The Radical Design Project

The Radical Design Project

報名時間: 即日起 ~ 2020-06-30

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Floating hotels? Houses under bridges? Plug and play retail? Detachable aircraft pods?!

Do you think of crazy (read: ridiculous) ideas but brush them off? DON’T! If you love radical disruptions in the built environment, this project is for you. The Radical Design Project (RDP) is intended to be a collection of innovative ideas that trigger design thinking and, hopefully, generate fresh perspectives for the built environment.

ArcDeck is inviting entries for RDP from creatives, students, architects, designers and anyone related to the real estate / building industry. The proposals should include innovative, original, previously unpublished ideas or concepts that might seem impossible but interesting. The intent is to push the envelope and generate design dialogue about design thinking. Note that these are *not* meant for realization.

Show us your creativity! Submit a proposal or project with a topic and site (real or hypothetical) of your choosing anywhere in the world. We’re looking for radical, crazy and downright ridiculous design ideas that challenge the status quo in the built environment. The proposals should be prepared on 1 (one) A1 size sheet in PDF format (landscape orientation) and an optional supporting write-up of maximum 500 words in word document (.doc) format. Do not include any images in the word document. No icons, logos, insignia or name should appear on the PDF. Do not send image files. Use graphics, sketches, 3D renders, picture collages or any other medium you are comfortable with.

Find this competition on our partner websites:

IMPORTANT: please register below with your (valid) email address to receive a unique registration code as well as full design brief with goals, requirements, judging criteria, etc. on your email address. Submissions will not be accepted without registration code.


Submittal requirement:

1 (one) A1 size PDF format sheet (landscape orientation) with file size <10 MB. All material should be in English. No icons, logos, insignia or name should appear on the PDF. Only add the unique code (you should receive it via email upon registration) on the top right corner of the sheet.


max. 500 word write-up in .doc format (no images in word document) in English

Project announcement:

March 30th, 2020

Queries and responses:

until June 15th, 2020

Registration deadline:

11:59 ET on June 25th, 2020

Submission deadline:

11:59 ET on June 30th, 2020

Submit online here:

Submittal link

Participants will be required to sign-in using their Google account and enter registration code in order to submit their entry. Before submitting, please ensure that the filename is “<your_unique_code>.pdf” and “<your_unique_code>.doc” in case you’re submitting a supporting word document. Combined file size should not exceed 10MB. Unique registration code should be mentioned on top right corner of the sheet. No names, insignia, logos, company details or participant information should appear on the submission sheet OR word document. All material should be in English. Email submissions will NOT be accepted.

​Results announcement:

On this website on July 15th, 2020


  • Top 3 entries will receive 50% discount vouchers towards registration fees for our next paid competition.
  • Also, top 10 entries will be featured on our website and social media handles (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) with credits to the author. Selected others may be a part of an online publication to be published at a later date.
  • Participation certificate (via email) for all participants.

​Registration fees:

NIL (Free)

ABOUT US is a new online platform for generating interesting, contextual and thought-provoking ideas by way of crowd-sourcing design concepts, challenges and projects. We seek truly radical / interesting ideas with intent to generate fresh perspectives and challenge the status quo within the built environment. We do not intend to realize any of the ideas neither there is any commercial aspect to the exercise at this time. Registration is free and open to anyone above 18 years of age anywhere in the world. Top 10 entries + select few will be featured on our website as well as our social media handles with credits to the author. Selected others may be a part of an online publication to be published at a later date.

Read our FAQs for more info by clicking here.


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