MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人命名比賽

MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人命名比賽



報名時間:2021-08-06 ~ 2021-08-26

主辦單位:MOSTown 新港城中心


MOSTown 新港城中心新增2部5G機械人,是初到馬鞍山的智能小幫手,已經於商場巡邏。現在邀請大家一起發揮小宇宙,以「未來『最』愛的馬鞍山」為題,為他們命名和設計新造型,畫出未來的5G智慧城巿,增添更多馬鞍山的色彩!

MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人命名比賽

Two new 5G robots have been brought to MOSTown ! They are smart assistants who have just arrived in Ma On Shan and have already patrolled in mall. Now we would like to invite everyone to use your imagination, named and design the outfit for them under the theme of “MOSTown MOSTLoved Future”. Drawing the future 5G smart city and adding more colors for Ma On Shan!

Participants can choose to participate in competition one or two, and can also participate in two competitions at the same time.


  • 大獎(2名):港幣1,000元H·COINS電子購物禮券
  • 優異獎(10名):港幣100元H·COINS電子購物禮券

參加方法 How to participate:

1. 讚好「MOSTown 新港城中心」Facebook專頁
Like ” MOSTown 新港城中心 ” Facebook fans page

2. 填妥此表格並填寫「MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人」的名字及其命名的概念
Complete this form and fill in the name of “MOSTown 5G Robot” and its naming concept

參賽截止日期 Entry deadline:26/8/2021 (星期四Thursday) 11:59 p.m.

結果公佈日期 Result announcement date:6/9/2021 (星期一Monday)

條款及細則 Terms & Conditions:

條款及細則(英文版) Terms & Conditions(English):

*參賽者每位最多可 提交6份的參賽作品
Each person may submit up to 6 entries for naming competition.

Each participant is eligible for one entry and one prize only in this competition.

Late submission will not be accepted.

*作品不可有任何淫穢、暴力、誹謗、不良意識、侮辱或商業宣傳成分。MOSTown 新港城中心有權取消其參賽資格,毋須另行通知。
An entry should not contain any material that is obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, indecent, disparaging or content that is controversial and inappropriate. Failing which, MOSTown reserves the right to disqualify the participant at any stage of the Competition.

All submissions must be original and free from infringement of any existing intellectual property rights.

*所提交的作品一旦違反知識產權條例,參賽者須負上全部法律及其他責任,並須就違反條例所引致的任何索償及法律責任彌償MOSTown 新港城中心。
The participants shall bear full legal and related responsibilities arising from any possible breach of intellectual property rights in respect of their entries, and shall indemnify MOSTown and other concerned parties against any claims and liabilities arising from any such breach.

*評審結果以MOSTown 新港城中心評審委員會的決定為準,參賽者必須遵從評審委員會之決定,對評審結果不得異議,MOSTown 新港城中心並享有最終及有約束力的決定權。
Decision made by the panel of judges shall be final. Any objection of the participants will not be considered.

* 得獎者將會由MOSTown 新港城中心專人通知領獎,而其個人資料只會用作得獎通知及身份核實之用。
Winners will also be notified individually and any personal information provided by the participants for the purpose of the competition.

*如有任何爭議,MOSTown 新港城中心保留最終決定權。
In case of any dispute, MOSTown reserves the final decision.

MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人比賽 EDM

MOSTown 新港城中心5G機械人比賽 EDM



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