Istanbul Photo Awards 2018

Istanbul Photo Awards 2018


報名時間:即日起 ~ 2018-01-31


  • Applications are free.
  • Photographs must be taken in 2017 (01.01.2017 – 31.12.2017).
  • Photographs contain the relevant and correct information.
  • All submissions must have necessary information embedded into photographs IPTC like: title, description, creation date, city and country.
  • Digital Manipulation and any kind of photoshop effects is not allowed, only basic color corrections are allowed.
  • Photographers must be the copyright owner of the submitted photographs.
  • Photographs must not violate any third party rights.
  • Single News 1st prize winner will be nominated as “Photo of the Year”.
  • “Young Photographer Award” will be given to a photographer whose birth date is after 1 January 1989.
  • Photographers are invited to apply all 10 categories at the same time. Kindly note that this contest is for professionals only and Istanbul Photo Awards’ jury may ask for proofs of the source of the photo or publications on newspapers, magazines or web sites.
  • Copyrights remain on the photographer and Istanbul Photo Awards will use photographer’s credit for all photographs used.
  • Istanbul Photo Awards and Anadolu Agency may use the submitted photographs for promotional efforts on books, websites, magazines, newspapers, exhibitions, mobile media and all relevant PR campaigns.


  • All content in this website is protected by international copyright law.
  • All photographs displayed in this website belongs to the copyright owners.
  • Istanbul Photo Awards or Anadolu Agency cannot be held responsible by any third parties, because of the damages arising from the photographs on this website.
  • No content may be copied, distributed or used in any kind without authorization from the copyright owners.
  • Istanbul Photo Awards is a registered trademark of Anadolu Agency, Turkey.


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