Nikon Small World Competition 2018

Nikon Small World Competition 2018

 總獎金: 17200(USD)

活動時間: 即日起 ~ 2018-04-30

Deadline for entries is April 30, 2018

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible, with the exception of employees of Nikon, their families, the contest judges, and individuals engaged in the manufacture or sale of microscopes, related accessories or photographic equipment.

Former first prizewinners are ineligible to win first prize in the three contests immediately following the contest they won, but can win other prizes.

Any image that has won any other photomicrography competition is not eligible.

Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope, such as one of the Nikon series of microscopes. All types of light microscopy and specimens are acceptable. Electron and any other microscopes that do not capture imagery using optical light technology are not permitted.

Macro Photography is not permitted.

The use of Nikon equipment is not required.

No purchase is necessary to enter or win.

Images must be submitted as follows:

  1. Digitally: Uploading to the Small World Competition entry area here. Images must be in jpeg, png, psd, or tiff format and videos in flv, mp4, mpg, wmv, avi, mov format. (Please submit the highest quality image with regard to file size, bit depth, and resolution.)
  2. For images on film, a 35mm mounted transparency will be accepted. Glass mounts are not accepted.

Small World in Motion entries are further limited to:

  1. Movie length of no more than 60 seconds
  2. The use of sound is not permitted
  3. It is not permitted to add graphics of any kind

Nikon reserves the right to edit winning movies for format and length for promotional purposes.

Each entrant may submit up to three images in each contest for judging. A completed and signed official entry form, facsimile, or complete Internet entry form must be used. A separate entry form must be used for Small World and Small World in Motion.

Entries will be judged on:

  1. Originality
  2. Informational Content
  3. Technical Proficiency
  4. Artistic and Visual Impact

Entries must be received no later than April 30, 2018. Entries received after that date will be automatically rolled in to the following year’s competition.

Please send correspondence to Nikon’s Small World Competition, Nikon Instruments Inc., 1300 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747-3064 USA or email

Prizewinners will be notified by August 15, 2018.

The judging panel for Nikon Small World Contest is selected solely by Nikon Instruments Inc and is final. The decision of Nikon’s panel of judges is final.

All files will be retained by Nikon Instruments Inc., and will not be returned.

By submitting an entry to either or both of these competitions, you agree that:

  1. If your entry is selected by Nikon as a winning image, (either: top 20, Honorable mention or image of distinction) you give Nikon non-exclusive irrevocable, worldwide rights to use your name, likeness and the winning movie/image in connection with the competition as Nikon sees fit.
  2. You certify and warrant that you hold the rights to grant such permission and agree to hold Nikon harmless in any disputes that arise out of image ownership/rights.
  3. Image copyright remains the property of the artist/photographer even though permission to use imagery is given to Nikon.

Winning images will only be used in connection with the Nikon Small World Competition and accompanying publicity and will include appropriate photo credits.

Should submitted images have more than one individual to be credited, the names must be provided on the entry form. Individual entering the competition also warrants that they have the right to enter the image on the other parties behalf and holds Nikon harmless in any disputes that arise thereof.

All reasonable care will be taken in handling photos and digital files, but Nikon Instruments Inc. does not assume responsibility for their loss or damage.

Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by local laws.

Taxes, if any, on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prizewinner.

This contest falls under any rules and regulations for such contests by the laws of the United States. Including Copyright laws

Failure to comply with and accept all of the preceding rules will disqualify any entry and Nikon reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for any reason at Nikon’s sole discretion.

Nikon reserves the right to change or modify the rules at any time without notice.




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