New School, Smart School Sejong National Model City Ideas for Middle and High Schools Design Competition

New School, Smart School Sejong National Model City Ideas for Middle and High Schools Design Competition

 總獎金: 24000000(KRW)

最高獎金: 8000000(KRW)

報名時間: 2020-12-07 ~ 2021-02-19

主辦單位: 한국교육학술정보원장

主辦單位電話: +82-02-6010-1022






1. 競賽名稱: “新學校,智慧學校——世宗國家中小學示範城市創意設計大賽”

2. 競賽主題:建立一個可以指導培養批判性和創造性思維人才的城市教育模式

3 參賽資格:本科,研究生,對智慧城市和中學教育領域感興趣的專家



註冊時間:2020.12.07 – 2021.02.19

提交時間:2021.02.15 – 2021.02.19



  • 一等獎( 1名 ):8,000,000韓元
  • 二等獎( 2名 ):3,000,000韓元
  • 三等獎( 5名 ):1,000,000韓元
  • 四等獎( 10名 ):500,000韓元

Sejong National Model City Middle and High School Design Idea Competition

Sejong Smart City National Model City would like to create a world-class Korean-style smart city based on the fourth industrial revolution new technology by designing it from the planning stage around the happiness of citizens.

The Korea Education and Research Information Service has been designated as a specialized institution in the field of national smart city model education, and is striving to make Sejong National Model City the best educational city in the world.

In particular, with the goal of “City as an Extended School,” we intend to establish a city-based education model that can lead the cultivation of the critical and creative thinking talent required in a new era.

We look forward to various ideas that will suggest a new paradigm for school space, and ask for your participation in the design competition for ideas for middle and high schools in the National Model City of Sejong Smart City.

December 7, 2020
President of The Korea Education and Research Information Service


1. Title of competition : “New School, Smart School Sejong National Model City Ideas for Middle and High Schools Design Competition

2. Competition Period : Mon, December 7, 2020 ~ Fri, February 19, 2021

3. Eligibility : Anyone who is an undergraduate, or graduate student, and experts interested in smart cities and secondary education spaces

※ Collaboration in various fields is encouraged

※ Limited to five (5) people per team including team leader

4. Competition Topic : Establish a city-based education leading model that can foster people with critical and creative thinking

Essential Consideration

[Create a learning environment linked to urban resources]

Suggest an idea to organize a school space that functions as an educational platform for the entire Sejong 5-1 Life Zone City
Suggest a new idea for a type of school space composition that allows interaction with the surrounding environment
Suggest ideas for creating a flexible space that can be shared among various applications such as kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools, the science culture center, and a complex community

[Create a hybrid learning environment]

Suggest an idea for school space composition to create an on/offline convergence learning environment
Suggest ideas for school space for digital education in the post Covid-19 era
Suggest ideas for educational space based on the fourth industrial revolution ICT new tech

Competition Schedule

– Competition Period : December 7, 2020 ~ February 19, 2021

– Inquiry : Q&A bulletin board on the website (operated until January 29)

– Open application : February 15, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. ~ Friday, February 19, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

– Evaluation Schedule : February 24, 2021

– Date of announcement : February 26, 2021

▸ The results of the evaluation and the winning entries are scheduled to be disclosed on the competition website and through personal notification.

– Award Ceremony : In March 2021 (the winners will be notified)

Submission and submission method


Submission Content


– Panel : One A1 vertical image (594×841㎜) : Freely composed

– Specification : Up to five pages of A4 vertical documents (210×297㎜)

※ File format PDF (200dpi or high for high-resolution output)/ 40MB or less

Evaluation criteria

※ Detailed evaluation criteria and content may be adjusted during th e evaluation process.


A total of 24 million won (krw) for a total of 18 works

※ Winner’s benefit : Some of the winners will be given an opportunity to participate in a future project process.


Individuals or one team can submit multiple works, but if more than one work wins, only the highest rated work will be treated as the winning work.

It is necessary to check the collection of personal information in the participant section of the application form, and if not stated, the entry will not be accepted.

Submissions that do not meet the submission form criteria will be excluded from the review.

Any matters related to the infringement of portrait rights or copyrights of others in the submitted work are the responsibility of the applicant.

In the case of winning works of other competitions, works of others, an illegal use of another’s name, etc., the award will be canceled and the award details (certificate of award, prize money) will be returned.

The applicant shall be responsible for any dispute related to the infringement of other people’s portrait rights and copyrights.

The copyright of the prize-winning works is given to the applicant, and the organizer can utilize the prize-winning works (re-processed if necessary) in the course of the related project. However, the copyright of the result using the prize-winning work belongs to the organizer.

A winning work may not be selected depending on the amount of work received, the degree of completion, and the result of the review.

※ Inquiry(Competition management team) , 02-6010-1022

※ Changes to the competition will be announced through the “competition website( ).”




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