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