IKEA 6th Annual Global Soft Toy Drawing Competition

IKEA 6th Annual Global Soft Toy Drawing Competition

報名時間:即日起 ~ 2019-11-01


Turn your drawing into a real soft toy!

We invite all IKEA Family member’s children ages 12 and under to draw their own soft toy. Children from all over the world are taking part in this competition and 6 lucky winners will see their drawings transform into real soft toys sold in IKEA stores during autumn 2020. IKEA globally will be donating the entire sale of the SAGOSKATT collection, the soft toys made from last year’s winners, to contribute to the IKEA Let’s play! campaign supporting children’s rights to play.

Step 1

Grab your pencils and crayons
If your child designed their own soft toy, what would it look like?

Step 1

Submissions close November 1, 2019

option 1

Submit Online

On a white 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, have your child complete their drawing. Once their drawing is complete, you’ll need to scan a copy or take a picture with your camera or phone, and then upload the file.

Get started below. You will need to login or create an IKEA Family account to participate.


Read the official rules

option 2

Mail or Submit In-Store

Download our Soft Toy drawing page below and have your child complete their drawing. Then, bring the completed drawing page to your local IKEA store, and drop it off at Småland. See official rules for mail-in guidelines.

If you have more than one artist in your household that would like to create a drawing, be sure to print out a separate drawing page for each artist.


Read the official rules

Teachers and Organization leaders: Please be sure to have parent/guardian permission when submitting on their behalf. Additionally, you will be responsible for all email communications pertaining to this drawing.

Step 2

Cast your vote
Winners will be chosen by online voting

Step 2

Voting opens November 14, 2019

Voting Starts In…

Share your drawing with family, friends and neighbors. Winners will be determined by the drawings receiving the most online votes, so start recruiting!

voting starts in…

Voting starts in…




Voting Starts In…

Step 3

Win prizes!

Your child’s drawing could be turned into a real soft toy!

Winners announced early 2020


get inspired by last year’s winners

The top 15 winners will be submitted to the IKEA Global Soft Toy drawing competition along with winners from IKEA countries around the world. From these worldwide entries, 6 will be turned into a real soft toy and sold in IKEA stores as part of a limited edition Soft Toy collection next year.

Plus, 3 age group semifinalists from each US IKEA store will receive a $25 IKEA gift card. Everyone who submits a drawing gets a certificate of participation.



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