SBID Product Design Awards 2020

SBID Product Design Awards 2020

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-08-14

主辦單位: SBID Product Design Awards

主辦單位電話: +44-0-20-7738-9383


Submission deadline is Friday 14th August 2020

SBID Product Design Awards

SBID is a professional body registered in the UK to regulate and promote the interior design profession. The SBID Product Design Awards celebrate the finest design, innovation and functionality for products within the interior design sector. The SBID International Design Awards showcase the world’s best interior designers and projects.

The SBID Product Design Awards recognise and reward product design excellence across a broad range of categories. Products are evaluated by a leading internationally admired judging panel consisting of interior designers, developers, architects and branding professionals. Products are scored for their design excellence in both residential and contract interior spaces, while the design-conscious public also has a say in choosing the most inspiring products.

In January, the SBID Product Design Awards was honoured with the Awards Trust Mark at the Gold level, its highest degree of accreditation.  The Awards Trust Mark certification was established by the Independent Awards Standards Council, created with the aim of raising standards and perceptions of trust in awards competitions, the accreditation encourages a focus on ethics with all aspects scrutinized including criteria, scoring, feedback, transparency and judging.

The Independent Awards Standards Council, explains why the SBID Product Design Awards is a deserved holder of the Gold Standard level: “The SBID Product Design Awards is an exemplary demonstration of how awards should be operated with attention to every detail, from the transparency of the scoring system, to the quality of websites, the clarity of the entering process, and to the quality of customer service.”

Awards Categories

1. Accessories

This category is dedicated to all interior accessories such as cushions, bed linen, tableware, stemware and decorative items including art and photography.

2. Bathroom Product

This category focuses on any products suitable for use within a bathroom ranging from bathroom cabinets, mirrors and towel rails to shower doors and screens. Both residential and commercial bathroom products are eligible.

3. Brassware

This category is dedicated exclusively to brassware. Entries can include but are not limited to mixer, pillar and dual flow taps and shower heads.

4. Cabinetry & Joinery

This category focuses on interior cabinetry and joinery such as wardrobes, doors, fitted furniture and bespoke pieces.

5. Fabric & Textiles

This category encompasses all commercial and residential fabrics and textiles, upholstery, curtains and curtain accessories. Textiles and fabrics can be synthetic or made from natural fibres.

6. Flooring & Floor Coverings

This category focuses on interior flooring and floor coverings. Entries can include but is not limited to carpet, laminate, tile, vinyl and rugs.

7. Furniture – Contract

This category is dedicated to all furniture for use within a contract or commercial interior such as a hotel, restaurant or hospital. Furniture can range from tables and chairs to sofas, banquettes, benches and stools.

8. Furniture – Residential

This category is dedicated to all interior furniture solely for residential use. Furniture can range from tables, chairs and sofas to benches, stools and beds.

9. Heating & Cooling

This category focuses on heating and cooling in an interior space. Eligible products range from fireplaces, radiators, stoves, grills and underfloor heating to air con, comfort cooling, and fans.

10. Ironmongery & Metalwork

This category is for ironmongery, metalwork and architectural hardware including hinges, locks, handles door knockers and door furniture. Products can also include inset metalwork and bespoke forgery.

11. Kitchen Product

This category rewards skill and innovation for kitchen products such as appliances, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen worktops.

12. Leisure & Wellbeing

This category can include any interior product used within a leisure or wellbeing facility such as a gym, spa or games room. Eligible products include gym equipment, spa equipment and associated wellbeing products to games tables and associated products.

13. Lighting

This category is dedicated exclusively to lighting design. products can include general, ambient, mood, task and accent lighting for both residential and contract interiors. Lighting products range from architectural lighting, chandeliers, lamps and desk lights to ceiling lights and bulbs.

14. Outdoor

This category is solely for outdoor products for either residential or contract use ranging from outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, signage, garden furniture, sun protection, fire pits, BBQs and grills.

15. Sanitaryware

This category is dedicated to sanitaryware including baths, sinks, shower trays, bidets, urinals, wash planes etc.

16. Sound & Vision

This category is for audio visual and/or lighting schemes as well as individual products. AV/lighting schemes are eligible for both residential and commercial interiors. Entries should reflect how the concept meets the needs of both the client and the end user. Individual products such as TVs, speakers, home automation and music systems are also eligible.

17. Surfaces & Finishes

This category is for architectural and interior surfaces and finishes. These include but are not limited to panels, wallcoverings, stone, veneers, ceramics, wood, acrylic, glass, mouldings, paint and tiles.


The strict 3-step judging process ensures that all entries are carefully scrutinised for their technical standards as well as their creative calibre

The SBID Awards attract entries representing every continent across the globe. The international nature of the competition means judges and voters are able to choose from a wide field, both in terms of types of product, scale, value and creative inspiration ensuring all entries are fairly assessed for their technical merit, creative delivery and ability to inspire by those who appreciate and understand truly good design.

Step 1
A specially selected Technical Panel of industry experts carefully assesses each entry on its technical merits, eliminating only those that do not meet required building and consumer safety standards and the brief. All eligible entries are then assessed by the panel of expert Judges.

Step 2
The Judges are selected due to their standing in their creative field; they have each achieved a high level of creativity and professionalism in their career.

Step 3
In addition to its industry status, SBID has a strong relationship with the public, the ultimate design consumers and buyers. For this reason, a public vote totals 30% of the final result. This process is strictly monitored: each voter may only cast one vote per category, with IP addresses monitored to ensure fair play.

SBID’s links to the design-conscious public means a wide number of non-industry consumers eagerly participate in the voting process. The emphasis on excellence and inspiration ensures that projects by smaller, less known companies are as likely to appeal to voters as entries by larger firms.



產品以其在住宅或商業室內設計( contract interior spaces )中的表現進行評分,同時具有設計意識的大眾也可以選擇最具啟發性的產品。



費用及賽程FEE & PHASE









2.提供10張以內的項目圖,不允許使用合成圖( 包含兩張或更多張獨立照片製作成的一張圖片 ),格式jpeg,300dpi,最小尺寸3000×2000px,單張10mb內;公司logo1張;,格式jpeg, 300dpi,最小尺寸3000×2000px,5MB內。


2.需要提供獲獎項目的高質量圖像( 不低於300dpi )。



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