LGBTQ2+ National Monument Call to Design Teams

LGBTQ2+ National Monument Call to Design Teams


報名時間:即日起 ~ 2021-01-05

主辦單位:Canadian Heritage





報名截止 – 2021年1月5日 ,提交截止 – 2021年1月5日


設計競賽評審團將包括視覺藝術、景觀、建築、城市設計以及LGBT Purge倖存者領域的專家,評審團講根據提交的材料,選擇最多五個團隊,並邀請他們為紀念碑準備設計方案。


不少於4825000美元( 設計,淨化和建造成本 )

LGBTQ2+ National Monument Call to Design Teams

Call to Design Teams – LGBTQ2+ National Monument

The Department of Canadian Heritage, in cooperation with the LGBT Purge Fund and, the National Capital Commission, invites teams of professional artists, landscape architects, architects, and other urban design professionals to submit their credentials and examples of prior work for the first part of a two-phase competition to design a new national monument in Ottawa.

Prominently located in downtown Ottawa, with views of key federal institutions, this monument will be a place where visitors can learn about the historical discrimination against LGBTQ2+ people in Canada, including those who suffered and continue to suffer due to the LGBT Purge that took place between the 1950s and the 1990s. The monument will also celebrate their achievements in their fight for equality. The Department of Canadian Heritage is therefore seeking design teams to create a moving, bold and thought-provoking monument that will provide a space for remembrance, education, celebration and inspiration.

Budget: no less than $4,825,000 ( design, decontamination and construction costs )

For more information on this design competition and to submit your credentials, please refer to the Request for Qualifications ( RFQ ) document.

The design competition jury will include experts in the fields of visual arts, landscape architecture, architecture, urban design as well as LGBT Purge survivors, representatives from key stakeholder groups, and subject-matter specialists. The jury will review the submissions and select up to five teams, who will then be invited to prepare design proposals for the monument.


The Department of Canadian Heritage is launching a national design competition inviting teams of professional artists, landscape architects, architects and other urban design professionals to create a design concept for the LGBTQ2+ National Monument.

This is the first phase of a two-phase competition: the Request for Qualifications will evaluate qualifications to create a shortlist of up to five design teams, and the Request for Proposals will invite the finalists to develop concepts and select a winning proposal.

By submitting a submission, design teams confirm that they have read the entire Request for Qualifications and that:

  1. they consider themselves to meet all the mandatory eligibility requirements outlined in the document;
  2. all information provided is complete, true and accurate;
  3. they agree to be bound by the instructions, clauses and conditions of this Request for Qualifications and accept the clauses and conditions should they be invited submit a proposal as part of the Request for Proposals.

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