Taiwan Excellence : Sharing is Caring

Taiwan Excellence : Sharing is Caring



報名時間:2021-09-01 ~ 2021-11-05

主辦單位:Taiwan Excellence



The “Taiwan Excellence: Sharing is Caring” campaign openly solicits proposals for philanthropic events on issues relating to social concerns and environmental protection. The proposers are to propose philanthropic events for the countries of their nationalities. After the best proposals are selected, the contest organizers will commission third parties to conduct the events, while the proposers shall provide consultation and assistance to facilitate the event.

Taiwan Excellence : Sharing is Caring




  • Social Concern
  • Environmental Protection

Eligibility & Submission of Proposal


Any natural persons or legal persons may submit proposals. However, each proposer may submit only one proposal, which may comprise no more than five members. If a proposer is under the age of 20 or is a minor under the law of his/her country, a letter of consent shall be submitted by his/her parent or legal guardian and attached to the proposal.

Submission of Proposals

  1. Proposals will be accepted from September 1 to November 5, 2021. Proposals must be submitted by 23:59, November 5, 2021, GMT+8.
  2. Registration
  3. The proposers shall first register and enter their personal information. Then, fill out the online registration forms and upload their proposals.


Prize for the Best Proposals

  • Each of the three best proposals
  • will be awardedUS$10,000prize money.

Funds for Executing the Best Proposals

  • The funds for executing each of the three best proposals shall be decided by the organizers, provided that the funds for executing each of them
  • do not exceedUS$150,000

Selection Method and Criteria

  • Impact on Society, Benefits to the Public, and Environmental Sustainability – 30%
  • Innovation – 25%
  • Feasibility and Reasonableness of Budget Allocation – 25%
  • Expression of Taiwan Excellence – 20%




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