Manchester Writing Competition 2019

Manchester Writing Competition 2019

 總獎金: 20000(GBP)

最高獎金: 10000(GBP)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2019-09-20

Celebrating Manchester as an international city of writers, finding diverse new voices, and creating opportunities for writer development.


20th September 2019

Who may enter

The competition is open to anyone of any nationality, and resident in any country, over the age of 16.


The Manchester Writing Competition is organized by the Manchester Metropolitan University.

There are two Prizes:

  • Manchester Poetry Prize — entrants must submit a portfolio comprising a minimum of three and a maximum of five poems.
  • Manchester Fiction Prize — entrants must submit a short story of up to 2,500 words in length.

All work must be written in English.

All work submitted for consideration can be on any subject, and written in any style or form, but must be the entrant’s own original writing, and should not have published in print or have been broadcast on or before 28th February 2020.

Entry fees

  • Poetry Prize: £17.50
  • Fiction Prize: £17.50


  • £10,000 prize for the best short story of up to 2,500 words.
  • £10,000 prize for the best portfolio of three to five poems.


Please visit to learn more about the competition.

To find out more about the UK’s biggest and most successful postgraduate literary community, and our events, courses and competitions, visit the Manchester Writing School website or contact +44 (0) 161 247 1787.



  • 主辦單位 : Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 主辦單位電話 : +44 (0) 161 247 1787
  • 主辦單位 Email :



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