Parliamentary Precinct Redevelopment – Block 2 in Ottawa, Canada

Parliamentary Precinct Redevelopment – Block 2 in Ottawa, Canada

 總獎金: 505000(CAD)

最高獎金: 220000(CAD)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2021-02-16

主辦單位: Government of Canada

主辦單位電話: +49-0-30-315931-0









競賽背景 / Competition background

加拿大政府( Canada )計畫在加拿大首都安大略渥太華重建一個被稱為“第2街區”的議會區建築群。


競賽內容 / Competition content

加拿大政府( 加拿大 )打算在加拿大首都渥太華( 加拿大安大略省 )重建議會大廈“ Block 2”大樓。

第2塊地塊是加拿大主要議會大樓中央大樓和和平塔前面的城市街區。第2塊位於世界著名的獨特新哥特式建築國會山( 國會山 )的前景中,並在“城鎮與政府”之間建立起界限。該站點的東側是Metcalfe街,西側是O’Connor街,北側是Wellington街,南側是Sparks Street。

獲獎的建築設計解決方案有望為國會校園“惠靈頓南部”部分的整體重建做出貢獻,並為國會區域的長期願景和計畫( LTVP )中確立的目標做出積極貢獻。LTVP是一個不斷發展的規劃框架,自2001年以來由加拿大公共服務和採購科學與議會基礎設施處,加拿大參議院,加拿大下議院,國會圖書館,國會圖書館,國家首都委員會( NCC )合作建立以及渥太華市。

參賽資格 / Competition background


評委 / JURY






獎項設置 / AWARDS




Parliamentary Precinct Redevelopment – Block 2 in Ottawa, Canada

Architectural design competition in two stages


The Government of Canada ( Canada ) is intending to redevelop a building complex referred to as “Block 2” of the Parliamentary Precinct in Canada’s Capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Block 2 site is the city block in front of the Centre Block and Peace Tower, Canada’s main parliament building. Block 2 is in the foreground of Parliament Hill, a world-renowned ensemble of unique neo-gothic buildings, and establishes the threshold between “Town and Crown”. The site is bounded by Metcalfe Street to the east, O’Connor Street to the west, Wellington Street to the north and Sparks Street to the south.

The winning architectural design solution is expected to contribute to the overall redevelopment of the “South of Wellington” portion of the Parliamentary campus, and positively contribute to the objectives established in the Long-Term Vision and Plan ( LTVP ) for the Parliamentary Precinct. The LTVP is an evolving planning framework established since 2001 in cooperation between the Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure Branch of Public Services and Procurement Canada, the Senate of Canada, the House of Commons of Canada, the Library of Parliament, the National Capital Commission ( NCC ), and the City of Ottawa.

Competition Site

Competition site within the city context

The Block 2 site has an approximate area of 9,800 sqm and currently consists today of eleven buildings. Canada’s Federal Heritage Bureau Review Office has designated some buildings as Recognized or Classified, as defined in “The Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada”. The current condition of many Block 2 buildings is not appropriate given their central location, with many having gone beyond or reaching the end of their life cycle. Five of the eleven buildings are underutilized, and most buildings are known to require major renovations. Only two buildings are in good condition, having recently undergone major renovation. The existing ensemble can be described as diverse and architecturally heterogeneous.


The goal of the competition is to provide a cohesive design solution and to redevelop the site into an efficient complex of buildings. The new and renovated facilities will provide accommodations for the Senate of Canada and the House of Commons, with branch space for the Library of Parliament, as well as some retail presence on the historically-significant Sparks Street Mall. The total approximate gross area above ground for the redevelopment ( i.e. not including any area developed underground ) is estimated at approx. 30,000 sqm. The redevelopment is to create a new integrated building complex, which would include the appropriate rehabilitation and modernization of aging and underutilized buildings, maximize the site developable capacity and enable the ongoing rehabilitation of core buildings on Parliament Hill. Equally important, the winning design solution must be innovative, creative and complement the exceptional “genius loci” of the site and place. The winning design solution is expected to be of the highest calibre and complement the image of Canada and its Capital on the world stage.


Please click one of the categories below to see various images of the site and surroundings:

A new Indigenous Peoples’ place

An important design challenge for the project are the buildings at 100 Wellington Street and 119 Sparks Street, two significant heritage properties which bisect the site. 100 Wellington, built in 1932, is the former embassy for the United States of America, built as the first foreign embassy in Canada’s capital city. 119 Sparks, built in 1922, was the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s main branch in Ottawa.

Approximately a century later, in June 2017, in its commitment to advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, the Government of Canada announced that 100 Wellington would be transformed into a space for Indigenous Peoples. This commitment significantly influences how to redevelop Block 2.

While the Government’s commitment to the Indigenous Peoples’ Space currently stands independently from the scope of this competition, PSPC will seek to work in close partnership with Indigenous stakeholders on design and redevelopment in Block 2.

Competition Management

This competition is coordinated and conducted by
[phase eins].
Hossbach Lehmhaus Architekten BDA VBI
Project consultants + design competition managers

Cuxhavener Straße 12-13
10555 Berlin

Telephone: +49 ( 0 )30 315931-0
Telefax: +49 ( 0 )30 3121000



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