Sixteenth International Poster Biennial in Mexico (16BICM) International Poster Competition

Sixteenth International Poster Biennial in Mexico (16BICM) International Poster Competition

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-06-15

主辦單位: International Poster Biennial in Mexico (BICM)


International Poster Biennial in Mexico (BICM) International Poster Competition

The International Poster Biennial in Mexico is one of the three oldest in the world, and the precursor of its type in America.

Here ideas turn into projects through our international poster competition, where visual creators converge. Every two years, our civil society organization, of the same name, organizes the best positioned poster event in Mexico, which is as well an obligated reference in all five continents. This initiative is the one which has transformed other biennials in the world, granting Mexico’s image and presence abroad, and initiating young people in the teachings of design as a transforming environment. We have been the precursors of the educative format and leaders in the implementation of technologies.

We design poster’s present.




1. When does the call close?

May 15, 2020.

2. Do all categories closes its reception of work the same day?

Yes, but remember that for categories A and B you must make the printed submission of your work in original format before May 15, 2020 (in postmark).

3. What is a postmark?

A postmark is the printed mark that the postal service has to corroborate the date on which the object was sent. That is, you have until May 15 to make your shipment.

4. In how many categories can I compete?

In all of them. Each participant can send up to 6 poster for the entire call. Their distribution will be your decision , either by sending one for each category or that amount distributed in the desired category without exceeding the total of 6 units. It should be noted that the series of posters cannot be received.

5. Do I have to be professional or Mexican to participate?

No, everyone can participate. Regardless nationality, age or even job training. If you have a poster, send it. Exceptional cases are categories E and F.

8. What is the difference between category E and F?

Although both categories are aimed to young people aged 18 to 30, apart of the topic, the difference is that while in category E both Mexicans and foreigners can apply, in category F only Mexicans can participate. Consult the bases for more information.

9. Where do I sign up?

In our website, there you will find the call and registration.

10. Is the registration only individual?

No, collectives, work groups, design bureaus or relates can participate. In the work registry, the authors must indicate.

11. In which only digital posters are sent?

Unlike A and B, in categories C, D, E and F only will be send digital archives, given their status as unpublished posters, not forgetting the file specifications displayed in the call.

12. Do I have to send the printed poster?

Only if you participate in categories A and B, you must send it before May 15, 2020 (in postmark) by postal service, private courier or personal deliveries to the address that appears in the call, for each case. If you participate in categories C, D, E and F, you just have to register online.

13. What is the difference between categories A and B?

Category A collects every type of poster regardless of their theme, with the exception of cinema, as long as it has been circulated between 2018 and 2020. While category B is focused solely and exclusively in cinema posters that has been circulated between 2018 and 2020.

14. What is a published poster?

It’s all that has been printed and exhibited, no matter the print-run.

15. I have doubts, where do I communicate?

To the email, in our social networks as bienalcartel or to the phone +52 (01 55) 7677 4230.

16. How much and where I should I pay my registration?

If you are a resident in Mexico, you have to pay 10 USD or apply for a Oyster’s grant, you can register from 1 to 6 posters. For PayPal and bank deposit or bank transfer.

允許年輕的墨西哥人。 年齡限制為18至30歲。



C類和D類 10美元/每件


數字作品提交截止日期 2020年5月15日

A類和B類實物郵寄時間 2020年5月15日



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