The Metro Photo Challenge 2018

活動時間: 即日起 ~ 2018-11-20

What feelings are you capturing today?


20th November 2018

Who may enter

The competition is open to anyone.


The Metro Photo Challenge 2018 is arranged by Metro International Licensing S.A. together with local Metro subsidiaries around the globe.

To be a part of Metro Photo Challenge 2018 you need to upload at least one photo in any of the three categories:

1. Happy
2. Hope
3. Sad and/or Angry

To upload an image you must register in the Metro Photo Challenge 2018 through the website with your email address or by linking your account to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google. Pictures may be only uploaded through

Entry fees
Entry is free.


The three (3) winners will each receive the Grand Prize: a 5 day photographic expedition to Thailand. The Grand Prize has a total value of around 3,500 euros per person which includes: Round-trip from the country of origin of the winners; accommodation for the whole stay in Thailand (4 nights); and activities, transportation and guide during the whole stay.




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