RugVista Design Competition!

RugVista Design Competition!

 總獎金: 10000(EUR)

最高獎金: 3000(EUR)

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2022-01-24

主辦單位: RugVista




Welcome to RugVista’s annual Design Competition!

RugVista Design Competition!

A colorful tribute to the faithful everyday hero in our homes. The Rug.

This year’s theme!

The theme for 2021 is Sustainable and with this theme we want to highlight the natural material wool. Thanks to the durability of the wool, the rug is a fantastic investment, it is soft to walk on and gives a luxurious feeling to the home. Rugs that are made of wool are very durable, last a long time, have a natural dirt-repellent effect, and become more beautiful over the years. Thanks to these durable properties, a wool rug can be used by several generations.

Everyone can join!

Whether you work as a designer, are a student, are passionate about interior design or color, shape and design, you have the opportunity to participate in our international design competition. We put no limits on your creation. Think creative, original, imaginative, inspired by trends and the inviting feeling the carpet gives to our homes.

At this 12th year of the competition, we look back at all the beautiful rugs created from different corners of the world. 92 countries to be more precise. And we hope that there will be more.

As a designer, you can win, not only honor, fame and money, but also the opportunity to have your rug produced and sold on RugVista.

As a follower of the competition, you are the voice of the people who vote for the winner. You who vote also have the opportunity to win a rug for your home.


  • 1 : $3,500 + your own design in production.
  • 2 : $2,300 + your own design in production.
  • 3 : $1,800 + + your own design in production.
  • 4 – 10 : $600 + your own design in production.



Co-Founder / CEO, Rumrum AB

Nicklas Jansson has a background in advertising and marketing and together with Magnus Andersson he opened the furniture store Rumrum in 1997. The interest and inquiries within interior design and concepts developed into their own furniture production, which was noticed and sold both in the Nordics and internationally. With a growing number of clients, Rumrum became a pure design agency with a focus on interior design concepts and is a total supplier of furniture and lighting. Rumrum is today one of the largest interior design agencies in Skåne with increasing assignments in Copenhagen and Stockholm.



Lisa Hilland creates contemporary design with a poetic twist, combining modern high-tech production techniques with quality craftsmanship. Her current clients includes Konsthantverk, IKEA, Gärsnäs, Gemla, Design House Stockholm and Svenskt Tenn. “As a designer, natural materials are close to her heart, and Lisa is using them in a careful, sustainable way, creating long lasting design”.


RugVista Purchase & Creative Director

Carin is in charge of both creative and purchase decisions for one of the world’s largest online carpet stores. She has years of experience driving conceptual creative designs into sales for several commercial companies.


CEO at Edblad & Co AB

Eva works as CEO of Edblad & Co AB, a company that offers Swedish-designed jewelry with high quality at an affordable price level. She has many years of experience in leading and developing consumer trading companies in digitalization, branding and international success with internationally strong brands such as Gant, Filippa K and L’Oréal.


RugVista Sustainability manager

Beatrice has many years of experience working with sustainability in the textile industry and is currently working with the integration of sustainability into the business of one of the world’s largest online carpet stores. With a background from purchasing & design at international fashion companies, she has a large passion for finding commercially attractive products that take into account both its environmental and social impact.


  • The design should be creative and commercially viable
  • The design must be original
  • The carpet will be made by hand, so shades can be a challenge
  • Design for the proportions: Rectangular 2667×4000 px, Square 4000×4000 px or Round 4000 px in diameter. Download design templates.
  • Avoid complex forms and fine details
  • Why settle for one? You can have multiple contributions!


I’m having trouble uploading my contribution

Make sure you to tick the Terms & Condition box. If you still have problems contact us at design@carpetvista.seand we will help you.

How do I know my contribution has been uploaded?

When you have uploaded your contribution, you will see a message on the screen that confirms that your upload has been completed. You will also receive a confirmation to the email that you provided when registering your account.

Who can participate in the competition?

The competition is open to everyone! Anyone with a passion for colour, form and design can participate regardless of profession or professional level.

I do not have access to a computer, can I submit my contribution by post?

We do not accept any contributions sent by post. Only contributions uploaded through the design competition’s website will be included in the competition.

What are the technical specifications?

All entries should be uploaded as JPG images with a maximum file size of 5Mb. Choose between these proportions: Rectangular 2667×4000 px, Square 4000×4000 px or Round 4000 px in diameter. The JPG image should be saved in RGB colour space.

Between which dates is the competition going on?

You can upload your contribution on 13th of December. The last day to upload is 24th of January, after that date you cannot upload contributions any longer.

Who owns my design?

By submitting a design contribution to the competition, you transfer the copyright regarding the contribution to RugVista AB. This means, among other things, that all your rights to the design ceases and RugVista AB is entitled and free to use the design, without limitation in time and without further compensation, in any way within its business and in accordance with Swedish law and good practice.

If no contract has been signed, you are free to use your design in other endeavors.

Why does it say both RugVista and CarpetVista?

CarpetVista Design competition is represented on both RugVista´s as well as CarpetVista´s website. However, it is the same competition and you upload your contribution on RugVista´s webiste.

Can groups participate in the competition?

Groups are welcome to participate.

However, there are certain conditions.

The conditions are; your group needs to appoint a point of contact. Your point of contact will be responsible for signing any contracts. Any and all prize money will only be paid out to the point of contact. When uploading contributions, you may use a group image.

Can children / minors / school classes participate in the competition?

Children are very welcome to attend, below conditions apply:

Competition participants under the age of 18, requires the guardian’s consent to the competition conditions and the processing of personal data is required. If the winner is under 18 years of age, the guardian is contacted, and any winnings are also paid to the guardian.

As part of the competition, you will be asked to upload a picture of yourself. For participants under the age of 18, we recommend that you do not upload a photo or that you upload an avatar.

Unfortunately, school classes can’t participate in the competition as participation for people under 18 requires the consent of guardians.

How many contributions can I submit?

You can submit as many contributions as you like, but we ask that each of your designs be unique and not a colour variant.

How do you select the finalists?

We have a jury and their mission is to decide who our finalists will be. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed.

How do you select the winners?

As a follower of the competition, you are the voice of the people who vote for the final winners. When voting you will have a chance to win a rug for your home.



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