CarpetVista Design Competition

CarpetVista Design Competition



報名時間:即日起 ~ 2018-10-31


Welcome to CarpetVista’s annual design competition!

A colourful celebration to the faithful, yet often forgotten, everyday hero of our homes. The carpet.

On the 10-year anniversary of our design competition, we are looking back at the beautiful carpets created from all around the globe. 92 countries to be more exact. And more is to come.

Do you have an inner designer waiting to be discovered? As a designer you can win not only fame and fortune, but also your carpet being produced and sold on

As a follower you will have a voice in deciding the winner and even have the opportunity to win a carpet of your own for your home.


  • 1 : 1 977 € 989 € Carpet credits
    And your own design in production
  • 2 : 989 € 989 € Carpet credits
  • 3 : 494 € 989 € Carpet credits
  • 4 – 10 : 297 € 989 € Carpet credits


    Architect. Office of Possibilities
    Robert, Office of Possibilities co-founder, combines creative professions to develop projects for customers like IKEA, Volvo, Gunnebo and Elektron. Robert is also a jury member for Svensk Forms Design Award Design S.
    Interior Designer. Room by Sofie
    Sofie epitomizes creativity as an entrepreneur, lecturer and decorator. Room by Sofie specializes in bespoke solutions for some of Sweden’s largest estate agents as well as designs for private clients and office projects.
    CarpetVista Purchase & Creative Director
    Carin is in charge of both creative and purchase decisions for one of the world’s largest online carpet stores. She has years of experience driving conceptual creative designs into sales for several commercial companies.


  • The design should be creative and commercially viable
  • The design must be original
  • The carpet will be made by hand, so shades can be a challenge
  • Design for dimensions of 2×3 m (6′7″x9′8″)
  • Aim for one of the most common rug shapes
  • Why settle for one? You can have multiple contributions!


Over the years CarpetVista have had the privilege of viewing over 20.000 beautiful designs, from more than 90 countries.

For some of our designers, joining the competition has changed their careers. For others, it has challenged the way they look at carpets. Above all, it has hopefully filled their hearts with joy.

Let us introduce you to two or our designers:

SAMUEL COISNE Samuel Coisne from Belgium whose decision to enter the CarpetVista Design Competition, had a major impact on his life and career. After almost stopping designing and considering changing career, winning the Design Competition 2007 gave him energy and confidence to continue his career within design. Samuel’s city scape designs of Stockholm, Paris, New York and Tokyo all became best sellers at LAURA MUÑOZ ESTELLÉS Laura Muñoz Estellés from Valenica, Spain. Creating quality handmade artworks based on her knowledge of textiles and fine arts, Laura pours heart and happiness into her designs. Taking part in the 2016 Design Competition her patience, care, reflection, love of detail and expertise are present in everything she does. A fine example of this is her “WaterColor Stains” carpet, a long time bestseller on CarpetVista.


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