Designers with heart

Designers with heart

 總獎金: 1900(USD)

最高獎金: 1000(USD)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-06-01

主辦單位電話: Designers with heart



The economy, daily costumes, the way of organizing, our relationship with the environment, all has been pulled down by we thought it was trivial and invisible. We understood that which was born in Wuhan affected all of us, without re- cognition of gender, race or social class, today we enhance the hope of restart us, to change our lifestyle with our su- rroundings, to apreciate our identity and be more supportive. We must ponder on a new world where is demostrated the relation with our nature, our ambiance must change to life in harmony.

A project post COVID-19 to promote a fairer world and equitable in harmony with the ambiance and the environment, encouraging community projects and products with local identity through design.

What is this project about?

Designers with heart have developed proposals to help significantly to people and communities that have required at the time, such as the case of: “Carteles por Ecuador” supporting the affected families to reactivate their livelihoods by means of design where we join effort to the project of PPD-PNUD ECUADOR “GREENCROWDS” where we helped 7 communities whice were affected by the earthquake on April 16, 2016.

At this time we have faced the need to contribute to the relation between human beings and nature, the urgent necessity of preserve biodiversity and restore ecosystems, the requirement of prompt food sovereignty and to valorize the domains of indigenous people and nationalities and farmer organizations. Promotes the comsumption and development of ecuadorian pro- ducts, stimulate employment and improve the trade balance through the import substitutions and support the creation of a culture of ecuadorian industry appreciation.


Stage 1: Call to the contest of poster design “Reinicia para diseñar tu mundo/ Reset to design your world”. The topic of the contest is aligned with the post COVID-19 issues, which are related with conservation of nature, the climate change and how this influence indigenous people and nationalities. The release date is April 22 on 2020 “International Earth’s Day”. May take part of the contest graphic designers, design students, architects, artists, photographers, advertisers and visual communicators around the world without age limit.

Stage 2: Selection of the 100 best posters and exhibition of them in several cities in the country, initially in Quito as Pioneer of the project.

Stage 3: Development of design workshops to promote the project, bound the academy to viralizate the call na- tionwide.

Stage 4: Generate a job exchange to support the creative industry economic reactivation in Ecuador, associate this graphic field with projects and community initiatives.

Stage 5: Launch a communication campaign of crowdfunding with Greencrowds and through of products with aim raise funds to help people and indigenous nationalities to prompt their products.



DISEÑADORES CON CORAZÓN invites to the national and international graphic community to participate in the poster design contest “Reinicia para diseñar tu mundo/ Reset to design your world”. The main objective of the contest is to gather messages Post Covid-19 to encourage:

• The relationship between humans and nature

• Nature preservation

• Biodiversity preservation

• Climate change

• Ecosystems restoration

• Food sovereignty

• Indigenous people and nationalities protection

• Indigenous people and nationalities response facing Covid-19

• Agro-ecological food consumption and production


• 1 JUNE, 2020


• “Reinicia para diseñar al mundo” is a call of free participation.

• They will be able to take part designers, design students, architects, artists, photographers, advertisers and visual communicators worldwide with no age limit.

• There is no nationality restriction.

• The competitors can register individually or through group.

• Each participant can send one or more proposals.

• The poster will be sent to : with subject: “REINICIA PARA DISEÑAR AL MUNDO”.

• The name of the poster has to be saved in this format: Name and lastname_artwok name_ nationality

Example ( Pedro Perez_Ecuador lleno de vida_Ecuador ).

• The enrollment is FREE.


• It is recommended provide the information in Spanish ,however, any language is accepted.

• The poster must have the follow broad characteristics.

– The files will be sent JPEG.

– Dimensión 50cm x 70cm

– Vertical format.

– 150 DPI


– The file must not over exceed 10MB.


The participants transfer their exclusive rights to “DISEÑADORES CON CORAZÓN” to use the posters in the several publications and communication products as well as exhibitions nationally or worldwide, in addition the reproduction of communicative items that support the products of indigenous people and nationalities.


The winner design will be selected by a national and international jury composed of great designers worldwide. The decision of the jury will be public in social media accounts of “DISEÑADORES CON CORAZÓN”. The jury decisions will be unquestionable and the contestants expressly waive any kind of complaint against this resolutions.


The selected designs and posters will be published in the social media accounts and there will be announced the 3 posters with the best graphical conceptual style.

The following awards will be presented: First place: $1000.00 Second place: $600.00 Third place: $300.00

In addition, the first 100 posters will take part of a communicative product and several exhibitions nationally. Besides, there will be promoted through campaigns, displays, and products with purpose in order to support the indigenous people and nationalities to promote their products.

Committed Organizations



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