Salut Paris

Salut Paris



報名時間:2019-10-17 ~ 2020-02-29




The challenge here is to design and augment a part of the public space by converting it into community platform near the historical Ornano St.


You have to deliver an architectural outcome on the following site, based on the given outlines.

  • A maximum of 4 boards/sheets. – [ 2362px x 3544px ] or [ 400mm x 600mm in 150 dpi ] in portrait digital format (JPEG).
  • Each image should be less than 15MB
  • You can find the preset PSD, AI, and INDD template files in the ‘additional resources folder’ and here.

This additional resources folder contains FAQ Questions, High Res maps and CAD file of the site plan.

Minimum requisites in the sheets are 3 sheets/boards + Cover image containing:

• Site plan (Compulsory)

• Key conceptual sections x 1 (Minimum)

• 3D views x 4

• Cover image/Thumbnail of size 2000 x 1000 px or larger in aspect ratio 2:1.

• Floor plans, images, sketches (if any) can be added to support the entry in the form of additional images.

• Answer 6 FAQ questions in the discussion section as given on the ‘additional resources folder’.

+ The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum.

+ Use exploded views to discuss multi-leveled conceptual models better.

+ Ensure that the final sheets which are submitted do not include your name or any other mark of identification.

+ Mention sheet number on the corner of every sheet.

+ This is a design idea challenge only. There is no built commission/realization is associated with the problem

+ Plagiarism of any idea/form/design/image will be disqualified with a notice.


The registration fee will increase based on the number of registrations received at the time of your registration. Based on the number of registrations the prize pool will also increase.

A total of 500 entries will be accepted in the competition till the last deadline of registration. If the competition reaches a total registered entries of 500, then the registration will be closed at a total prize pool of 20,000 USD.

The sooner you register, the less you will pay as fees. More number of teams you will compete with, the higher amount of prize you will be entitled to receive.



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