Bath Flash Fiction Award 2019

 總獎金: 1400(GBP)

最高獎金: 1000(GBP)

活動時間: 即日起 ~ 2019-06-09

Entrants have the opportunity to appear in our print and digital books.


9th June 2019

Who may enter

Entrants must be 16 years or over. Entry is open to everyone; locally, nationally and internationally.


The competition is organized by Jude Higgins.

Entries can be on any theme or subject but must be original and written in English. They must also be for adult or young adult readers. Non-fiction and fiction written for children under 13 years is not eligible.

Maximum length is 300 words, title excluded.

Entries must not have been previously published in print or online, been broadcast or won a prize.

The judge is Christopher Allen.

Entry fees

£9 one entry, £15 two entries, £18 three entries


  • 1st prize: £1,000
  • 2nd prize: £300
  • 3rd prize: £100





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